zondag 22 april 2012

Goonies never say die

I wasn't feeling all that swell today (better than in the beginning of the week but not perfect yet, obviously) and I'm really not looking forward to going back to school again. With all the forced social interaction and wasting time in my English class, bleh. But I'm gonna go and that's good. Routine and getting my mind off things is good, or so they say. But I got a little boost of happiness when I read a facebook message from my sister, saying that "The Goonies" were on TV. GOSH I love that movie. I used to have this huge crush on Brand and Mikey (and I still do on the latter, Samwise Gamgee <3 but that's for another fangirl post). I just love the whole adventurous feel of the movie, when I watch it I really feel like it zaps me back in time so I can feel like a goony too. The idea of finding a treasure map with pirates and "rich stuff" involved, isn't it awesome? Of course, Mouth (Corey Feldman, one of my sisters big loves) and his wise ass comments, Data with his bootytraps and Chunk making friends with Sloth, it's all just pure magic. The Goonies is one of those movies that, even after all these years, still has this special place in my heart and it doesn't feel outdated in the slightest. Best movie quote ever:


Don't we all love Sloth with his Superman shirt? And lemme tell you, mama Fratelli used to scare the shit outta me. :-D I really need to get that movie on DVD. Like "Labyrinth", "The Neverending Story", "The Muppet Movie", "The Dark Crystal" and so many others, once I take a look at the movie or hear a part of the soundtrack I get instant goosebumps and I feel  like a kid again, if only for a second. 

On the outfit: I wore this to the book fair I mentioned in an earlier post and the scribbles on my arm were put there by an aspiring tattoo artist who was at the book fair to put a free literary quote on you. As you can see, I chose "we are all starstuff" by Carl Sagan. As I've already mentioned a couple of times, it's one of my favorite quotes in existence. And chances are I would actually get it as a real tattoo. Like a peace sign but fancier! :-D

Make love, not war, we're all made of stars!

I paired my hot red lips with soft brownish/pinkish tones on my eyes, I really loved it together!

Spring nails! Do you love The Goonies just as much as me? You better! :-D

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  1. YOU KNOW I DO! je nagels zijn AMAZING en je make up en haar zoals altijd ook. Ik wil foto's van je nieuwe haar! en je outfit is ook mooi trouwens! en de quote ook maar de art vind ik fug :D

  2. Hahaha idd, de art is nogal kiddy en zo zou ik NOOIT een echte quote laten tattooeren. :-D Ik mocht de kleuren niet kiezen :-(

  3. Goonies was filmed in Astoria OR about 2 hours from my house, you make me wanna go there just to send you pictures! I love the star stuff quote I love thinking we are all made of star dust therefore all connected to each other and the universe. You are beautiful as lays and the nails are the best I have ever seen.
    Stay pretty!

  4. Your nails are really pretty! I want to paint stuff all over my arms too, that's such a cool idea :O like how your dress matches your hair again by the way!

  5. The Goonies is one awesome movie! I used to watch it once a week :). Love your nails, seriously, and your outfit makes me want to bring more color into my wardrobe :).

  6. Oooh, the Goonies...you bring me back such memories! I loved that movie so much but after some years I grew sick tired of it, because for some strange reason some stupid folks at the Italian tv thought that it was a neat idea to broadcast the movie EVERY SINGLE Christmas (or Christmas Eve) -_-
    Anyways I love the star stuff quote and it would be an awesome and meaningful tattoo.
    You look(ed) amazing and OH. MY. GOD. YOUR. NAILS. Such a terrific work of art!!

    (I'm sorry, I feel awful for not having answered you back yet -_- I'm so hella busy but I promise that I'll try and answer you back a fast as I can. I'm such a terrible "pen" pal)

  7. goodness gracious those nails are amazing

  8. holy F*ck! you are so gorgeous in that dress and those tights! :D excuse my french! but i love the colors! :) and your nails are awesome! so awesome! :D also, the goonies rule! and way to go for sticking it out in school, They tell me it pays off, I better be showered with money once i graduate from college lol


  9. Oh ik heb je blog pas ontdekt via de facebook van je zus haar blog ;-) Je hebt echt een hele leuke stijl! Love it! Ik kan me eigenlijk meer vinden in jou retro kleurige stijl dan die van je zus haha ;-p Ik ben fan! Je haren zijn trouwens ook altijd heel erg leuk ;-)