donderdag 2 mei 2013

Rant: That Weird Chick

So this is one of my "weirdest" outfits in a while and I felt pretty awesome wearing it. I wear strange things from time to time and people stare at me. I get people staring and pointing and I wonder why I bother wearing strange things because people take appearances so seriously. I have these moments where I wonder why I wear "strange" things. Do I want attention? Do I want to make a statement? Do I feel like being a rebel or do I like shocking people? Am I one of those stereotypical young girls who's trying to "find" herself? Am I trying to say something meaningful when I'm, in fact, full of quasi-sense making bullshit? I question things and I wonder. After every time I think or talk about this, be it with my sister, Mr. Canon Girl or Jules, I come to the same conclusion: it doesn't really matter.

Whatever reasoning is behind what you wear, you convey a certain image to the outside world. That image may be that of a prep, a jock, a punk or a girl-next-door. People will judge you. You might judge you. But somewhere along the line you forget why you're actually wearing something: because you fucking FEEL like it. Sometimes I feel like wearing short skirts or a snakeskinprint skinny. People will feel the need to tell me that my legs are too thick to wear said clothing items. Because of that, I will start questioning why I wear it. Do I WANT people to say things like that? Am I provoking them, by having these legs and putting them in certain pants? Or am I just wearing PANTS? Life is made way too complicated, I can tell you that. The most important thing to realise is the following: it's all just opinions. I've been called "easter bunny", "ugly" and "cool girl" in the last couple of weeks by random people/kids on the street. I guess I have to live with the fact that, as long as I choose to come across as "extreme" in one way or another, people will react in extreme ways. A flock of insecure fourteen-year-old girls might call me ugly and point their fingers at me. A group of laughing twelve-year-old girls will scream out "check out that cool girl!" and smile at me. 

Either way, after thinking about the art that is walking down the street in a society that tells people their opinions matter, I stand in front of my closet. I look at the colors, prints and take a look in the mirror. My hair needs shaving. My eyebrow might need piercing. When I want to close my closet doors, a bright green oversized shirt catches my eye and I feel like wearing it with something purple. That's how the magic happens, people. I don't have grand philosophies about my wardrobe choices. I don't think "Let's kick the world in the balls today!".

Sometimes, the chick in the weird clothing just liked the idea of putting green and purple together and called it a day.

Dress, earrings: H&M    Shirt: Vintage    Tights: Veritas  Sneakers: Pimkie   Belt: Dad's   Ring, bracelet: Vintage

Next post will be YET ANOTHER nerd convention/cosplay post! And I will finally present Mr. Canon Girl to you. Peace out, blogbabes.