vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Ahhh spring break!

Yep, we're having our spring break here in Belgium! I'm so relieved to have some days off of school (and barely any homework!) to do all kinds of stuff I have been neglecting to do while going to school. Watching movies, playing the piano, blogging, painting some funky nails, dreaming away while listening to Joe Hisaishi's master pieces, doodling with charcoal all night and only realising you've been drawing for three hours straight when you look at the clock. Maybe start playing Twilight Princess again! Cooking some good food. Ah, some much fun to have <3. Of course we'll be starting to move but only in the second week of spring break. And we'll be visiting my brother and his highly preggers wifey! Can't wait to rub her belly! Imma be makin' some chicken-mozzarella-tomato-pesto pizza later, ohmnom! But, now I thought it was time to do a little outfit and make up post! Let's start with the make up:

And yes, since my hair has grown quite a bit it's pin curlin' time again! My regular readers will know that I'm absolutely crazy about this technique that gives you some gorgeous, wild curls and I've been using it like crazy since my hair has been the right length to do it again. It makes the colors in my hair stand out wonderfully too. As you can see, I did a full on pink look. I was incredibly happy with the way this look turned out, I love pink/reddish eyeshadows and these eyeshadows (from the 100 palette I recently got from my sis!) have this beautiful satin finish that completes this look perfectly. I love the way these delicate pink colors look with my super white skin, I look like a blossom flower! :-D As you will be seeing in the next pictures, I went a little crazy with the pink theme.

I loved this look and I felt like a princess the whole day! Do you lovely peoples love to go for a themed look like this or would you rather have it a bit more errr, wearable? :-D  The day I wore this look I got 2 sweet compliments, one from a sweet old lady who told me she really liked my hair and one from two little girl at the grocery store who kept telling me I looked soooo pretty! Such pretty lipstick! Such pretty hair! You have blue hair?! How did you do that? Oooh look at that dress! What a pretty dress! Adorable. It made me think of moments in my childhood. When I'd see a girl in colorful clothing (or a punk or a goth) I just thought "I wish I could be as cool as her, one day!". I think the six year old me would rather like this look.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. dit vind ik misschien wel je mooiste outfit ooooooooooit al dat roze! AL DAT ROZE <3 je make up is prachtig en je ogen zo groen!

  2. Your make up is always amazing! I tried pincurling once and my hair looked like a bird's nest. Think I did it wrong :(

  3. WHY AREN'T WE MARRIED YET. You are so friggin awesome. I love your hair and makeup and dress and EVERYTHING! Happy anniversary to you and yo maaannnn as well. I hope you have a glorious sushi date! Yumyumyum.

  4. Aww what a romantic, girly, spring-appropriate outfit! :) Your makeup is flawless as always (I adore your lipstick!!) and you really look like a princess (Peach maybe? ^^).
    I'm glad you have some spare time now, take some rest and play a lot of videogames and just have fun! (by the way I didn't know you can play the piano...how AWESOME is that?!)
    Also, happy 5th anniversary to you and your Glenn! Eat a lot of sushi and spend an amazing night together!
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. Omg you are so sweet in this pink number! I love the dress, your curls and color but I dig your smile most of all! Here's to Springbreak and looking cute!

  6. I made a little feature: http://walkingbetweenthelines.blogspot.de/2012/04/meine-liebsten-plus-size-madels.html Hope you like it. :-)