zondag 22 april 2012

Goonies never say die

I wasn't feeling all that swell today (better than in the beginning of the week but not perfect yet, obviously) and I'm really not looking forward to going back to school again. With all the forced social interaction and wasting time in my English class, bleh. But I'm gonna go and that's good. Routine and getting my mind off things is good, or so they say. But I got a little boost of happiness when I read a facebook message from my sister, saying that "The Goonies" were on TV. GOSH I love that movie. I used to have this huge crush on Brand and Mikey (and I still do on the latter, Samwise Gamgee <3 but that's for another fangirl post). I just love the whole adventurous feel of the movie, when I watch it I really feel like it zaps me back in time so I can feel like a goony too. The idea of finding a treasure map with pirates and "rich stuff" involved, isn't it awesome? Of course, Mouth (Corey Feldman, one of my sisters big loves) and his wise ass comments, Data with his bootytraps and Chunk making friends with Sloth, it's all just pure magic. The Goonies is one of those movies that, even after all these years, still has this special place in my heart and it doesn't feel outdated in the slightest. Best movie quote ever:


Don't we all love Sloth with his Superman shirt? And lemme tell you, mama Fratelli used to scare the shit outta me. :-D I really need to get that movie on DVD. Like "Labyrinth", "The Neverending Story", "The Muppet Movie", "The Dark Crystal" and so many others, once I take a look at the movie or hear a part of the soundtrack I get instant goosebumps and I feel  like a kid again, if only for a second. 

On the outfit: I wore this to the book fair I mentioned in an earlier post and the scribbles on my arm were put there by an aspiring tattoo artist who was at the book fair to put a free literary quote on you. As you can see, I chose "we are all starstuff" by Carl Sagan. As I've already mentioned a couple of times, it's one of my favorite quotes in existence. And chances are I would actually get it as a real tattoo. Like a peace sign but fancier! :-D

Make love, not war, we're all made of stars!

I paired my hot red lips with soft brownish/pinkish tones on my eyes, I really loved it together!

Spring nails! Do you love The Goonies just as much as me? You better! :-D

maandag 16 april 2012

Comfy grunge and death

Well, with the promise of more blogposts in spring break and with spring break now officially over I've been a terrible blogger. I do have a damn good excuse, though.

My dad passed away, barely a week ago. It's very strange to say (or type) those exact words because the concept of death is so incredibly abstract and strange. I'm not going to bore you with details because they are terrible and laughable, ridiculous and disgusting, all at the same time. I feel incredibly confused and my brain is pretty messed up, especially since my relationship with my dad has been complicated for a while now. I might do a bigger post one day about the strange relationship I had with my dad. Maybe I can work through some emotional crap that way and maybe I can help some other people who are in tough situations with their parents too. Lord knows that stuff happens A LOT. While this spring break is probably the worst spring break one can ever have I did enjoy all the time I got to spend with my family, including my fathers sisters. I always loved stories about my parents when they were young and hearing stories about who my dad used to be reminded me of the good memories I have of him and the good parts of his personality. Since my dad had his first stroke his personality changed quite a bit. I was a little afraid that the only thing I could remember my dad by would be the shitty couple of years we had more recently but thanks to my older siblings, mother and aunts I'm slowly starting to remember again who that father was and how much I'm going to miss him. In the end I got to spend some beautiful last moments with him. including a moment where he told me he wished he would've taken better care of me, how beautiful I am and how much he was going to miss me. If there's any moment to be honest it's the moment you know you're going to be gone soon, right?

I won't be going to school this week because my brain is fucked up with all the emotions and I'm terribly unstable. One moment I feel like everything's okay and I can just get up tomorrow at five thirty in the morning and go to school. Five minutes later, however, I'm crying like a baby and feeling like I could punch someone so hard their ancestors would feel it (mulan reference). And again five minutes later I fall asleep on the couch. Emotions are exhausting, yo. I haven't lost my appetite and I'm able to sleep just fine so I guess that's something.

Random topic switch: I just wanted a comfy outfit to pair with my appetite for slightly gothic make up so I put on this dress and a comfy, thick cardigan I wear all the time. Hope you like it. If you have some interesting stories about your parents or a difficult relationship with them, don't hesitate to share it with me if you want to. And while I still have a couple of outfits to post with my long hair I'll warn you now: I have a banging new, short 'do. But for now: colorful pincurls! I will miss pincurling.