dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

I heart you dress

I’m not gonna do a rant today since my boyfriend’s a little crankypants, it’s eleven in the night here and he went to bed with my promise that I’d be there in half an hour so that he can snuggle up to me and tell me about his horrible day at work. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I gotta stand by mah man, yo. If I feel like it. :-D Just kidding, I always feel like standing by my man unless I feel sick or something. And I’m not. Random!

This dress was a ‘gift’ from my sister, she bought it at the last T2 sale because she loved the print so much but my sis and me don’t have the same bodytype at ALL. Apart from the fact that she’s a size 36 and I’m a size 40/42, she’s slim and she’s got long limbs, slender hips and 3 cupsizes smaller than me, well, you get the picture. The fact that she actually bought this dress and it seems to fit me perfectly is actually pretty hilarious to me. She thought she could alter it but yeah, when shit don’t fit right, shit don’t fit right! :-D All I can say is THANK YOU SISTAH ‘cause I’m loving this dress! Apart from the adorable print (all little hearts) the colors are amazing and I love to have a ‘shorter’ dress (for me this is pretty short :-D) here and there next to my lovely knee length and midi dresses! I think it’s a beautiful little dress and I’ll have loads of fun with it!

zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

I love you like a lovesong, baby

GAAAH that song has been stuck in my head for at least a week! I normally don’t go for the teen queen popsongs but that Selena Gomez song is just unbelievably catchy. The lyrics are freaking dull but the melody is so much fun! Plus I have a bit of a soft spot for Selena Gomez, she reminds me of my oldest niece! She’s also a wonderful singer, by the way. My niece, not Gomez. Well, she might. You never know with all the freaking autotuning going on. And to be fair, disney has brought along a lot of horrible little stars with a lot less talent than her. Which reminds me of Miley Cyrus. Not that she’s all that horrible, if you ask me.

She hasn’t done anything that a normal teenager wouldn’t do, it isn’t really a big deal to smoke a little pot or to be a little extra sexual when performing/dancing. Remember Britney Spears? Her career was BUILT on her sexy little schoolgirl routine in ‘Baby, one more time’. I don’t agree with it and I’d rather have girls being succesful and being appreciated for their talent instead of the two talents they have on their chest. But that’s, sadly, the world we live in and come to think of it, it’s almost like those little disney stars come into the showbizz as little girls and develop into young women over night. I’m a little creeped out by it. Those girls have no time whatsoever to discover who they are, what they want in life and make some mistakes. You wear a short skirt once and your underage crotch is all over the internet because you didn’t get out of a car like a ‘proper lady’.

People go on rants about how those girls are supposed to be rolmodels for little girls and I understand that, the media has aHUGE influence on us as young people growing up but how realistic is it to expect a 16 year old girl to act like a perfect young woman, her first goal in life: living her life for other people? Most ‘normal’ girls are under pressure with just the expectations of their parents, teachers and friends. Imagine, you have hundreds of thousands of fans (and probably even more haterz) and you have to get up in the morning with that in the back of your mind. Of course she gets paid GOOD to be a rolmodel, to sing some nice songs and to act, dare I say, very poorly in some show or movie and I do understand the people that bash her as well but.. ah well, you get my point. I always get a little miffed (I love that word! Miffed! It sounds so cute and also a little gross. :-D) when people insist that they know who those girls are just by watching them on TV and reading about them in some gossip mag.

Now, I have to be honest, I kind of dislike Justin Bieber for something he said in an interview. Something about how abortion is always wrong, even when a girl gets raped. He said something like ’That’s a horrible situation but it’s never right to kill a human being, I believe that everything happens for a reason.‘. I DON’T EVEN… I even get a little pissed just thinking about it. And yeah, part of my reason for disliking him is because hundreds of thousands of young girls look up to him and see him as a kind of god. When it comes to having the choice to do with your own body what you want, that’s NOT an opinion I would like my daughter to agree with. Granted, I also wouldn’t like my daughter to wear skimpy clothing or take drugs. In the end of the day though, whether I agree with what he said or not, the journalist that asked him questions like that is an asshole. The boy sings songs, he’s not a politician or a teacher. He sings sweet songs about how he loves a girl so much he just goes delirious and can’t say anything else but ‘baby baby baby oh baby baby baby no’. (Very creative songwriting too. /sarcasm). Well, it’s been a while since my last rant and I hope you enjoyed it! :-D

Love you guys!

OH YEAH, ’bout the outfit: awesome dress, super comfy and I love the print and cut, so feminine and sweet. Paired it with my equally super comfy boho short boots and a wrap top unwrapped, so now a cardigan! And my new bright yellow eyeshadow! SO HAPPY with my eyeshadow! :-D

donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Silver Lining

This skirt is awesome, I love the asymmetrical hemline and drapery. It’s a very simple skirt but the way it’s made is just beautiful. Not a vintage skirt, for once! I bought it at the store ‘DIDI’, it’s an exclusive dutch and belgian store which I loved the most of all stores, together with ‘Steps’, until I came across Think Twice Vintage in Antwerp. The stores DIDI and Steps are wonderful and they have beautiful clothing but DAMN it’s expensive. For most dresses and skirts you pay at least 70-80 euro when it’s not on sale. I have two skirts from DIDI, I paid 30 euro for them both on sale. Luckily they have this time at the end of every season that they sell everything for 30 euro but now that I’ve grown accustomed to the sale in Think Twice where everything on sale goes for 3 euro… well, I don’t think I’ll be going back there a lot :-D.

To be fair though, in the normal non T2 world, it’s still not that pricey to get a really beautiful silk skirt for 30 euro or a gorgeous cocktail length dress for 30 euro. I’m just really spoiled now! And to be honest, I really do have enough clothes and if I buy something at Think Twice it’ll always be at those sales since I can’t really justify buying clothes full price anymore. Not if I can buy perfectly beautiful clothes for 3 FREAKING EURO. Yeah, I still can’t get over it. I’m still shocked. Most earrings I have cost more than most of my clothes now! :-D I paired the silver skirt with a simple blue tanktop and the blue cardi I just bought at T2, a blue legging and my favorite sneakers OF ALL TIME (I always say that in a Kanye voice :-D). And of course a waistbelt!

By the way: Thank you guys so much for all your chicvotes and comments and feedback on my last post! So sweet and I really really appreciate it! I used to be a girl that thought that being stylish was just for those lucky few that got everything right, from the floppy hat down to the platform heels. But now, thanks to you guys, I learned that you can be a perfectly good, stylish chic girl with sneakers, flowerskirts, band T’s and rainbow hair! :-D Thank you!

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Swirly Skirt

A simple outfit, I really like the soft colors together! That skirt is unbelievably swirly, I can’t help but dance around when I’m wearing it.

Time, it confuses me. If there’s anything I will never completely grasp, it’s time. It only seems like yesterday that summer started and now the leaves aren’t even green anymore. They’ll be falling soon. Time used to go by so slowly when I was little and now it just feels like it’s melting away. It’s already getting dark earlier and I have the feeling we almost had no summer. I don’t want the weather getting colder! The only good thing about cold weather is that I can mix and match my clothes differently. And snow, I love snow. But not in september or october or november, PLEASE!

Also, me and my boy are going to the premiere of “We Will Rock You” on september first! I’m so excited, there’s a dresscode that says ‘casual rock’ so I’m gonna have loads of fun thinking of the perfect outfit. I have a bright yellow Freddie Mercury T shirt which I really want to wear, I’m just not sure what to wear with that. Maybe my tight white jeans, maybe a sweet highwaisted skirt, I do want to go for something a little ‘out there’, as Queen always was. Especially Freddie Mercury. I love musicals and rock music so it should be a wonderful evening! Can’t wait! The weather might’ve not been great this summer but I’ve seen Roger Daltrey and I might see Brian May at the WWRY premiere so it’s been pretty good music wise!

This is the FM shirt I have:

The color is gorgeous and I love the print. Now for my outfit of the day:
This shade of lipstick is awesome, I love it to pieces. I've been looking for this bright bright pink and I'm loving it! I've been into really bright colors lately and I just bought some bright yellow eyeshadow too, which I will be featuring in a couple of days! :-D I can tell you it looks great. I might go for a rainbow eyeshadow look one of these days!

zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

The Canon Girl does Model with a twist!

Well well well, what have we here? Who is that FIERCE girl?!

OOOH BABY I was so happy when I got a little message from my sister saying that she herself got a message from a friend that she saw me in Marie Claire!!

I went out to buy it today and I'm so pleased with it!
I look awesome and the interview is pretty much what I wanted! Translated I just talk about my style, saying that "It's colorful, feminine and very much inspired by the sixties.
I do try to give it a bit of a rockattitude, like wearing one of my sweet dresses with some sneakers or cool boots instead of cute little pumps". Which is exactly what I want! I also talk about trends I like this fall. "All kinds of prints, colors, clean cut shapes and cool patterns.
If you want to wear a big print, just go ahead and do it! I know all the fashion guru's go shake their heads when a curvy girl tries something 'big' instead of the "flattering" small because that's slimming. But why should we focus ourselves on 'slimming' outfits?
Who came up with the rule that only the slim, skinny girls can look beautiful? I say wear whatever the hell you want and you shouldn't give a shit whether it makes your butt look big." (With some more civilised words of course. I especially like that part! It's one of the most important messages I wanted to get out there.)

After that I give a little info about my favorite store in Antwerp, the infamous Think Twice! :-D The monthly sale, the adress etc.

Than some tips on how you can look your best, since I'm not one of those "you should only wear V necks and black" girls I just say "you should wear clothes that fit you properly. I love vintage because the shape of the clothes, they're more made for women with a waist and hips instead of the more straight fit that you often come across in large clothing stores." (nice words, much nicer than the words I actually used when being interviewed, if I remember correctly I said something along the lines of the "shitty ass fits they mostly have in stores a la H&M and C&A. I say mostly because to be honest, I have some pretty nice clothes from those stores but it is a bit of a one in a thousand chance to find something that fits REALLY good) and "It's a huge plus if you can sew a bit, that way you can alter the waist quite easily if it's a bit too straight for your body shape. I try to almost always wear something with a high waist, it looks awesome on girls with an hourglass shape, especially with a nice belt. I love wearing belts! I also often wear leggings or tights, it gives me a smooth silhouette."

As the last thing, I talk a bit about the blogging world. "Most fashion blogs don't pay much attention to girls/women with a different bodyshape or skincolor. Curvy girls don't really have a rolmodel or someone to look up to in that environment. I just hope that maybe there's one girl that gets a little inspired by me and maybe musters up the courage to express and dress herself the way she wants." And that, my loves, is one of the reasons I post my outfits and myself on the interwebz. I'm not really into fashion, I couldn't care less about Karl Lagerfeld and his new muse, I'm just a girl and I love clothes and I love to dress up. But fashion and the media have a huge influence on how women perceive themselves and I want to get a little bit of a positive message out there. I want to be a good rolmodel for my 2 wonderful, sweet, smart, funny, beautiful nieces and maybe inspire them too! Just as my big sister has inspired me. Hope I can do that! :-) Thank you!

donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Punkify my granny dress

Well, so much for the good weather everybody was talking about.
We've had two or three dry days and today started out almost purple, it was super cloudy.
I was hoping it would get better and it did! For an hour or so. Goddamnit, this has been a crappy, crappy summer when it comes to sunshine.
Thank the mighty spaghetti monster I didn't set my money on cute sunny dresses when gone shopping. Could've done with a pear of sneakers/boots though, instead of sandals! BAH, HUMBUG.

Ah well, here's one of my new dresses!
I had a little bit of difficulty styling it, I really want to avoid looking too frumpy and  I had to think a little bit more about my make up and accessories to come to the look I wanted.
So a black belt, big dark necklace, darkgray eye pencil and a couple of rings added to the dress and it looks super awesome and not granny at all!
I enjoy these super pretty, sweet girly dresses but I never want to look too 'ladylike', I like to add a little bit of rock 'n roll or just something that goes against the cute to make it a little more interesting. Hope you enjoy my look! :-)

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Shopping spree at Think Twice!

Here are my new clothes!

So happy with them, most of all I love the colors and prints.
If there's anything that captivates me when shopping, it's a good print or vibrant color. And I have found one of the most beautiful prints ever seen. Seriously, apart from the fact that the dress looks awesome on me, the print is hauntingly beautiful and  I kind of want to marry it. I love that kind of art too. I'll start with that one! I love me some green too, such a good color on me! :-D

Dayum, is this beautiful or what?

I love these kinds of vests, they always give a little rock 'n roll twist to your outfit and they emphasize my waist wonderfully.

I got thise one from my sis who bought it because she loved the print so much. Too bad it's like three sizes too big for her. :-D It looks a little potato sacky but it looks really cute with a scarf/belt in the waist! I love the print too! Lovely colors and I love anything with a heart print, so sweet! I will have to cut the underskirt out of it because that's a little too tight on the hips but that's okay, I can wear it with leggings underneath or just buy another underskirt!
This cardigan is really warm and a really christmassy color, great for the upcoming winter!
LOVE this color! I've been looking for a cardigan with this springgreen kind of color and I found it in my lovely T2 vintage store! It'll be so much fun to combinate this sweet cardi with all my dresses and skirts!
This one might look a little granny ish and shapeless but the color is beautiful and it'll look awesome with my highwaisted skirts! It's super cute, the collar is awesome. The next ones are very seventies, yay!
This color... well, you know what I'm gonna say. Yellow is so sunny and I love it with my purple hair!

This print is just gorgeous too, I love these delicate flowerprints. They always remind me of Kaoru Kamiya, my favorite anime heroine who always wears these beautiful kimonos.

Rurouni Kenshin = Best anime ever!
Stuff my boyfriend bought:
Really cute shirt, bright red!
Going grandpa chic, sweatervest ahoy!
Another sweatervest, I might steal this one though!
A fun shirt that I also might steal!
Gray sweater, very warm!
this is my favorite shirt of his, it's actually red, white and purple! Looks really good on him. Now for the coats, all 3 euro!!!
This one's crazy and awesome. I wish the sleeves would have those... long stringy things attached like the woodstock jacket of Roger Daltrey.

My boyfriend looking cranky, pretending to not like modelling for pictures. He secretly loves it though! :-D
This one's really classy.
This one's actually a lot more 'square' in real life, with broad shoulders. It's really eighties.
Our new matching blue wintercoats! I love mine so much, it's so feminine and the color looks very good on me! I love a rich blue on pale skin. His is so beautiful too, so mature and cool! This was my shopping spree, hope you enjoyed it! :-D