zondag 7 oktober 2012

Slightly insane

Yes, this outfit is slightly insane. It's also definitelty one of the best outfits I've come up with in the last couple of weeks. Though, to be completely honest, I have been on a kind of creative roll. Maybe it's the blonde hair, maybe it's the way my photography course forces me to use my brain in a creative way at least once a week, I dunno. All I know is that I'm feeling pretty good and that I'm enjoying picking out my outfit in the morning. Having lots of clothes and a creative mind is just pure fun. When I don't have the time to draw, paint or take pictures I can at least choose an amazingly awesome outfit and have the momster take my pictures! I've had a pretty chill weekend, started reading a new book (Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb), started replaying Spirit Tracks now that my sweet nephews let me borrow their DS and took lots of pictures for my photography course. We get assignments every week or so and this weeks assignment is "still life". How to completely create your own picture. Subject, lighting, composition, the whole shabang. My "comfort zone" when it comes to photography is nature and macro stuff so that's a lot more "seeing and capturing" than actually completely creating your own picture. It's good to get the ol' brain going and try something different. I'm enjoying it so much! It's SO GOOD to finally have some good stuff going. My outfits might be slightly insane but my life is finally coming around to the "normal" side.

shirt: T2 Vintage
see through tanktop: secondhand
leggings: thrifted
boots: torfs
belt: secondhand
leather jacket: Zara
lipstick and earrings: Hema

This tanktop is one of the many gorgeous things I got from Sabina! Having so much fun with my new stuff <3. I will soon be featuring a bright pink trench coat, also from Sabina. And BY GOD, you will love that coat. :-D

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  1. AMAGAD miem ik zag de kleine foto en ik dacht aan een overgooier ofzo en ik dacht "cute" maar toen zag ik de hele outfit en toen dacht ik AMAGAD MIEM het is echt FIERCE! ken je http://www.girlnextdoorfashion.net/ al? zij heeft veel van dit soort outfits, beetje emo/punk maar ook girly, je moet het maar es checke

    en je fotografie les klinkt goed! gewoon mooie foto's in close up nemen is meer verdienste van de lens dan van de fotograaf, dus je gaat wrs steeds trotser worden op je creaties :)

  2. Your butt looks awesome in those leggings! I totally have to go thrift shopping more often!

  3. hahhaha I call my mom momster too :D.

    AMAZINGG look as always, I live for insane outfits :) and omg I'd love to take a photography class, it sounds like fun!

  4. Ok this is pure amazing. I don't even think its that insane, just super super awesome. I'm really glad you're feeling happier!

  5. ahhh!! Naomi! I LOVE it. so much love for the bright red over the coloful shirt! you look amazing! I am so happy that your photography class has been working out and that you are learning new things! I'll have to check out the photo blog to see the new assignments! :P


  6. I absolutely love this! You look like such a cool cat. I cannot get over how amazingly awesome your hair is! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE so cool. I'm really super glad that you are feeling happier! :)

  7. Yeah, this looks slightly insane but also looks wonderful! I love the colorful top(s) and the dark bottom and I can't stop looking at your amazing jacket <3
    Also, I', glad that your photography course is helping you this way, extracting the creativity out of you. I'm in a kind of outfit stalemate, where I only wear clothes in a very shabby and lazy way, so this is very refreshing and inspiring!

  8. I LOVE the layering of the shirt and tank top. Brilliant. And the slight insanity of the outfit totally works!
    I'm so glad you're having fun with your photography course!