maandag 21 januari 2013

C-c-c-c-cold but happy

Welp, we finally got some winter wonderland action going over here in Belgium. Thankfully it wasn't too much of an inconvenience except for being an hour late for class one time because the bus decided not to show up. But apart from that it's all good.

With the little chit-chat about the weather out of the way: some happiness! I've got such positive things in my life going on and I'm so incredibly happy. I write articles for a Belgian gaming site (with the possibility of reviewing games and going to press events in the future!), school is going great, I got comments from my photography teacher stating that I have serious potential and that I should definitely try to actually study art AND I just got a little email stating that I will be part of a body positive project here in Belgium. More info on that later, I will now just say that I am SO incredibly happy for getting recognistion for who I am, what I love and what I do. I feel like my life is heading in a great direction and it's the most wonderful feeling in the world. Sometimes I can't believe how much my life has changed in the last year and everytime I realise how much it has changed I can't help but be happy. I'M HAPPY, YO.

Now some beautiful outfitpictures in the snow! Even though I mostly just worry about keeping my ass warm in cold times I still try and put a little creativity in my clothes.

A little HOLLA @ Barry M cosmetics for the amazing eyeshadow. Bright eyeshadow? You know that be mah thing but finding bright, colorful eyeshadow that covers your eyelid nicely isn't the easiest task. A friend from school recommended this brand and I'm in love with it. This green eyeshadow is amazaballs, no? Also, I was in no way, shape or form paid to say this. I really love it and would recommend it to anyone. Take a look at ALL THE PRETTY COLORS of dazzle dust! That's beauty right there. Now Imma go study and enjoy my happiness high. Catch ya later!

maandag 14 januari 2013

Konichiwa, Bitchez!

Here it is. When hair becomes epic, it looks like this:

I feel like I was born to have this hair. It's easy, perfect for my lazy ass, I can put a mohawk up in there!!!!!!

MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE! Every time I look in the mirror I feel like the bad ass chick that's inside me has come out. The color, the cut, the length, it's the most perfect haircut I've ever had. My sister declared that she's "a fan" of mine once she saw my new 'do. Some people looked incredibly shocked in school, declaring "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" and I've heard silly things like "Short hair is for boys" (ugh, this is worth a whole 'nother post because what is deemed "boyish" and "girly" is mainly a social construct) but to keep this post positive I won't start another rant about silly opinions. Plus there were also plenty of people who told me that it looks perfect on me. I will declare my love for me and my hair because I am a kick ass woman with hair to match with my personality. Also, I kind of dig the feeling of those really short hairs in the back of my neck. Just wanted to share the awesomeness with my lovely readers because you are awesome!

Peace out, lovelies! And don't let anybody ever tell you what you should wear or how you should cut your hair. To, once again in a post about hair, quote The Gaga: I'll die living just as free as my hair.

vrijdag 11 januari 2013

Alice in Wonderland and a ranty-rant, because it's been too long

This is the last outfit I'll post with my semi short pink hair! Well, my hair will still be pink after cutting it but it'll be legit short! I always have the same kind of lame-o feeling a couple of days before I get my hair cut. Before making the appointment I have this moment of wondering whether I REALLY want to get it cut or not (a little piece of the girl who wants princess hair still resides somewhere in my brain) but once I made the hair-cutting official I start getting really irritated with my hair, almost to the point where I want to cut it myself.  I've been wearing it in a ratty little ponytail all week so I'll be hella happy to have it short again, tomorra. I'll take a little moment for this particular hairstyle because it has been awesome. You did well, hair. I salute you.

Now a little funny story, related to hair and a little rant on how people always seem to think that other people care about their personal opinions on things. In school, I was talking to this dude about dying hair. He's a goth so he dyes his hair black, quite the opposite of my bright pink 'do. He talked about the various things he wanted to do and, naturally, I talked about my hair related adventures, including my plans of getting the Robyn 'do with the option to do a mohawk. He looked at me, confused, saying "Really? You serious?" to which I replied "Uh, yeah?". He flat out told me the following: "It'll look terrible on you." I flat out told him this: "Well dude, I really do not care whether some random person may or may not find me attractive with a certain hairstyle because, frankly, there's more important stuff in the world to worry about. Also, I will cut my hair the way I like." I'd like to say that I stopped here but after that eloquent burn I added "TOO BAD, MOTHERFUCKAH" and walked away. I felt particularly bad ass that day. But being confronted by these kinds of things always raises a certain annoying point.

Why do people feel the need to tell other people what they should or should not do with their appearance? "Don't get that haircut, it'll look hideous on you.", "Take off that make-up babe, you look like a hooker.", "Those pants are VERY unflattering, you know.", "Are you sure you want to wear this?", "Those shoes are very... interesting.", we've all heard similar comments. I know I have. Somehow, people have the idea that they can tell you whatever they want and like, just because they can. I personally don't feel the need to tell someone that I think they look terrible when that is the case, unless it's a kind of "there's lipstick on your teeth" thing going on. In those kinds of situations you should be good person and tell them what's up. However, if they're wearing a certain type of thing that's not particularly your style, just don't say anything. Bitch to your friends if you want to, fine. No harm done. But just because you have a certain idea about what defines beauty doesn't mean that you possess the cold, hard truth on what beauty is. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is such a well-known saying but I barely know any people who actually listen to their own advice. I'm still a snot-nosed punk but at least I found out that NOTHING in life is written in concrete, so to speak. Whether it's an opinion on something, a dream about the future, the maximal capacity of our technology, it all changes. And I think we all agree that the idea on what is attractive changes a hell of a lot, looking at fashion history. We think the people in the eighties were silly mofo's with the shoulder pads and neon colors, even looking back at what we wore ten years ago makes us laugh our ass off. But back then, we thought we were stone cold foxes.

Apart from the whole "define beauty" discussion, I also just really get kind of pissed when people automatically assume that you wear certain things and do certain things solely to be attractive to men. Because us womenfolk have nothing better to worry about than landing some dude. I tell you what: I'd rather have my future guy know that I sometimes to crazy shit with my appearance. Otherwise he'll be in for a big shock everytime I dye my hair a different color. It's part of my personality. My future dude will love me, bald and pierced or long blonde braids and tattooed, for the delightfully crazy chick that I am. As he should. /rant

Now that I got that out of the way, pictures of my outfit are in place. The tights and earrings are two of my awesome christmas prezzies, I love them so much.

Dress: T2 Vintage
Sweater: Zara
Tights, Earrrings: Forever 21
Shoes: New Look
Ring: Claires

This is very soft and cutesy for my style nowadays but I felt so good in all these pretty colors. The soft hues and mary janes made me feel so sweet. Sometimes a girl just wants to twirl around in a pretty floral dress! Have a nice weekend and lots of luck to all of you with exams!

vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Street Cred

First off: a very very happy new year to everyone! I was all done with 2012 so I'm very glad we can get this 2013 party started UP IN HIYA. To celebrate the feeling that this year can't possibly suck as much as the last I went shopping and bought 3 pairs of shoes. Because this is what the women in our family do. We shop and eat sushi if there's anything to celebrate. The two combined is prefered (though not at the same time, that would be one helluva mess) but a girl can't have everything.

I've been in love with sneakerwedges for the longest time but I hadn't come across the perfect pair yet. I wanted some cute colors, a heel not too high but  high enough to add a little elegance to my strut and ladylike but not too dainty because that's really not my style. I came across these beauties (for 20 euro's!!!!! WIN) and it was instant love. I feel like a anime character with these badgirls on my feet and that's NEVER a bad thing. They go perfectly with my eclectic, colorful style and I'll spend many a happy hour thinking of kick ass outfits to wear them with. Feast your eyes, my babes.

Shirt, pants: H&M
Cardigan: thrifted
Sneakerwedges: Xti
Earrings: F21
rings: floral: claires, black stones: vintage

Shout out to my sis who bought these awesome earrings for me as a christmas prezzie. Also, pants and leggings have been my best friends lately. I've been feeling pretty foxeh so showing off my curves with nicely fitting pants have been really nice. For the longest time I only wore mididresses and -skirts so this is very refreshing and a little strange to me. I barely have any skirts above the knee so I really want to buy me some of those in the sales this month. I should probably make a list. And I'm totally getting my hair cut again because, even though I can kind of rock this shaggy out-grown style, I really want to feel all fresh and clean cut again. As I've been loving and listening to Robyn ever since I heard "Dancing on my own" on "Girls" (grrrrreat show) this summer I'm going to model my next haircut after hers. Looks like I'm finally going to be getting my mohawk. This is the best hair ever: 

And I'll end my post with sharing this awesome song with you. I kind of want to elope with Robyn. 

See you on the flip side!