donderdag 18 april 2013

Look mommy! It's a little Easter Bunny!

I kid you not, this is the strangest compliment I've ever gotten. If it, indeed, is a compliment. My sis and me were having our weekly photoshoot at her town square and a family strolled by. Suddenly, a kid pointed at me and squealed "Look mommy! It's a little Easter Bunny!". My sis and me cracked up, obviously, but to this very day I'm still confused as to how the kid came to the conclusion that I am, in fact, The Easter Bunny. I personally don't see the connection but hey, it's a bunny that carries loads of chocolate around, how bad can it be? I can be The Easter Bunny, baby.

We took these pictures just after dying my hair and I think I've almost had all colors of the rainbow by now. I'm thoroughly enjoying being a redhead though, I feel it suits me a little better than purple or pink. It's a little more powerwoman and less cutesy punk (but I still love the cutesy punk look to death). A good little plus is that, turns out, my gentlemanfriend is a sucker for redheads. Aren't we all, though? Now the outfit (YES ERMAHGERD FINALLY) and the new hair!

Fur collar: Zara   Coat: Thrifted   Dress, necklace: H&M   Tights: Veritas   Glasses: sisters'   Boots: the fab shoes  Cardigan: 3 suisses  Hairdye: La Riche Directions Vermillion Red

You know what would look with this outfit? A horizontal eyebrow piercing. *sniffles* Oh Naomi, you scoundrel. One of these weeks, expect a piercing post. I've been thinking of getting a new piercing. I have my heart set on a horizontal eyebrow piercing and I was wondering whether any one of my lovely readers has any experience with this kind of piercing? I kind of did my septum piercing on a whim and it worked out just fine but now that I'm thinking about doing a new one I might as well ask around, right? I loooove the look of them:

It feels like a piece of jewelry on your face more than a piercing... if you know what I'm saying. Am I making ANY sense? I'm not sure how to explain, I really love the placement. It's going to happen, I can feel it. I CAN FEEL IT IN ME BONES.

donderdag 11 april 2013

Who run da world? NERDS! Returns: Made In Asia

ERMAHGERD so contrary to the promise in my last blogpost it did actually take a gazillion years for me to start a new blogpost but my new motto is BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, RIGHT? I've spent my spring break a little differently than I originally thought I would but it wasn't too bad, actually. It was pretty epic, in a  "do absolutely nothing in life except scurry around the house, get sick and play videogames with the boyfriend" kind of way. Which is amazing, really. It's easy and comfortable and wonderful and I don't ever want it to end. People always say "Love hurts when you do it right" but isn't love supposed to be that one thing that gives you a little security in the world? Someone you can hang with without feeling the need to entertain the other person. Someone to have fun with without wondering whether or not the person will or will not think you're a complete goofball. Someone to talk to about anything and everything, make jokes that possibly only the two of you would ever appreciate, kiss each other whenever, just because you can, play videogames and sing songs with. Everything else in life is already pretty fucking complicated, it's REALLY nice that this particular part of life can be easy. But not less magical (no SIR-EE).

Now that my love rant is over I can start my post on Made In Asia. So this was a nerd con much like F.A.C.T.S., but a little more obscure Japanese stuff and old school games (YES) and a little less well known  among the geeks here. I wasn't sure what to expect beforehand but the boyfriend got us tickets and my videogame site gig asked me to do an article on the convention so this was the perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure. Not wanting to go to a nerd con without going full nerd, I grabbed a cosplay together I already kind of had hanging in my closet and called it a day. The cosplay was pretty good and Misty from Pokémon is still one of my best feminist rollmodels (I swear, the feisty anime chicks I encountered in my childhood made me fond of strange haircolors and not afraid to speak my mind) so I was a happy little turtle. Get ready for pictjahz!

First things first: the cosplay! The weather wasn't all that fabulous on the day of the con so I went there with some leggings layered over it and a nintendo cardigan (still geek-appropriate) but at the con it was hot as ever so the skimpy outfit wasn't a bad idea. I almost can't believe I wore shorts because my legs have been my biggest insecurity for as long as I can remember but I really not care anymore nowadays. FUCK bodyshaming, imma cosplay that shit like a boss and feel awesome! Thanks to the boyfriend for the pictures!

James from Team Rocket was at the con too, luckily he's got diddly squat evilness without Meowth and Jessie by his side!
Later, I ran into a flock of pokéballs (yeah, these nerd cons get pretty freaky)
And Brock was smart enough to leave Ash at home and come with Typhlosion (epic home-made costume!)
Since I also had some pictures to take of the actual con for the gamingsite, here come the merchandise and videogames pictures! 
Old school consoles + games:
A Zelda clutch. I need this in my life because it's ZELDA AND A GORGEOUS HANDBAG. You see, I'm a responsible style/geek blogger, I mix videogames with fashion!
Juts thought this picture was kind of awesome, with some super loaded guy being incredibly serious, just hanging out with his happy bud. The atmosphere at nerd cons is always so cool, people are happy and crazy and don't give a rats ass about whether you're dressed like a fairytale princess, soldier with plastic machine gun or plumber. 
My boyfriend's cousin's wife (a wonderfully geeky couple too) bought these amazing earrings at the con and I actually went back to the little stand where they sold them to buy the 1-up version. Turns out my boyfriend owns a bright green hoodie with a 1-up, which I obviously stole as soon as I got into his house.
My boyfriend's other cousin always has epic nailery going on and bought a really cute ring at the con:
My boyfriend's cousin's wife's best friend (PHEW A MOUTH FULL THERE) had a Totoro bag and I want to marry it:
And also bought some cute Alice in Wonderland earrings:

Sonic chillin' with the Mario Bros: 
Retro gaming!

Ghibli merchandise <3


I bought the Reservoir Brawls shirt. Because a Tarantino - Smash Bros crossover is the best thing in the world, obvi. Next up: my little eye spied a Shin Chan game and me and my sis are cray-cray about Shin Chan.
More amazing merchandise:

I'll end my post with happy cosplayers + free hugs sign and a promise that there's going to be another nerd con at the end this april to which I'll definitely be going again (and I'll be writing an article about it too, yay!) so more epic pictures! I also have some epic outfit posts stacked up by now so I'll try and be positive by saying that I'll be posting again soon! Hoping I'll return to you with a picture of me and Mr. Canon Girl.
 Catch you on the flip side, babes!