vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Ahhh spring break!

Yep, we're having our spring break here in Belgium! I'm so relieved to have some days off of school (and barely any homework!) to do all kinds of stuff I have been neglecting to do while going to school. Watching movies, playing the piano, blogging, painting some funky nails, dreaming away while listening to Joe Hisaishi's master pieces, doodling with charcoal all night and only realising you've been drawing for three hours straight when you look at the clock. Maybe start playing Twilight Princess again! Cooking some good food. Ah, some much fun to have <3. Of course we'll be starting to move but only in the second week of spring break. And we'll be visiting my brother and his highly preggers wifey! Can't wait to rub her belly! Imma be makin' some chicken-mozzarella-tomato-pesto pizza later, ohmnom! But, now I thought it was time to do a little outfit and make up post! Let's start with the make up:

And yes, since my hair has grown quite a bit it's pin curlin' time again! My regular readers will know that I'm absolutely crazy about this technique that gives you some gorgeous, wild curls and I've been using it like crazy since my hair has been the right length to do it again. It makes the colors in my hair stand out wonderfully too. As you can see, I did a full on pink look. I was incredibly happy with the way this look turned out, I love pink/reddish eyeshadows and these eyeshadows (from the 100 palette I recently got from my sis!) have this beautiful satin finish that completes this look perfectly. I love the way these delicate pink colors look with my super white skin, I look like a blossom flower! :-D As you will be seeing in the next pictures, I went a little crazy with the pink theme.

I loved this look and I felt like a princess the whole day! Do you lovely peoples love to go for a themed look like this or would you rather have it a bit more errr, wearable? :-D  The day I wore this look I got 2 sweet compliments, one from a sweet old lady who told me she really liked my hair and one from two little girl at the grocery store who kept telling me I looked soooo pretty! Such pretty lipstick! Such pretty hair! You have blue hair?! How did you do that? Oooh look at that dress! What a pretty dress! Adorable. It made me think of moments in my childhood. When I'd see a girl in colorful clothing (or a punk or a goth) I just thought "I wish I could be as cool as her, one day!". I think the six year old me would rather like this look.

maandag 19 maart 2012

70's outfit + golden eyes

Yes, I did actually enjoy 007 golden eye (the videogame on the N64, not the movie. I can't seem to get myself to ever finish a 007 movie unless I actually go see them in the theatre) but these particular golden eyes are the eyes of yours truly! I love golden eyeshadows. They look amazing with my eyes and skintone (though I think that it looks great with basically every skintone and eyecolor, on darker skinned people with brown eyes <3 as well as blondes with baby blues), maybe change the kind of gold to your liking. I love all kinds of golds. I love the more bronze-brown gold, the vintage dark gold, the bright yellow-gold, I think it's the shimmer I like the most. I remember I got my first golden eyeshadow (baked) on my thirteenth birthday and I was too scared to wear it with it being such a strong color. Now, 5 years later, I do actually use it. And yes, I now confessed that I don't hold myself to the dates that come on the back of the make up boxes. I have make up that I stole from my sister when I was eleven or something that I still use (no worries sis, it's a black kohl pencil, nothing special :-D) and it's always been okay. I do try to apply my make up with clean brushes and sponges (I try to clean them once every 2-3 weeks). The only product I actually do throw away once the date on the back has passed is mascara. But my mascara usually doesn't last that long since the expiration date is around twelve months and I finish my mascara's in less than a year. Do you guys actually "listen" to the expiration dates on your make up? When I have a little more time on my hands I'm gonna do a make up post with all the eyeshadows and lipsticks I own, I always love to see pictures of other peoples make up so I'm guessing you do too! :-D

I kind of wish I had some awesome seventies clunky wedges to wear with this dress. Some heels I could still walk in that just give the illusion of being elegant. :-D
I really like my ass in that dress. Just sayin'. Now for the make up!
I have the perfect rusty-red lipstick to wear with golden eyeshadows! I love the golden shimmer it has.
My nails here were still a little blueish from washing out the dye in my hair.
A little announcement: I'm gonna be moving! Our house is falling apart and luckily we found a cute little place not too far from here. While the house we now live in has this gorgeous garden I will definitely miss, I will not miss the leaky roof, the cracks in the walls that let in all kinds of cold during the winter, the walls that seem to be coming down and the electricity that sometimes just likes to give up on us. Yes, this house is a freaking mess and I think I won't fully realise how strange it's gonna be to live in a normal house where you don't have to worry whether the livingroom will stay dry during the rain or not. I have set my heart on painting the walls of my bedroom along the lines of this (but more colors, just this pixel-y technique):
Which is gonna be awesome. Or I get a Zelda wall!
That'd be freaking awesome. :-D Have a lovely day!

maandag 12 maart 2012

Spring meets Winter and a book fair day

While the weather has been absolutely delightful for the last two days (I actually sat outside, barelegged, without freezing!) the weeks before have been pretty icy. I'm feeling so ready for spring to break through (which would be kind of ridiculous, it's still winter for crying out loud) but until it's actually warm enough to go out in flowery dresses without tights or cardi's I'll just have to work around the temperature and find a way to bring these springy colors into my winter wardrobe! Don't we all?

I had a wonderful weekend by the way, especially my sunday was heavenly. We went to a little book fair (I just google-translated the Dutch word, is this an actual thing? :-D) where I FINALLY found "The virgin suicides" by Jeffrey Eugenides for only 10 euro, I was so happy when I saw the beautiful romantic cover of the book! I am absolutely in love and haunted by the movie and from what I've read of the book... I can't stop reading. The Sophia Coppola movie might be the best film adaption of a book I've ever seen. She got the atmosphere of the book and the personality of Lux and Trip down to a t. Now I really want to watch the movie again but I'm going to wait until I've finished the book. The soundtrack of that movie, by the way, is pure heaven. Anyhoo, we did a game of lifesize scrabble on the book fair (I love scrabble and other boardgames, I'm an oldschool girl) and found some other gorgeous books (which we didn't have the money for, sniffles). We went to a reading about the origin of Islam (who Mohammed was etc.), a reading with Paul Cliteur (Dutch philosopher and "popular" atheist) about secularisation and fundamentalist believers and a debate about euthanasia (with a dude who made a movie about it, random, and two doctors who wrote books about the subject and were among the first to make it possible, here in Belgium).

Between the second and third reading we got a little eat to bite (The Terminal refernce! Love Tom Hanks <3) and we got ice cream! I always get the same flavours, straciatella, vanilla with chocolate pieces and speculoos, a spicy, typically Belgian, sweet cookie. Back at the book fair I got a 'literary quote tattoo' with waterbased markers. I chose "We are all starstuff" by Carl Sagan, a quote I might actually get tattooed on me. I just love it so much. It's so poetic and beautiful and simple and true! How can you say that science makes everything look so gloomy when it taught us that we all come from the elements that brew up inside stars? How amazing is this? I just... I love that quote so much./Carl Sagan fan girl rant. :-D

After getting tatt'd up I found this beautiful book with gorgeous oil paintings in it, with short pieces of text beside/beneath them. The paintings were hauntingly beautiful and there was a little story around it. If I would've had the money I would've bought it instantely. I probably can't get the message across as well as the book can but the message of the book was basically "You can't pretend to be a dog if you're a cat." and the paintings and the story were about a cat who wakes up in the hospital. He doesn't know who he is or how he got there. His face is battered and bound so he can't see his own face. All he knows is that he lives in a world that is ruled by dogs and cats are living on the street or sent to jail. I'm not doing the book any justice, I'm sure, but the story (the way it was worded especially, incredibly poetic) and the paintings were so beautiful. I'll never forget it and I hope I'll find it again, some day! After the debate on euthanasia we went home.
Now the outfit! Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine!

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

New obsession

Ola lovers! I wanted to do a quick post with a little big thank you for my lovely big sis! We were talking over facebook a little while ago and I mentioned something about lusting after this gorgeous eyeshadow palette, how all those colors just make me drool and feel like a kid in a candy store. This 88 palette is something I have been loving as long as I have known something like this exists but I always forget to put it on my birthday list and throughout the year you always find something else to spend your money on. Unexpected shit with the car comes up, more expenses are made than you think, more bills to pay every month and before you know it there's no money left for little treats for yourself.

Luckily I have a super sweet sis and I randomly get a message from her saying she bought me a little present. I had no idea what to expect, maybe a pair of earrings or something because all of the palettes I've found online were pretty expensive and me and my sis will always be cheap Dutchwomen. :-D Nope, she didn't buy me that 88 palette. She bought me a freaking 100 palette! I was so excited once she told me, the colors already looked amazing online and OMG SO MUCH COLORS! You know I love me some bright ass colors and bright make up is really just a great way for me to start the day. I can choose who I want to be! Do I want to be clean and sweet? Some soft browns and pinks! Funky and electric? Blue and yellow! Endless combinations and possibilities and I have to say: I am so happy with this product. The colors are bright and the more demure ones are strong too, you don't have to cake on the colors at all and seriously, it stays on the whole freaking day. And I don't even use a primer. If you're dying to use a bit of color in your eyeshadow department I can very much recommend this palette. It's cheap, gorgeous and the quality is amazing (especially for that price! I think my sister bought it for 12 euro excl. shipping, how crazy is that?). Super smooth, pigmented and incredibly easy to use, I have no special skills or brushes for applying eyeshadow but I've done some really cool looks with it already and I can't wait to show you guys! I'll give you a little sneak peek of what you can do with this palette;

So pretty, right? I promise you, this lasted all day. I now have every single eyeshadow color I could want! Thank you sis!