donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Hollywood magic and blogsale

This is what I wore to the blogsale. Antwerp Fashion Night was upon us and my sis and some fellow Belgian bloggers held a sale to make some space in their closets for the next year or so, until the next closetsale. :-D The event was sponsered by Tao energy drinks and Patty Cake cupcakes (loved both, am now seriously craving the Tao drinks) and it was great fun! A week before the sale me and my mom helped my sister with sorting through and tagging all of her clothes (and I got to steal/buy some clothes off of her, of course), which was cool and strange. Suddenly I came across sweaters I used to steal from her when I was thirteen. We found a gray leopard print cardigan we both bought six years or so ago at H&M. I remembered it so distinctly because one of us bought it first and the other one kept stealing it so eventually we just had to buy another one too. I practically lived in that thing back then. But that's food for another post in which I will be feauturing the aforementioned cardigan. I think I can squeeze a post about time passing and personal changes out of that cardi.

Back to the closetsale! Lots of fashionistas came by and bought gorgeous stuff from the bloggers and I got to meet so many cool people! I got lots of comments on my blonde hair and people saying "AHH, you're Annebeth's sister! I've seen SO MANY PICTURES of you on her blog!" and everytime they said that I got a little fuzzy inside, thinking that I'm so grateful for having such an awesome relationship with my big sis. Which will also be another blogpost. Super sweet Sabina gave me some gorgeous clothes too (I have 50 euros with your name on it!), the night was just great and productive, growing-clothingcollection wise. And we sneakily ate the best sushi ever when the sale was going a little slower. It was good.

These pictures my sister took of me are just pure perfection. The way my dress moves in the wind, the way the warm colors of the dress and the wall behind me work together, it's just awesomeness. I call it "hollywood magic". :-D

the awesome bloggers on our floor:

Kim, Sabina, my sis, Krizia, Kim and yours truly.
adorbs picture!

if you'd like to see more pictures of the event you can check my sister's blogpost. I had a great time!

Catch you 'gators on the flip side, later! :-D

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  1. That dress is just perfect! It looks like it has the best fabric, velvety and super smooth. I love the colours, the pattern and the combination with the belt! Actually, I need to think about getting me some belts, haven't got one! And it totally defines your silhouette! Gorgeous!

  2. You guys are all so adorbs! The pictures your sis took are friggin so Hollywood baby! Your hair and the dress make me want a carmel candy apple. What fun! Now I gotta go check out your sis.

  3. oh my this dress! it is so lovely! and i'm glad you had a lovely time!

  4. I'm so envious of your relationship with your sister. Stealing each other's clothes, talking about "girlie" stuff, taking outfit pictures together to each other...having a sister sounds awesome :D I'm glad you got to spend some wonderful time with her at the bloggers' sale!
    About the outfit now: you look gorgeous. If I could I would steal it. So be prepared because in April I'll definitely keep my promise ;)

  5. je foto's zijn zooooooo mooi en even breed, ik ben TROTS OP JE! en nog es heel erg bedankt voor je hulp, ik vond het echt een heerlijke dag!

  6. You are SO gorgeous. Seriously. I adore these pictures, and your blonde hair, and those bright tights, and that awesome dress. And the wind and the wall. Magic! You're a babe.
    And I love how you and Annebeth have the best relationship ever. It's so sweet!
    Also, I though you might find it amusing that your Captcha thing gave me THIS Captcha:
    I don't know how to type a lamp with my keyboard. Or any keyboard. Hehe.

  7. that sounds like a fun thing. I think we have some blog sales here too but i am terrible at keeping up with it, so it's my own fault really. But nothing as awesome as you described. You looked absolutely gorgeous. I liked your outfit the most between the other bloggers, it was so creative and vibrant, and colorful, the other girls looked similar to eachother...fabulous, but similar. It's a real common thing with bloggers. thats why I loveeeee your style! so fresh and awesome! :)