donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Who run da world? NERDS

OH my dear readers, this weekend was GOOD. I spent saturday night with some friends, munching on good food and talking nerd, making plans for the convention I told you about on sunday. Sunday morning I put on my costume, did some epic make-up on my friend and myself and before we knew it we were on our way to kick some nerd ass. I have a serious ASS-LOAD of pictures, you gotta let me know how much you love them and if you want more I'll make a second post. I've got more than enough pictures to fill two posts. Walking through my friends hometown was an interesting walk, being in full costume. Some people smiled, some people looked at us like we were infected with the plague, one nice old lady asked us what country we were from. We could've replied "HYRULE MOTHERFUCKER" but that wouldn't have been very nice. Kind of hilarious, but not nice.

On our walk to the trainstation we found some stalls on the market, one of them containing, wait for it, A BOOMERANG. Since I didn't have a weapon yet I bought the boomerang for 40 cents. It's a real pretty one too! It'll be featured in the blogpost, fo sho. While waiting for the train a man with three little kids asked if he could take a picture of us with his kids, super cute. On the train to the convention we already came across a Prince Zuko (I think) who, when we met again at the convention, hugged us very awkwardly, a Joker and a Ramona Flowers! It was just awesome, looking into the train and seeing those characters sitting there. The whole time at the convention I almost felt like we were in an alternate world with videogame, anime and movie characters coming to life. Who wouldn't want to live in a world where Link and Pikachu can be on the same picture? Anyways, I'll start at the beginning.

Buying my boomerang at the market:

"Imma give you FIVE rupees. TOPS."

Link fixing hair.

Adorable elf friend!

Other adorable evil elf friend and my make-up skills. Pretty nice, no?

My band of gorgeous cosplayers.

Our designated photographer, she did a great job <3

Ramona! She was a really cool girl. And I love Scott Pilgrim of course. Now, to get the lady parts of us nerds out there tingling, some hot nerds.

You can probably guess what I was thinking here. Something with "slytherin", if you catch my drift. A really good cosplay, that's all I'm saying.

One of the many Jokers at the convention. His outfit was really nice. And you know I can't resist a man with green hair.

Okay trollface might not be a hot nerd but he COULD be. Under the trollface. His costume is hilarious anyways, bonuspoints!

Chillin' with mah robro R2.

Meeting up with the Darthster. He was a bit intimidating.

But Link is not one to lose his good spirit. :-D

This girl was wearing a pikachu ONESIE. I don't know about you but I want one.

Jabba was there too.

Absolutely gorgeous Corpse Bride cosplay.

A dude with a free hugs sign who was very pleased with himself. I can't resist a free hugs sign, I gave everyone with a sign a hug. There was one cheeky guy who wanted a free hug and then turned his sign around to show a "... and a kiss?" sign. I thought it was pretty adorkable so I kissed him on the cheek. I should've gone ahead given him the kiss of a lifetime RIGHT ON THE LIPS but I'm not that cheeky. :-D

Chillin' with my superhero homies.

Link likes them green abs.

I'll leave you with one of the coolest cosplays I've ever seen. This guy was "Steampunk Ash" and he made his WHOLE costume himself. Including the Pikachu. He even had a steampunk Pokedex and steampunk gymbadges. This was his first cosplay. Really! If that isn't pure awesomeness, I don't know what is.

I still have some really cool pictures for you guys but I'll save them for the next post! I hope you enjoy my geekery!

OH ALRIGHT I just have to share this one last picture with you because this is the single most awesome picture you will ever see. It's Link. On the iron throne from "Game of thrones". You're welcome.

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  1. BEST COSTUME EVER! You are spot on with LINK. Your friends have managed some precious photos of you, must see more! The Game of Thorns take over is totally worthy!!!

  2. this is so great! you look so pretty and like you had tons of fun!

  3. THIS IS SO AWESOME OMGGGGG WHY YOU SO COOL. Your elvish friend has the most beautiful blue headpiece! Me want! Is she supposed to be Arwen? She looks kinda like Arwen. And you look AWESOME holy shit! Hottest Link I ever did see. :D

  4. OMG YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! You know what- I literally just ordered a triforce sticker for my car! Although now I'm thinking I'll get 'HYRULE MOTHERFUCKERS!' instead!! lolololololol :-D

  5. ik wil ook meer foto's! deze zijn zo leuk :D en fake draco is echt TE heet

  6. Cool, ik was ook op FACTS die dag, ook in cosplay!! :D Die pikachu heb ik ook gezien. Misschien zijn we elkaar wel onbewust tegengekomen! ;-)

  7. "Hyrule motherfucker", hahaha :D that would have been super hilarious. Your costume was amazing and I liked your friends' too!
    And I cracked up when I saw the photo with The Hulk. Your face is priceless.

  8. Oh my goodness, this is so amazing! I NEED to do this someday! I love it all! Your Link costume is so great, and you are the prettiest Link ever!
    Hehe, and there are SO many great costumes. Your pretty elf friend has an amazing headpiece. I think I need one.