zaterdag 1 september 2012

Amusement Park: 2nd part of the day!

Here I am with the second picture-overloaded post of our day at the Efteling. After going on the rollercoaster we were shaking in our boots so we had to find a nice, quiet ride to get down to earth again. After taking a quick look at our map we found a nice little boat ride where we could just sit down and enjoy the scenery. And what beautiful scenery it was!

(this was actually another ride, I really want to go on it the next time we're there!)
family photo's:

Aah, I want to go back with all my photography equipment! It was pure gorgeousness and so relaxing. I had a bit of a craving for some sugarrr so we went looking for some icecream and we found this wonderful frozen yoghurt stand where you could choose 5 kinds of toppings (including fresh fruit!) to swirl through your frozen yoghurt. It was delicious and my sister was very pleased:

I sadly don't have any pictures of the ghosthouse we went into but it was a bit like Fata Morgana. Except you don't actually go on a ride, you just stand and watch a kind of play going on behind glass. Beautiful lighting, music and dolls act out a creepy scene in a graveyard and inside a church. It wasn't actually scary, just very beautiful. Once that was over, a very tedious process of losing and finding and losing our way again while roaming through the park started. We walked in very interesting, quite peculiar ways around the park, very accurately missing the destination we were seeking. Though the park is gorgeous!

(My mom totally photobombing)

 After FINALLY finding the Fairytale Forrest ("Het Sprookjesbos") we got lost again. Almost everyone around us was frustrated and cursing the damned forrest for not letting them out. Luckily there was enough to look at while getting lost. Walking through the forrest you see reenactments of popular fairytales like "Hansel and Gretel", "Little Red Ridinghood" and "The wolf and the seven little goats" etc. My brother and mother used to read these stories to me when I was a kid so I love the Fairytale Forrest. As a kid I spent lots of time drawing/painting while listening to little cassettes/CD's of people reading those stories. My siblings and I still quote those stories and sing the songs that were at the opening of every story, probably some of the best childhood memories I have are related to those stories. Those stories and the N64. :-D

This big tree tells stories! He gives you a choice between two stories and you have to tell him, loud and clear, which one you want to hear. He's awesome.

Anyways, after being lost for a while my sis started getting a bit crabby so I saved the day and lead us out of the forrest. Like a baws. Now comes the kind of "prize ride" of the park: "De Droomvlucht" or "The Dreamflight". A dark ride where you go through the "living area", so to speak, of little elves and goblins. Very "Dark Crystal"! Now that's a theme park I'd like to see <3. Any Jim Henson related theme park would make me so happy, imagine being able to go through The Labyrinth! Seeing Gareth the goblin king (rawr)! Having a drink at a Podling party! This must happen. But I digress. Pictures of The Dreamflight, comin' up!

The last ride we went on was the lamest thing ever called "Het land van Laaf" or "The land of Laaf", a Laaf being a kind of dwarf like creature. You'd go sit in a snail like thing (it looks a bit like "The Neverending Story" snail) and you'd ride through the land of Laaf. Only, there's just 5 Laafs to be seen, it goes hella slow and that's about it. Definitely not the best ride in the park. If not the worst. But hey, the rest was very good fun! Now the outfit:

shirt: C&A
Jeans: cut up secondhand/gift
socks: H&M
sneakers: PRO-keds
earrings: vintage
bag: sister's
bracelets: too old to remember!
lipstick: Catrice's "lobster love"

There's only so much you can wear when going to an amusement park. You know there's gonna be lots of walking so sneakers are the way to go. There will probably be fast rides and maybe even upside down stuff going on so unless you want to give everybody a good upskirt look, pants are the best option. A tanktop or a light shirt is comfy and not sweaty so there: the ideal amusement park outfit! Also, a generous sized bag. Bottles of water, sandwiches, camera, map, wallet, tickets, keys, there's lots of crap to be carried and you'd rather just have one big bag than three different little purses. So that concludes our day! Hope you lovely creatures enjoyed my post(s) and I'll see you laters, alligators!

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  1. Oh man, The fairytale forest looks amazeballs. The dreamflight looks cool too. I think a Jim Hensen theme park work creep me out though...

  2. Amazing photos! Especially the birds in flight! And that tree looks SCARY!

  3. Aghh these photos are seriously amazing, I love every single one of them! My childhood is totally N64 too :) and gosh that park looks like so much fun!

  4. Great pictures ! Love your nail art !!! Seriously amazing !
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  5. I agree with you, when going to an amusement park there's no way you can wear heels or little bags. Come on, let's be realistic :) so definitely, your outfit was perfect for the occasion. And also the whole day sounds like a lot of fun, this park remembers me of an amusement park called Gardaland in which we went two or three times when my brother and I were little.