woensdag 18 januari 2012

Blues and greens

A little good news! Remember my last post? I stated that, here in Belgium, you can't give your kid the mother's last name unless you're completely single or divorced for at least 300 days. Well, apparently someone in our government reads my blog (hahaha not really but MAYBE THEY DO....) and today my sister linked me a newsarticle, with one of our female politicians in the government stating that she wants to change that law! We're not quite there yet because she wants to give the kid double last names instead of just LETTING THE PARENTS CHOOSE the freaking last name but still, it's getting there! That same politician is all about gender equality so YAY! If I could vote for her I would! Thank you guys so much for your awesome feedback on my last blogpost, I love talking to people about the stuff that I think is important and I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Not much to say apart from the former. I just bought some new boots in the sales here, BEST BOOTS EVER, exactly what I was looking for and only 55 euro thanks to the 50% off! Bought some other things too, I'll do a sale post in a couple of days with all the stuff I bought! I bought a skirt, a sweaterdress, a cardi, a denim shirt and a black sweater with some multicolored details. And KNICKERS, hihihihi. :-D I'm afraid the knickers aren't very sexy. I'm more about cute, lacy, colorful underwear than black, red and sexy stuff I guess. It's the stuff that's in the underwear that counts, though! Maybe I'll do a bra post? I have an egg to peal (hahaha that's a dutch saying, meaning that you have something you really want to talk about/are about to confront someone) with underwear stores/companies, involving making good, supporting, pretty bras for big boobehs, so I have some stuff for an underwear-related post. Let me know if you'd like that! For now, a colorful outfit! I still have some old outfits lying around and I really liked this one! So enjoy! :-)

Now I want to cut my bangs. I think I will, tomorrow! How do you feel about bright pink lippy? OH I also want to share zebra nails with you!

Easy and awesome! All you need is a white base, black nailpolish, a thin brush and that's it! Just paint some black stripes over the white, try to make them a little shapely and maybe make them lead into a split stripe. Super easy and it's such a cool look, I totally recommend it! Hope you lovelies had a lovely day and I'll catch ya later!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy with those good news!
    You look great! I must say I really like to see blue and green together (even though some think is a fashion faux pas) and you look amazing wearing it.

  2. Such a funky outfit, and your hair is amazing!
    I might have to try that on my nails, but it definitely wouldn't turn out as good as yours xo

  3. Aaahh you're just so coooot! Also YES do the thing about bras for BIG BOOBIES, I am yet to find some that are both pretty AND supportive AND that don't cost a million dollars.

  4. AWESOMENESS. From your green Dr. Martens to your amazing nails, this outfit is GREAT!! :) not to mention that I love green and blue together.
    I'm happy to hear that someone in your government listened to you, haha ^^ and I think it would be pretty cool if you did an underwear-related post!
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. I think that law DEFINITELY needs to change and its great that someone to trying to change it!

    LOOOOOVE your nails & boots, ah-mazing!

  6. Oh man, those boots 8D Your hair has so many pretty colors in it! I love the nails!

  7. That is brilliant that someone is pushing for a change in that law!
    I am still liking green tights (want some for a pixie outfit!) :D

  8. Uh yeahh "Best boots ever!" Woowwwza. I need green boots, hmph....
    I love your nails as well, I'll definitely try out the zebra print on mine!