maandag 12 maart 2012

Spring meets Winter and a book fair day

While the weather has been absolutely delightful for the last two days (I actually sat outside, barelegged, without freezing!) the weeks before have been pretty icy. I'm feeling so ready for spring to break through (which would be kind of ridiculous, it's still winter for crying out loud) but until it's actually warm enough to go out in flowery dresses without tights or cardi's I'll just have to work around the temperature and find a way to bring these springy colors into my winter wardrobe! Don't we all?

I had a wonderful weekend by the way, especially my sunday was heavenly. We went to a little book fair (I just google-translated the Dutch word, is this an actual thing? :-D) where I FINALLY found "The virgin suicides" by Jeffrey Eugenides for only 10 euro, I was so happy when I saw the beautiful romantic cover of the book! I am absolutely in love and haunted by the movie and from what I've read of the book... I can't stop reading. The Sophia Coppola movie might be the best film adaption of a book I've ever seen. She got the atmosphere of the book and the personality of Lux and Trip down to a t. Now I really want to watch the movie again but I'm going to wait until I've finished the book. The soundtrack of that movie, by the way, is pure heaven. Anyhoo, we did a game of lifesize scrabble on the book fair (I love scrabble and other boardgames, I'm an oldschool girl) and found some other gorgeous books (which we didn't have the money for, sniffles). We went to a reading about the origin of Islam (who Mohammed was etc.), a reading with Paul Cliteur (Dutch philosopher and "popular" atheist) about secularisation and fundamentalist believers and a debate about euthanasia (with a dude who made a movie about it, random, and two doctors who wrote books about the subject and were among the first to make it possible, here in Belgium).

Between the second and third reading we got a little eat to bite (The Terminal refernce! Love Tom Hanks <3) and we got ice cream! I always get the same flavours, straciatella, vanilla with chocolate pieces and speculoos, a spicy, typically Belgian, sweet cookie. Back at the book fair I got a 'literary quote tattoo' with waterbased markers. I chose "We are all starstuff" by Carl Sagan, a quote I might actually get tattooed on me. I just love it so much. It's so poetic and beautiful and simple and true! How can you say that science makes everything look so gloomy when it taught us that we all come from the elements that brew up inside stars? How amazing is this? I just... I love that quote so much./Carl Sagan fan girl rant. :-D

After getting tatt'd up I found this beautiful book with gorgeous oil paintings in it, with short pieces of text beside/beneath them. The paintings were hauntingly beautiful and there was a little story around it. If I would've had the money I would've bought it instantely. I probably can't get the message across as well as the book can but the message of the book was basically "You can't pretend to be a dog if you're a cat." and the paintings and the story were about a cat who wakes up in the hospital. He doesn't know who he is or how he got there. His face is battered and bound so he can't see his own face. All he knows is that he lives in a world that is ruled by dogs and cats are living on the street or sent to jail. I'm not doing the book any justice, I'm sure, but the story (the way it was worded especially, incredibly poetic) and the paintings were so beautiful. I'll never forget it and I hope I'll find it again, some day! After the debate on euthanasia we went home.
Now the outfit! Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine!

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  1. I like your mix of black and colours! And book fair is totally a word ;)
    I love The Virgin Suicides too (the book and the movie). I haven't watched it for years though, I must see it again.

  2. you are gorgeous, love the colors here

  3. Ahh, being in love. I know how you feel x)
    Awesome sweater. I love the color scheme of this outfit. Purple, black, 3 favorite colors in fact.

  4. Loooooove all the colours! Hello favourite green shoes! Wait so did you get a real tattoo or a temporary one? Either way, I want to see! When you get married make sure you invite me to the wedding :D haha!

  5. Love your hair! its so cool, I am now following!
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of forever:

  6. Ahhh I am loving this outfit!!! The dress is super sweet and pairing it with the green boots and purple tights makes it total Tankgirl. Are those boots from H&M? Your hair looks amazing too!!! I love it more knowing your boyfriend did it!

  7. Love the outfit

  8. ik ben heel blij voor jullie en jullie dates klinken superleuk! ik ben ook een fan van die vet melige the terminal film, haha :D MET DAT BLIKJE EN DIE MEDICIJNEN VOOR DIE GEIT <3 en die quote lijkt me heel mooi voor een tattoo!

  9. Sounds like an amazing day, and of course you and your boyfriend are adorable!

    + You wear colors so well, and I love your earrings and sweater! Not to mention your amazing hair, awesome post :)

  10. Your skirt matches your hair heavenly <3 this is definitely a great outfit (love how your skirt matches your hair, how your headband matched your boots and how you chose different kinds of floral).
    And your date at the book fair sounds so good! Moreno and I both love book fairs too (and we both love games like scrabbles haha even if I always get angry because he always wins...grrrrr), so looks like a date we could enjoy too!
    I'm so happy for you guys, still being so in love after 5 years :)
    Oh and I love that quote by Carl Sagan :) it's so you.
    And just one last thing darling, I'm going to answer to your question about amber with water on my next mail (don't think I forgot it!) ^^

    Life is a romantic poem