maandag 22 augustus 2011

Swirly Skirt

A simple outfit, I really like the soft colors together! That skirt is unbelievably swirly, I can’t help but dance around when I’m wearing it.

Time, it confuses me. If there’s anything I will never completely grasp, it’s time. It only seems like yesterday that summer started and now the leaves aren’t even green anymore. They’ll be falling soon. Time used to go by so slowly when I was little and now it just feels like it’s melting away. It’s already getting dark earlier and I have the feeling we almost had no summer. I don’t want the weather getting colder! The only good thing about cold weather is that I can mix and match my clothes differently. And snow, I love snow. But not in september or october or november, PLEASE!

Also, me and my boy are going to the premiere of “We Will Rock You” on september first! I’m so excited, there’s a dresscode that says ‘casual rock’ so I’m gonna have loads of fun thinking of the perfect outfit. I have a bright yellow Freddie Mercury T shirt which I really want to wear, I’m just not sure what to wear with that. Maybe my tight white jeans, maybe a sweet highwaisted skirt, I do want to go for something a little ‘out there’, as Queen always was. Especially Freddie Mercury. I love musicals and rock music so it should be a wonderful evening! Can’t wait! The weather might’ve not been great this summer but I’ve seen Roger Daltrey and I might see Brian May at the WWRY premiere so it’s been pretty good music wise!

This is the FM shirt I have:

The color is gorgeous and I love the print. Now for my outfit of the day:
This shade of lipstick is awesome, I love it to pieces. I've been looking for this bright bright pink and I'm loving it! I've been into really bright colors lately and I just bought some bright yellow eyeshadow too, which I will be featuring in a couple of days! :-D I can tell you it looks great. I might go for a rainbow eyeshadow look one of these days!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ik hou van die zachte kleuren met een fluo accent zoals je lipstick <3

  2. "We Will Rock You" premiere sounds SO fun, and I'm loving that outfit, that lipstick is amazing too. Thanks for the John Irving book suggestion, I lovee long reads so this should be perfect :).

    Summer went by so quickly I don't even get it; luckily for me the sun still goes down at about 8:30, I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

  3. It's crazy how much you and your sis look alike!
    In love with the skirt and that shade of lipstick suits you indeed!
    Btw I'm totally crazy about your hair!!

  4. @ K. Cruz: Me too, I love a good long read. When I think of a book I'd like to read I'm always so happy when I find out it's a 600 page read or something, good stories can never be too long!

    @ Insomnia: Thank you so much! I love my hair too, I'm contemplating which colors to go for now since my green and blue are almost completely washed out. I really want to go for some bright red and yellow and maybe white! And yeah, my sis and me do look alike, I think it's awesome that you can see we share the same genes so easily. :-)

    @ Annebeth: Dankjewel!