woensdag 25 januari 2012

A passion for videogame fashion

I will do a bra-for-major-boobage- post soon since most of my lovely readers have expressed interest in that topic but I'm hella busy right now, studying for some stuff. So right now, Imma give you an awesome outfit with a 'The Legend of Zelda' shirt, including a photoshopped picture of me with the mastersword and the hylian shield because that's what awesomeness looks like. Also, pokeball nails! A while ago, Kirsten, one of my dear readers, told me she'd like me to do a pokeball nail sometime. Sooooo, I did! My nails were clean and I was out of inspiration after mucking about trying to do water marble nailart so I went ahead and did the pokeball nails.

All you need is:
some red, black and white nailpolish
a thin paintbrush to do the middle, "closing" part of the pokeball

There's not much to it, I started with the upper half of the ball, painting half a circle red.
After that, the other half of the circle white.
Let that dry for a moment and than start with the middle, pulling a line to about a quarter of the ball, leaving a bit of space open, and continue to the other quarter of the ball.
You'll need a little black circle for the "button" of the pokeball so try to do a little black circle.
After you're done with that, just dot a little white nailpolish in the middle of the black circle, add a topcoat if you like et voila! You've got nails Misty would be proud of!

I'm still a huge Pokemon fan, going from knowing the Pokerap by heart, all the other 'Poke jukebox' songs like 'Viridian City', '2 B a master', 'What kind of pokemon are you', 'together forever', 'team rocket's rocking', ... and my favorite pokemon song ever... 'Jenny oh Jenny, Joy oh Joy' :-D hahaha, yep, I still know them. Brock was such a creepo. Misty (and Jessie for that matter! THE HAIR!) is probably one of my favorite fictional characters ever. She was kickass and she is one of the reasons why me and my sister turned out to be who we are. :-D Anime girls rule. Now, for the outfit with the Zelda shirt! (thanks to my big bro Maarten who got it for my birthday!)

*insert Legend of Zelda themesong*

I think I can leave you with this awesome shot, now I'm off to save Hyrule! See you later! Or... sooner. You never know with the mastersword, muhahahaha!

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  1. That shirt will get you compliments wherever you go. My son is like the Mack Daddy whenever he wears his.

    W. :)

  2. hahahahahahahahahah die laatste :D :D :D

  3. Heheh your nails are adorable! And Brock is HOT!

  4. Love this t-shirt (now I want one for myself!!) and those nails are amazing! I also loved the Pokemon series and I'm not afraid to say that I still play at the videogames ^^
    We're both quite busy I see ^^ I hope everything's going well with your studying commitments.
    Oh and the last picture made me laugh at loud! :D
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. Al die kleurtjes doen me denken aan Sheldon uit The Big Bang Theory. Hij combineert ook altijd t-shirts met korte mouwen, met t-shirts met langere mouwen daaronder. Superleuke outfit!

  6. Those nails are perfect!
    I love Pokemon so much, i still play it on DS hehe :P
    + amazing Zelda t shirt!! love how you layered it with that dress <3

  7. the nails are amazing. and you remind me of ramona flowers.

  8. oh man you are so awesome! i swear! :) thats all i can say about this...just awesome! :)


  9. I just gave you Liebster Award on my blog :)