woensdag 29 februari 2012

Shapewear testdrive

I won a shapewear giveaway some time ago at graylavenders blog (I'd put a link up to her blog but google but the site won't show...) and I thought: let's share my first experience with shapewear with mah lovely readers! When I first tried it on I immediately thought 'SHIT I can't get it over my ass!' but than I wiggled and wiggled and I slowly wiggled myself into the shapewear! It actually does fit! YAY! After that, hooking up the stomach part is a little bit of a struggle for the first time because the fabric is very stiff (the second time I tried it on it went a lot easier) but I got it on! I felt very Jessica Rabbit in my shapewear, with it emphasizing my waist and hips so much! It's crazy. I took a couple of pictures with and without the shapewear, to compare what my "real body" is and what my "shapewear body" is. :-D

as you can see, without shapewear, I have a bit of a tummy pouch (I don't suck in, yo) round hips, a waist and broad shoulders. As Trinny and Susannah call it, an soft hourglass figure. Now check this out:
Crazy shit, right? Check out that TINY waist and the massive boobs and hips in comparison. I felt toight like a toiger in my shapewear! I have a couple of dresses I could use this with so that's cool. I took some pictures with clothes on too, just to give you a feeling of what kind of difference it makes:

                                                          With S.W.:
                                                             Without S.W.:
As you can see there's a little more rolls and shadows without the shapewear. I'll definitely wear it for special occasions! I was always curious about the whole magic knickers-shapewear-granny underwear hype and now I got to experience it! And it has sexy butt-cheek holes in the back:
http://www.vedettestore.com/eng/details.php?id=161 hahaha :-D OH and thank you guys so much for all of your compliments on my last post! I'm still loving my hair (these pictures were taken before the dye-job, obviously) and my friend got all smirkey when I showed him all your sweet words! If you are interested we could to a tutorial next time we dye my hair? Let me know if you'd like that! :-) Imma study some French (FUUUUUU) and get som' to eat. See ya laters alligators!

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  2. i guess every woman needs some help to look good! but thank god, there are these great inventions =)

    xo Ola

  3. You look banging both ways sweetie. HOT MAMA!

  4. Wauw, fantastisch! Wat een groot verschil ook! Super! Misschien heb ik erover gelezen maar weet je ook het merk van de shapewear? Liefs!

  5. WOW! The shapewear is freakin awesome! I'm so jealous that you won! How do you find it for sitting down, that's what I'm worried about ;)

  6. Haha what are the buttcheek holes for? WOOHOOOO shapewear, it looks so good! Is it uncomfortable? And YES PLEASE HAIR DYE TUTORIAL :D

  7. This is awesome! I love the hourglass figure! =)


  8. You make the shapewear look good, not the other way around. ;-)

  9. that shapewear is amazing! what brand is it? I thin id like to try that you have amazing curves darlin! :)


  10. oh! ah! now i see it, the bottom part of the post loaded kinda slowly! yeah i heard good things about that brand! you look really good without it too though! you be lookin fine gurl! :D have fun studying! i have to do the same! except i gotta study three languages. that calls for an actual FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  11. Well this shapewear looks amazing under that dress! Even if you look gorgeous, darling, also without the shapewear :) (haha I was going to write "you look gorgeous even without it", but it would sound like you looked gorgeous without the dress...awkward!! ^^)

    Life is a romantic poem

  12. Oh my goodness, you have a teeny tiny waist and amazing figure without the shapewear, WITH it you look just AMAZING!! You are so stunning, and these pictures are absolutely beautiful =D Go you!!