donderdag 9 februari 2012

Major Boobage

Here I finally am with a new post! I have been super busy with school but now I have a little bit of spare time on my hands because of a little bit of a stomach-sickness. Hopefully I'll be cured soon. While the sickness isn't much fun it gives me some free time to think and type about today's issue: bra's for big boobs. I've been wanting to do a brassiere post since basically the start of my blog because it's one of the big issues I have with the fashion industry.

I was an early developer, I got my first period and my boobs started growing around my eleventh year on this forsaken paradise. It almost felt like I changed over night, while it probably happened within half a year/year it felt like I went from flat chested to generous B-cup in a good night's sleep. While I was actually pretty skinny around twelve/thirteen I soon came to a C-D cup at the end of my thirteenth year. Obviously I wasn't fully developed back than so it was only a matter of time before they grew even bigger. By the time I was fifteen-sixteen I had a good E cup. While I already had a tough time finding cute, supportive bras in D cups which were actually affordable for a thirteen-fourteen year old girl you can only imagine what a tough time I have now. I love the way H&M bras look but the sizes only go up to D and well, the quality is just depressing. Thin, flimsy shoulderstraps, weak elastic in the back and you've got yourself a waste of money and boobage.  I've got another store here in Belgium called 'Hunkemoller', I think it's a French store, where I loved to buy bras when I was still in the C-small D area. Once you come into the DD-E area however, you start to feel like you have two freaking triangular watermelons sewed onto your chest that are just impossible to support and fit. I bought my first 'Real Bra' (which is what I call those incredibly expensive pretty French/Italian bras) around my fifteenth and goddamn was I shocked about the price. While a H&M/Hunkemoller bra would cost something between 20-30 euro (without sales) these would cost me 70-100 euro without sales. Needless to say I never bought anything like that without sales but now I've found my way around little lingerie shops with good sales I can snag 2 bras that originally cost 100 euro a piece for 30 euro a piece. All of the bras I bought myself are from two brands called 'Marie Jo' and 'Prima Donna' and I'm so so so happy with these two brands. The fit, the quality and the colors/designs are amazing. I still have a hella tough time to find something not overly 'mumsy' or 'grown up woman' for my likes but it's better than nothing.

What confuses me is this: Everywhere I look I see women with major boobage. It's a scientific fact that the overall breast size has gone up over the last 50 years. Why is it still so expensive and hard to find pretty, supportive unmentionables? It's so much harder to find decent bras for women who actually NEED the bras than to find bras which are actually meant for small A-cups that blow up your boobs to two sizes bigger. WHY?! Why not tell people it's perfectly alright to have tiny boobs? Because it's perfectly alright to have tiny boobs! Some people have tiny boobs, some people have big boobs, they all need nicely fitting bras. But no, we have maximisers for the lean cuisines and minimisers for the supersizers. Being a teenager is hard enough and while you're a teenager you get bombarded with all kinds of ideal images of what you should look like, what you're supposed to wear and how you're supposed to act. You're so freaking insecure already, the least the fashion industry can do for you is get you some good, pretty bras because you know, they already wrecked your selfconfidence.

And you know what? Having big boobs as a young teenager isn't all fun and games! You already get sexualised once you start growing boobs, let alone big boobs. Seriously, everytime I think back to my early teens I remember all the gross guys and men staring at me like they were going to eat me for breakfast. Maybe it's that you only start to realise how feminism is needed if you were a young, insecure girl yourself once. Or if you hear stories about how it sucks to be in that situation. I don't know. I just remember how completely terrifying it was to one day be a girl, only interested in playing with barbiedolls and watching the new episode of Pokemon/Rurouni Kenshin, and the next day be some sort of public entertainer for all things with a penis. Also, there are lots of Humbert Humberts in the world. You still get stared at, as a (young) woman and you get used to it after a while. But I wonder when I got used to it. When does your body become public property?

Okay, that last part was seriously off topic but I needed to get it off my chest (PUN INTENDED). Being a human being, being a woman is TOUGH SHIT. You can at least give us some good bras!

The only advice I can give to fellow-big-boobs: save up some cash and explore your local lingerie stores. Get yourself fitted (though I actually didn't need to get fitted, I was wearing the perfect size already, LIKE A BAWS) and wait for sales to hit the stores. Chances are you can get a good deal somewhere, you just have to be a little lucky in where you're stationed. Now Imma show you my pretty pretty bras!

This one is my favorite. It's lacy, a gorgeous color, supportive and shmexy.
Thick shoulder straps are a must for me!
Okay this one is my favorite too! Yes I have two dark blue bras, I don't have a lot of choice in colors and patterns AND have the right size. The color looks really good on me though and they're so pretty and supportive. They're perfect.
Again, thick staps!
This is my 'summer' bra, haha. I need some more light-colored bras but this one is gorgeous and cute and I love yellow!
The next three bras were actually not bought by me but given to me by someone who got a breastreduction and therefor didn't need these big ass bras anymore, haha. You can probably see it in the colors and style that it's not really my thing but I still wear them when I don't want to spoil my other bras. I really like the black one, actually.
You can see the top one is a little older. While I actually enjoy wearing the bottom one I really notice that, in my underwear collection, these were not bought with me wearing them in mind, haha. :-D
I also have two purple bras, also a great color on me. This one is a bit of a push-up bra, very firm and girly at the same time. I'd rather take out the built in push up but I'd have to cut open the bra and well, I'm not feeling in the mood to cut open a 100 euro bra. :-D
more purple!
more floral!
Last but not least!:
Okay I have two light bras and yes I LOVE FLORALS OKAY. This one used to be white but when my mother threw it in the tumble with some red stuff I suddenly had a lovely off-pink bra.
Ah well, the golden flowers are still golden and that's what I love about this bra!

It took me 3 years to save up this collection of beautiful expensive bras. Chances are I'll buy one bra every sale season.  Hope you guys enjoyed my boob-post and OH I just got my shapewear from graylavender! THANKS LOVE! YAY! I'll maybe do a review post! All I can say is that I was freaking weirded out when I saw myself all sucked in and slimmed down. I look like freaking barbie with shapewear and it scares me. :-D See you people on the flip side!

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  1. I love this post! You have a lot and I mean A LOT of bras... I think I have like 5, rotating the same 3 all week long haha. Very cute blog. I love! I'm following xx

  2. I am so jealous of your bra collection and I mean that in the least creepy way possible! I have pretty big boobies so finding a good bra is hard for me also. Sooo annoying. I have a total of three bras that I actually wear, and they're boring coloured ones. One is my sportsbra so it doesn't really count. And YES I got my shapewear yesterday! But they sent me a D cup and I'm usually DD/E. Haven't tried it on yet but I hope it's alright! I would love to see what you got :D

  3. I just wanted to say that HOLY CRAP I tried to wear my shapewear yesterday and I CAN'T GET IT ON. IT IS SO TIGHT OMGGGG. I can't get it over my head or pull it on from the bottom. I am scared of dislocating my arm if I try haha! Did you get a bodysuit? I got this purple polka dotted thing that looks like a swimming costume. SOOOO TIGHT. That is all I wanted to say!

  4. "I needed to get it off my chest", LOL :D
    Gosh I thought MINE was pretty big boobs but I was clearly wrong, haha ^^ oh and I agree with Alex, you have a big collection, and they all look beautiful (especially the dark blue ones)!