donderdag 4 oktober 2012


I have no words for the greatness that is Lady Gaga. I have always liked her, loved the message of acceptance she preaches and thought her music was catchy. Her voice and paino skills are amazing. Her outfits are amaze-crazeballs. Even if you don't like her songs, you have to AT LEAST recognise that she's an amazing musician and performer. I particularly adore this version of "Poker face". Now, this all was more than enough reason to say "HELLZ TO THE YES" when my sister offered me some tickets to the Born This Way Ball, since she already bought her own and got some extras from skype. I can only tell you this: next time, Imma buy my own tickets.

Needless to say, I think, that the show was amazing. The set consisted of a BIG ASS castle where she, the musicians and the band danced around/in. You can see it here. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera because cameras were strictly forbidden and I don't have a compact camera I can sneakily stuff into my bra . I took a friend with me and she took a picture with her cellphone, which is also good! :-D Better than nothing! The fun already started with getting ready, helping/messing up my sister's make up and picking out my outfit. If I had a bit more time I would've tried making a faux hawk but no worries: as long as I have short hair I will definitely try out that faux hawk. I might give it a try this weekend. And I still won't guarantee you I won't ever go for a full on mohawk one day. ANYWAYS, going to a concert is always the time for me to go full on rocker. A Gaga concert means sexy rocker! You can't go to a Gaga concert and not show some skin, folks. This was the outfit of honor:

Yes, it looks like I have very, VERY tiny feet.

lace blouse: la redoute
skinny jeans and earrings: H&M
boots: torfs
belt: my dad's
bra: Marie Jo

crappy, but very appreciated! cellphone pictures from my friend:

putting my paw up!

A shot of the castle

The Darkness as supporting act

She had a cold and still did an amazing job with the singing. In times where Katy Perry is a succesful singer while she can barely sing live (no hating, just the truth!) it's refreshing to have an actual SINGER earn her living as a singer. I loved all of the songs, I screamed so hard during "Born this way", "Alejandro", "Americano", "Bad Romance"... OKAY just every song. It wasn't even on the edge of glory, it was full on glorious (see what I did there?). The best parts of the show, for me personally, were the parts where she talked to the audience. Somewhere in the first half hour of the show she gave some boring business men a tonguelashing for not standing up and having fun at her concert. If there's anything I hate at concerts, it's the party poopers. People who look at you like you're some crazy person when you dance around and yell out "GAGA I LOVE YOU" between songs. YES, I DO THAT SHIT. When at concerts, I go full on fangirl. And I love it. If you don't want to go crazy at a concert, don't come! There was a group of really tiny women next to me (like, TINY, they might've been 1.55m/5ft1 max) and they were giving me the stink eye everytime I showed some sort of enthousiasm. They were giving some serious stink eye the whole concert, basically. :-D One of the girls even sat down on the floor a couple of times. Sitting down. On the floor. At a concert. JUST. NO. And Gaga was right to give the boring men a tonguelashing. They had the best seats in the  errr, arena and they weren't even enjoying themselves. You can give me your tickets then, mate! They probably got tickets from the company they work for or something. HMPF.

In the later part of the show she noticed something: the first time people came to see her, they would dress up as her. Now, years later, they dress up as themselves. No more pretending to be someone else but just being who they are. If you have a message of praising individuality and acceptance, I don't think that there's anything more beautiful than this. Inspiring people to be themselves, to have the courage to dress, talk and walk however they want to. Lady Gaga, I salute you. Thank you for the wonderful night, giving us bad kids these days some solid ground and spreading the body positive message!

OH and The Darkness! Great supporting act. They were really good and the leadsinger is kind of adorbs! I had a great time! Thanks to my lovely sis, her awesome boyfriend and my great friend!

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  1. you look amazing! it sounds like an incredible experience. she's such a performer i bet it was awesome.

  2. This is a night of a lifetime and you so deserve it especially considering the year you've had. You look beyond metal baby, I'm loving everything about your fit best part is your rocking attitude. Lady Gaga's a real talent she can sing and play piano and everyone should be able to give me props for that but her message about self love is tops. You make me want to go see her now. Thanks for sharing an awesome night with us!

  3. I think anyone who says Gaga is just all show and no talent... they need to go watch all the videos where she's playing/singing with just the piano. Seriously, that woman has amazing talent.
    There was a castle??! I love how unafraid she is to REALLY put on a show. Like, she totally brings it all, whereas it seems like most singers and performers kind of... eh. They're just not as creative.
    You looked amazing! And the concert sounds like it was awesome. I'm so glad you got to go!

  4. I already told you I'm jealous, right? :) You spent such a wonderful night and you looked SO good!! Perfect for a concert and very sexy! Those pants fit you like heaven and the lace shirt is just...perfect :) I also love the geisha-looking lipstick <3

  5. I loveeee your outfit, you look like a total rocker chick - I'm not a fan of Gaga but I do think she's really talented - glad you had fun!

  6. Zo blij dat ik weer heb kunnen gaan! Je zag er totally badass uit, diggin' ur look!

  7. those pants, omg, can i have them? they wont fit, i'D just like to hold them for a minute haha. that outfit is so super sexy and perfect for a gaga concert! I've heard from so many people that her concerts are amazing and so much fun, glad you got to go and experience that. sounds like so much fun and you looked amazingggg in that sheer top and those pants :) love your make up too! those earrings are super cute! love it all. :)