maandag 27 augustus 2012

Dawn of the first (part of the) day: Amusement Park "Efteling"

Kudos if you got the Majora's mask reference in the title!

Here I am with a bigass, picture overloaded post on our day at the Efteling, a fantasy/fairytale themed park. The weather was awesome, the amount of people there was pretty acceptable and family time: it was a lovely day. The post will be a two parter because there's a shitload of pictures of all the different rides/places where we went. Imma start with pictures of me, a quick look at my outfit (more detailed shots in the next post) and a little talking about the first part of our day. Before we even went in we asked a nice stranger to take our picture. CHEEZ!

The first thing we did when we were in was sit down, draw out our route on the map which would later prove to be an asshole and had some sammiches. Yes, the first thing we did was eat. And this is the face I make when my sister eats part of my sandwich even though I specifically told her NOT to:

Life is so much more fun if you make crazy faces! Adorable me and a close up of my nails:

After having my sandwich stolen and eaten by my sister we went on our way to the first ride of the day, "Fata Morgana" or "1001 nights", a dark ride where you sit in a boat, riding through an Arabian world with dolls acting out certain scenes with a wonderful soundtrack and perfect atmosphere. The smells of spices and incent were delicious and almost made you forget you were on a ride. A market place, harbor, jungle, harem, you'll see. You'll have to excuse me for the shakyness of the pictures, as I said it was pretty dark and everything was moving... I hope you enjoy it anyways! The outside of the area was just as gorgeous as the inside, with a beautiful fountain (and me being smug):

some details of the tower:

Inside, before the ride:

EXCITED SISTER IS EXCITED! Now the actual ride:

This was the doctor or torturer... I'm still not sure. :-D
The market scene:

The poor part of town:

Richer part of town, starting with the harbor:

The market place for wealthier people:

AAH TIGER! I knew the mofo would be roaring in my face but it still freaked me out. Pansy alert!

The golden cage with the harem inside:

And a peeping Tom:

The last scene was a fancy party:

Last but not least, riding through the legs of a giant Arab:

This being his crotch. His face, too, freaked me the hell out. The ending was a door with lazahrz:

After the ride you go through a little souvenir shop with Arabian themed accessories where I bought a pair of earrings, my sister bought a bracelet and my mom bought some incent and little decorative boxes. And no one was ever this happy with tiny boxes.

They were really pretty though!

It was a great ride. (a little lame, like the whole amusement park, but awesomely so)

The second and scariest thing we did: ROLLERCOASTER ARGHGARBLE. I am a complete pansy, that's what you should know for starters. I remember going to an amusement park for the first time when I was thirteen and while I never went on anything scary before, I did the whole shabang: loop de loops, freefalling, backwards, upside down, fast as fuck, you get the picture. I thought is was awesome, just good fun. Now I went on a rollercoaster that didn't even have a loop de loop and it scared the hell outta me. I'm older and pansier. I'm not sure why, I really enjoyed it back than but I can't even imagine enjoying that stuff now. Whatever the reason for that might be, it's safe to say that I've changed quite a bit since I was thirteen. The rollercoaster was scary but fun! I'm glad I went with my sis and mom, who are just as much of a pansy as me.

The scariest thing there was BY FAR this thing called "The Python":

EEEK, right? I ain't doing that shit, man. We went on this one:

The wooden rollercoaster. It was called "Joris en de draak" (George and the dragon) and it had a big dragon head coming out of the wall when you rode by that certain part. I didn't see it, of course, because I had my eyes closed for most of the ride. LAME-O, I know. I opened my eyes now and then but that didn't work for me, to say the least. :-D I will close this post with our faces of HORROR just minutes before going on the ride:

(if you're familiar with Mario Tennis 64 you should look at my face and hear Luigi make the "OOOHoHOhoho" sound when he loses. It's a perfect match.)

Hope you had a great weekend and that you enjoyed this post, there's still many a picture to come!

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  1. I am loving all the amusement park cheese in these pictures! What a wonderful day spent with your Sis and Mom! This place reminds me of Disneyland and the ride you went on is like The Pirates of the Caribbean ride they have. I love the smell of that ride, it's all musty and damp. Anyway. You look fabulous in that beautiful shirt and your nails are the shit! LOVE IT ALL! Can't wait for part 2!

  2. Now that looks like a darn fun way to spend a day! I love cornball stuff, this this place looks right up my alley! I wouldn't been too wussy to even go on the rollercoaster you did though. Anything where your stomach gets left behind is not for me!

    As always you looks beautiful, I love the colours in your shirt and your nails are sweeeet.

    Also I'm currently re-playing through Majora's Mask, so I did get your title reference - but then that's probably to be expected anyways...

  3. Aww I'm glad you had so much fun with your sister and mom! And I would have surely ridden The Python! :D I love scream inducing rollercoasters.
    I love the outfit- your printed t-shirt is amazing! And your nails?! Now that I could get a closer look I can say they really look great, like liberty lamps or windows.
    (the photo of the arab's crotch? it made me laugh out loud)

    Life is a romantic poem

  4. Wow, that looks like the most fun day everr. I love all of the photos; haha your my-sister-ate-my-sandwich face is priceless. You just reminded me of how ridiculous that Luigi sound is, but oh so funny.

  5. haha cute pictures, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! and love the colorful nails :D