zaterdag 29 december 2012

It feels like christmas

Did everyone have an awesome christmas? Lots of food, presents and quality time with your loved ones? I hope so, I know I did! For the first time EVER I had a legit christmas. Giving and receiving presents, cooking a nice meal with some good music in the background (to later stuff your face with said meal), watching a cheesy christmas movie and laughing and talking with your loved ones. My family life has been dramz, dramz and more dramz for the past years but now I feel like it's finally cooled off and we can just BE. We can spend time together and just enjoy it, it's heaven. So since it was my first real christmas I went all out, present wise. I think I bought more than five presents for my sister. Thinking I was a total Lady SPENDALOT (awesome joke right?) me and my mom went to my sisters house with a bag full of presents, only to be shocked and filled with happiness by the amount of present already there. The best part? Most of it was for me!

My big sis always knows how to make her lil' sis happy. I got two pairs or gorgeous earrings (one rainbowcolored leopardprint hoops, one Elizabeth Taylor-esque bling bling earrings in purple, white and blue stones), bright green golden-green eyeshadow, the most GORGEOUS pink, shiny necklace I had been lusting after for ages, a blue and white tie dye pair of tights (which totally looks like a cloud print and y'all know how I love skyprints, be it day or night!) and a bottle of my favorite alcoholic beverage, Moscato, which is a sparkly, super sweet wine. I love it. Thanks to Sabina for pointing this heavenly drink out to me. I also got a pair of earrings from my mom, some super rad scifi looking bling that reminds me of the crystal shard from The Dark Crystal and some super cute pink nailpolish with gold sparkles from one of my nephews. They will all be featured in future blogposts, of course. Our day consisted of putting the presents under the christmas tree for extra cheesy prettiness, eating crackers with fancy toppings (my favorite was goat cheese with honey, SO GOOD), taking pictures of everything and everyone, cooking our dinner (quiche, cod en papillote with potatoe gratin and warm apple pie with vanilla icecream, mmm-MMM), unwrapping our presents and watching "The Muppet Christmas Carol", which was one of my presents for my sister. The Muppets are a bit of a family thing for us, I'm pretty sure that all my siblings and me know a significant amount of quotes from "The Muppet Movie", "Muppet Treasure Island" and "The Muppet Christmas Carol" by heart. Jim Henson is my hero. I know christmas is over but I still want to share this lovely song with you because it always warms my heart! Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge singing about happiness, it's awesome.

Now pictures from my christmas day, including the best hair I probably ever had!


The colors of the following picture are super trippy, sorry for those of you who have epilepsy. I'll try to fix that in future posts.

Material (and Moscato loving) girls

Droolworthy food

Some moodshots of my sisters adorable decorations, they're the bees knees. Her house is the cosiest place on earth! Except for, maybe, a little house in The Shire. But since that place is fictional (if it weren't I wouldn't be able to fit in there anyways :( ) I gladly settle for my sisters place.

Cuddling up to Barney the christmas donkey who lives in the nativity play-esque barn in the centre of my sisters town around the holidays. He's old, soft and a total sweetheart! I had a picture with him wearing my reindeer headband but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe it's for the best, I wouldn't want to ruin his reputation as head honcho of the nativity scene.

Adorable pic of my and my sis wearing our uber fashionable reindeer headpiece. Picture taken with my sisters new fancy Samsung phone. Check out my angelic hair. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the outfit.

dress: H&M
earrings, coat: vintage
headband: Blokker
tights, belt: Veritas
boots: Torfs
ring: Avalaya
bracelets: my moms

I was born to have pink curls. I had a wonderful time and I'm kinda sad that I'll have to wait another year for christmas time to come around again. Oh well! I hope you had an awesome christmas too and if you didn't: my christmases were total bullcrap for a long time too. You'll have another chance to have an awesome party next year! Merry late christmas my loves and if this is the last time we talk this year: A very happy new year!

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  1. You babe! That dress looks amazing on you! OHHHH and your hairrrrr is so dreamy. It looks like you had such a fun Christmas! Moscato is my favourite :)

  2. VA VA VOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! Hot dam, you little minx! Well first off Merry Christmas dear and Happy New year. It's looks as though you had a lot of good time spent with those that you love. Yes you were born for pink curls and this dress look as if it was made for you! Stay gorgeous and here's to next year.

  3. Ok first of all: yesss your hair looks amazeballs!! Secondly: I love the Christmas outfit with the bold red tights and the adorable reindeer headpiece <3
    And in general I love how you captured the christmas spirit in the photos :)
    Glad to hear your family was able to enjoy the holidays together without drama ;)

  4. THE CUTEST CUTIE THAT EVER WAS. it looks like you had a great holiday!

  5. Beautiful photos! I'm so glad you had such a lovely Christmas and I hope you had a wonderful New years night as well. You WERE born to have pink curls, totally adorable.

  6. Oh my GOSH I love this post! I'm so glad your Christmas was awesome - mine was okay but like you said, next year will be a party :). I have to say your reindeer headband looks much cooler than mine! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  7. What gorgeous photos, you look so pretty, I love the ones with the christmas lights behind you. I'm a total Moscato junkie myself, I wish I had discovered it earlier in life because that shit is tasty. Ugh I have to stop referring to everything as "shit" but the word has such versatility. I love having great Christmases and I'm so glad to hear you had such a great holiday.


  8. You are such a bombshell. I adore the close-up shot with the fur coat and your face. So gorgeous. It looks like you all had such a fun Christmas (I'm so late commenting on this one, but I don't care) and you and Annebeth are ADORABLE. Your whole family is adorable, actually.