zondag 20 september 2015

Etam Beauty review: 06 - Vert Elfique

Hi guys! School is starting again tomorrow so I wanted to use this little bit of free time I still have for another blogpost. I'm keepin' the Etam Beauty reviews a-comin' because I'm loving them so much and I'm using them so often! This particular color is a complete winner, especially with green-brown hazel eyes, like mine! These kinds of greens (khaki, mossy, muted brown-greens) are always a yes for me because they're always flattering and I don't have to be in a daring mood to put it on. Swatchy-swatch!

Left to right: over primer - over a brown base - over a green base

In my look I used it over a brown base to give it some extra smokey oomph, and I felt like a rockstar with glam as fuck eyes.

Just like Vert ètoilè, it's a metallic color with lots of sparklies.

This look is Vert Elfique on the whole lid and under the lower lashline, some dark chocolatey brown and a gold in the corners from this essence palette: 

Essence is a budget-friendly brand I'm pretty happy with too, quality and color wise. I used the gold etam eyeliner on the lower waterline, but that only shows up if the light falls on it directly. I keep searching for the perfect gold and silver eyeliners to use on my waterline but ALAS, no cigar just yet. The color on my lips is a warm purple color I lightly dotted onto my lips and smacked them together to divide the color evenly. This lipstick is A LOT darker if you put it on normally, and it's one of my faves because it's such a versatile color and texture. But that's a review for another day!

That's it for today! I'm off to brunch with my bae and play some Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Wish me luck with my first week back at college, starting tomorrow! Have a lovely week <3

zondag 6 september 2015

Etam Beauty review: 07 - Vert étoilé

A make-up post for you on sunday! I'm still playing around with my Etam eyeshadows and I will be playing around with this gorgeous Sleek palette I got for a couple of euros from fellow blogger Nathalie, I can't wait! So much make-up, so little free time!

So this color is, I think, my favorite of all the colors I have from Etam Beauty. It's this gorgeous mermaid-y blue-green color with lots of sparkle that creates a beautiful depth when you put it on. I absolutely love creating dramatic smokey eyes with this color, but it's also very wearable in a more subtle way.

From left to right: vert étoilé over primer, a blue base and a green base.

I CAN NOT stress enough how much fun it is to play around with bases. Especially with colors that are kind of holographic and have mulitple colors in them, it can make a world of difference and basically gives you a new color with every base. If you have some creamy eyepencils laying around, definitely try it out!

This is the look I did! I put a darker blue in the crease, a blue-green highlighter by essence in the inner corners and the rest is all vert étoilé!

For the neutral lips I used a nude lipgloss by Essence, which my sister swatched here. It goes with everything, costs less than 5 euro and feels really silky on the lips, so it's a big yes too. It doesn't last a very long time, but it's easy to reapply and I'm used to the reapplying, so for me that's not an issue.

HOW ABOUT THAT EYESHADOW THOUGH? Jebus, I can't stop looking at it. I keep looking at my swatched hand and thinking, everytime the light changes, "OMG IT SPARKLES". I'm a simple gal, people. So another BIG triumph for the Etam eyeshadows! My favorite thing about this eyeshadow is that it makes me feel like a mermaid, and mermaids are majestic as hell.

What's your favorite fairytale creature and CAN YOU THINK of a more majestic thing than mermaid eyeshadow?

*this is not a sponsored post, I bought everything with my own money.

zondag 30 augustus 2015

Hello again! Etam beauty: eyeshadow number 36 - Pop Rose review

HOWDY folks! I know I should maybe do a "well here I am, back in the blogging game!" thing but I really don't feel like it's necessary. That's kinda awkward and I have no idea what to write in a post like that so I'm just gonna jump right in. My future plans for the blog are mostly beauty/make-up related, since that's something I do and love almost everyday and I feel like I'll keep up the blogging more easily and with more GUSTO if I do it about something I really enjoy and am creative with on a regular basis. I just need my tripod and a remote control for taking the pictures, and mah brain, which is super chill and can be done at any time of the day (though my brain isn't worth much early in the morning and late at night, plus the lighting would be horrible at night BUT ANYWAYS) . And I really miss blogging as my kind of "look diary". Well there ya go, an awkward "well here I am, back in the blogging game!" mini post.

Onto the order of the day: my sister got a surprise package from Etam Beauty a couple of months ago. Etam is a brand/store usually known for pyjama's and lingerie, so I was pretty stoked and surprised when she opened the box and it showed make-up, nailpolish and soaps! After getting this color from her as a little present, I decided to play around with it and I loved it. I got so excited about this particular brand of beauty products that I bought four more colors! They're not expensive at all for what you get, they have great lasting power and the colors that I tried are wonderfully opaque. Etam has a great range of colors, beautiful neutral gold, brown and grey shades while also having some wonderful neons, sparkly colors and and a variety of textures.

I did a full lid look with it, which I will post later, and I did this look with it, which I would like to call "RAVE PIXIE". If Tinkerbell was a party gal.

I swatched it, on the left you have it over primer and on the right over a white cream base. Bases and primers are musts! Eyeshadow shows up much more sheer and often doesn't last the day without them, and it was such a big revelation for me when I started using them. It's bright bright bright pink!

This is with a white line of eyepencil under the pink. As you can see, it makes for a bright, awesome eyeliner-ish look! The consistency is still powder of course, but I wore this the whole day with great succes, no blurring. I paired it with a nude lipstick from Catrice (240 "Hey Nude") to keep the look simple and to let all the attention go to the eyeshadow.

The only downside of the eyeshadow, and that's only for this particular shade, is that it stains the skin. After removing it with my standard eyemake-up remover which does the trick for all my other stuff, I still had a faint pinkish sheen on the part of my eye where the shadow was. I think it's a think that happens sometimes with neon colors, as I've read about it on other blogs too. The pink sheen was gone after a night of sleep though, so it's nothing to worry about.

I am a BIG fan of this brand and I'm sure that I'll buy more colors in the future!

What are your favorite eyeshadow brands?