vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Link and Malon lovechild and a little sisterly love

"Link and Malon lovechild" is what I call this outfit, after my sister pointed it out. The golden hair, cowboy boots (formerly owned by my eldest brother!) and the soft colors really made me feel like a modernised Zelda character. This dress is one of the many, MANY things I got out of helping my sister with the cleaning out of her closet. If I did a "shopping haul out of my sister's closet" post, it'd be a hell of a long post, I can tell ya that! Come to think of it, I think that half of my closet consists of clothing formerly owned by my big sis. The perks of having an awesome sister! There are so many. I can't tell you how happy I am with the wonderful relationship I have with my sister. We used to fight like cats and dogs but now that there's no risk of puberty fucking things up anymore, we're like two peas in a pod. If you had told me that four years ago, I would've looked at you like you was a crazy mofo.

I hear people talking about the relationship they have with their siblings and I often hear that they fight a lot. Even if they don't fight, they don't feel a particularly strong connection with their siblings. I can only say that I'm incredibly thankful for the love I feel towards my sister. I greatly enjoy spending time with her, we have SO much in common and I think that we understand each other like no other person can. No one can quite relate to you like someone you grew up and shared those same memories/experiences with. We're two different people so obviously we still have our own opinions and seperate experiences on those same situations but in the end of the day, having a good relationship with my sister is something I wouldn't trade for anything in the world! I won't ever forget the way she supported me through the crappiest summer of my life. I'm so proud of her! She has been my rolmodel and, more importantly, helped me realise that I'm so awesome I can be my own rolmodel. She has always seen potential in me and even though we fought like crazy as youngsters, I can't recall a single moment where she called me ugly. When other people would criticize me for the way I looked, weight or stylewise, she stood up for me. She always makes me feel beautiful. Thank you sis, love ya! And I totally beautified her hair, together with the momster.

How about you? Siblings? Good relationship? Or do you sometimes, just for a moment, want to strangle them in their sleep? :-D

The next three pictures are "happy-dance-take-two". The first happy dance was a lot less photogenic. :-D

dress: sister's
shirt: H&M
tights: Veritas
necklace: mom's
boots: vintage (by now :-D)

To keep the geekery going: I'm going to F.A.C.T.S. this weekend (big nerd convention a la Comic-Con) and YES, I will be cosplaying! To give you a sneak-peek of the geekiest outfitpost ever:

People who have been reading my blog for a while probably didn't even need a hint: OF COURSE I will be cosplaying as Link from The Legend of Zelda. How could I not? :-D Better yet, I will be cosplaying as "badass girl Link". With fake tat sleeves, dramatic make-up and lots of attitude. I wanted to do something a little more personal with the cosplay and I could go for "sexy Link" but I'm a little sick of all the "sexy *insert random character*" costumes, especially now around Halloween times. I'm all for workin' what yo momma gave ya but there should also be options for people who, you know, actually want to dress up in a kind of credible costume. If I want to dress up as Bert or Ernie, I will wear a stripey shirt and ugly jeans. And maybe a unibrow. Not this. Also, sexy Big Bird. Just throwing that out there.

TOODLES and have a great weekend, lovers!

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  1. so perfectly BEAUTIFUL! i adore the colors! amazing dress and tights! gorgeous hair and boots!

  2. You look great darling <3 and the defition is so appropriate it made me crack up :D also, I can't wait to see you dressed up as Link...I bet you had loads of fun at the convention.
    About you and your sister, you're so lucky to have this kind of relationship. I guess it's more difficult for a brother and a sister to be so attached, because Andrea and I don't have this kind of relationship (and we don't exchange/steal each other's clothes haha).

  3. It's so fabulous that you've got such a great relationship with your sister. I adore my brother too, he was kinda my hero growing up. He's moved over to the oter side of the country and I miss him terribly!

    Also LINK COSTUME YOU ARE THE AWESOMEST EVER. I hope we'll get to see the whole costume...

  4. you do look like a zelda character in that outfit, i love the dress! so freaking pretty! :) I have a great relationship with my sister too, like you said, there is noone who can relate to the special moments you had when growing up. Its great having a sister! :) glad you havea good relationship with yours. also, your link is gonna be awesome! the whole slutty this slutty that costumes are cool, but sometimes theyre just pathedic. glad you are keeping it real! :) love it


  5. The dress is so cute, I really like the tights and boots you paired it with. I'm a sucker for cowboy boots

  6. Dat jurkje staat nu eens super leuk bij jou, kleurtjes flatteren je ook.

    En ik ben enig kind, wat ik steeds vaker als jammer begin te bestempelen. Ik zou het leuk hebben gevonden om ook een broer of zus te hebben waarmee ik goed overweg kon, ooit tante te worden en iemand te hebben die mee het leed zou delen bij het overlijden van mijn ouders. Achja, niks meer aan te veranderen ;-) ik speel wel suikertante bij de kindjes van mijn vrienden haha :D

  7. You look sooo pretty! I love the photos and your outfit is amazing. My sister and I are like that too, we're basically best friends :) anyway! you look freaking awesome as Link!

  8. and I totallyyy forgot to tell you, I nominated you for an award, you can check it out my blog! :)

  9. You ARE beautiful. I love the relationship you and your sister have; I always said I never wanted a sister (I LOVED having three older brothers and no sisters!) except when I read about you two. If I had a sister, I'd want her to be like your sister is to you. Y'know? It's so great!
    That dress is amazing. And I WANT your necklace. SO BAD.
    Also, sexy Bert and Big Bird??? What the heck?? Oy. I mean, I like to look pretty in costumes, but taking it to the sexy-kids-character is a little much.
    That, and I love being really accurate with costumes. I totally want to go all-out gory zombie someday.

  10. i liked hearing about you and your sister. i get along with mine. one of them more on a personal level, the other one, we are so different i have to be 'polite' with her like i do a customer at work. stick to the basics, talk less etc. my little brother and i are bros though. i love him. but he's also only 14.

  11. This pictures look absolutely gorgeous! It looks like spring!
    The relationship you two have, is admirable. Me and my step sister grow up separately, so I never a had a real relationship with her. Our age difference is rather big too. I actually don't have a close relationship with any of my family members, besides my mom. The fact that our family is spread out across the world, doesn't help it too.