zondag 30 september 2012

Post awesome weekend post

POST POST POST. I had an amazing weekend! Friday night, I helped my sister with the blogger closet sale in Antwerp. She earned some good dough, I got to meet a lot of cool new people and other bloggers and I got some awesome new clothes from blogger sweetheart and writer of one of my fave Belgian style blogs: Insomnia! You will get money for them, I promise! :-D We had sushi, talked about everything and nothing and looked at all the fashionable peoples coming through to buy some shiz. It was inspiring just to be there. I saw so many gorgeous, unique looks! And had lots of fun.

Saturday night I went to, wait for it, GAGA. A couple of days ago I got a facebook message from my sister telling me that she won some extra tickets and that I could invite a friend to go see Lady Gaga! AWESOMENESS! I'll do a whole post on the concert, including outfit of course! All Imma say for now is that I had an awesome time and that Gaga is amazing. I danced, screamed and sang my ass off. It didn't do much for my already achy throat but I had fun like nobodies beeswax. Now I wanted to do a quick outfit post since it's been too long I put something up on my blog and get some stuff ready for school tomorra. Hope you lovelies had a great weekend too!

Still digging my blonde 'do!

shirt: T2 Vintage
tanktop: Pimkie
leggings: H&M
sneakers: Converse
earrings: Claire's
belt: JBC

7 opmerkingen:

  1. You are rocking those pants, and I really love the blonde hair on you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. GAGA holy shit balls, no way! Oh MY GODDESS!!!!! That rules. What was your favorite song that she preformed? You are looking extra yummy and I loved these floral pants the first time you wore them and I still do! The blond dew is looking hot too! Good luck in school lil lady!

  3. Oh, your weekend sounds awesome! I jsut worked at Ikea all weekend long but I'm happy that at least you had fun :)
    You look great in this outfit, the leggings really highlight your beautiful legs! :D And that blouse of course is perfect, love the color <3

  4. suuuuuuuuuuuuupermooi! en ik schrik er alsmaar van hoeveel je afvalt JOH :D je bent ineens zo'n meisje, zeker met dat lichte haar! verjongt je enorm.

  5. Je ziet er stoer en lief uit tegelijkertijd and as I said, hair queen! Blij dat mijn kleren een goede thuis hebben gevonden :)

  6. Great post !!

    Really love the touch of pink and your leggins are amazing !!

    Hope to see you again girl :)



  7. dude, that hair. FABULOUS! SUPER FABULOUS I love you with the short blonde hair, you're such a babezerina! :) love the floral leggings they look so good on you! sorry for all the exclamation marks! but i seem to be excited about your posts! :P