vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Street Cred

First off: a very very happy new year to everyone! I was all done with 2012 so I'm very glad we can get this 2013 party started UP IN HIYA. To celebrate the feeling that this year can't possibly suck as much as the last I went shopping and bought 3 pairs of shoes. Because this is what the women in our family do. We shop and eat sushi if there's anything to celebrate. The two combined is prefered (though not at the same time, that would be one helluva mess) but a girl can't have everything.

I've been in love with sneakerwedges for the longest time but I hadn't come across the perfect pair yet. I wanted some cute colors, a heel not too high but  high enough to add a little elegance to my strut and ladylike but not too dainty because that's really not my style. I came across these beauties (for 20 euro's!!!!! WIN) and it was instant love. I feel like a anime character with these badgirls on my feet and that's NEVER a bad thing. They go perfectly with my eclectic, colorful style and I'll spend many a happy hour thinking of kick ass outfits to wear them with. Feast your eyes, my babes.

Shirt, pants: H&M
Cardigan: thrifted
Sneakerwedges: Xti
Earrings: F21
rings: floral: claires, black stones: vintage

Shout out to my sis who bought these awesome earrings for me as a christmas prezzie. Also, pants and leggings have been my best friends lately. I've been feeling pretty foxeh so showing off my curves with nicely fitting pants have been really nice. For the longest time I only wore mididresses and -skirts so this is very refreshing and a little strange to me. I barely have any skirts above the knee so I really want to buy me some of those in the sales this month. I should probably make a list. And I'm totally getting my hair cut again because, even though I can kind of rock this shaggy out-grown style, I really want to feel all fresh and clean cut again. As I've been loving and listening to Robyn ever since I heard "Dancing on my own" on "Girls" (grrrrreat show) this summer I'm going to model my next haircut after hers. Looks like I'm finally going to be getting my mohawk. This is the best hair ever: 

And I'll end my post with sharing this awesome song with you. I kind of want to elope with Robyn. 

See you on the flip side!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. ik ga je schoenen pikken IN DE NACHT

  2. Supertoffe broek en sneakers! En bravo als je je haar zo durft! Wel in roze hoop ik? :D

  3. I need those shoes NOW!!!! Looking friggin colorfully beautiful as always !!!!!

  4. OMG I loooove Robyn!! Saw her live so so many times, she's the best! Make sure to see her concert if you get the chance, you won't regret it! btw you totally make me want to try on some sneakerwedges myself right now!

  5. Mooie schoenen, maar uw haar is <3 <3 <3

    Robyn geïnspireerd kapseltje gaat u sowieso ook heel goed staan!

  6. Yaay! I love Robyn, she oozes cool and awesomeness. And OHMYGOSH you look amazinggg! I love how the sunlight hits your face; so pretty! And your sneakerwedges are flippin' ace.

  7. stunning shoes and color on your pants, but God your hair is so spectacular! i adore the color!! SO Tonks!! don't ever change it! you are so unique!

  8. Those shoes are badass. Love them. And the pants are pretty darn cool also. It's good to hear you're feeling foxy coz you look pretty incredible!

  9. i had no idea that sneakerwedges were a thing until you put them up here! and then our target stores were run rampant with them!

  10. You look amazing in these pants <3 and in these shoes too. Sneakerwedges, I can't say I like them...for myself. The ugliness/sportiness (is that an actual word?whatever) of a sneaker combined to the discomfort of a wedge? Not for me, no. But I must admit that these are perfect for your style and actually look kinda pretty, being all colored and stuff, so YES :D
    Also I LOVE how you combined your colorful pants with your colorful earrings. BANG!! In your face, grey word.

  11. Superleuke outfit! En die nagels! En u haar! Echt leuk!

  12. I think you'll look gorgeous with the mohawk. I'm still loving your sense of style, if you saw me out in public you'd probably think I was the antithesis of your style since I wear almost all black/dark colors but I love all different styles. I thought I wasn't familiar with Robyn but I recognize this song from an episode of 'Girls', I'm still on the fence about the show but I am looking forward to season 2.