donderdag 13 december 2012

Big Ass Birthday Post: All you need is love

Last sunday, december ninth, I turned nineteen. To be honest, I was dreading this day. Not because I have a fear of getting older (though I suspect that'll change once I'll get closer to the big 2-0 or, as the Belgians call it, tram 2) but because this is the first year in five years that I'm boyfriend-less. I thought "Yeah, it'll be nice to get some presents and stuff but in the end of the day I'll feel a bit empty.". I was expecting a pretty bad day, actually. But the moment I woke up I realised that it wasn't going to be a depressing day. In fact, it was the best birthday I've ever had. Prepare for A LOT of pictures.

When I woke up and went downstairs I found my mom in the middle of the livingroom with nineteen lit candles, a chocolate cake in the shape of a heart with, again, nineteen candles. She decorated the room with garlands and balloons, she's literally the best. I got two gorgeous presents from her and a promise to pay for some clothes in the next sales so that makes me a very happy camper.The first present was my very first bottle of perfume. I've been wanting a "signature scent" for a long time but since that takes some time and money I've always been content with little samples or no perfume at all. A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my sister and we tried lots of different perfumes but as soon as I smelled this one, "Love" by Chloe, I knew this was the one. It's wonderfully floral (I love floral scents <3) and soft, in a warm way. I love it so much, every time I spritz a little on me I get happy because of the wonderful scent. I react very strongly to smells, a certain scent can take me back to a very specific moment or place or person and make me feel the accompanying emotions. This scent will always make me think of going shopping with my sister, the nineteen candles on the chocolate cake and the moment I realised that it would be a good day.

The perfume is awesome and my sister sneakily checked whether this was the correct one by texting me "hey, I just got this sample from "Love" by Chloe with a magazine, I'll save it for you if that's the one you liked!". SNEAKY SNEAKY. Something I didn't expect was a little decorative tree that I can use to hang jewelry on. Years ago I got the idea in my head of what a fantastic decorating idea it is and how pretty a standard full of jewelry would look. I told my mom once or twice and she remembered! It looks absolutely gorgeous in my room. The jewelry tree in action:

Momster did a good job and I think it's pretty redundant to say that my sister did a good job. :-D After unpacking my presents, hugging my mom a couple of times, blowing out all of my candles (it took a while for me to think of a wish because I am THAT happy) and eating half of my chocolate cake I went upstairs to think of a glorious outfit. Because, no matter how old I get or how much I change, I will never let an opportunity slip to dress up. And, my friends, glorious IT WAS. We went to my sister's and helped her decorate her ginormous christmas tree, ridiculously awesome pictures can be seen here. If I had to pick one thing in life that makes me happiest (besides sushi, which we will come to in a second) it's spending time with the people I love. There was no better way to spend my birthday than with my sis, her boyfriend and my mom. Decorating the tree, taking pictures of everything for my sisters blog, singing christmas songs together, cooing over the gorgeous decoration and talking about everything and nothing, it was the best. After decorating we went out to take outfit pictures because that's what you do when you both have a style blog. I desperately wanted to take pictures with the ugly-ass kitschy christmastree-shaped lights but they were too ugly to actually focus on. It looks pretty funky in the background, though.

The pink lacey thing? Actually a bra! How awesome is that thing?!


pants, hoop earrings, bra, cardigan: h&m
belt, coat: thrifted
fake fur headband: zara
dress; Sabina's <3
boots: Torfs

I felt like a perfect rockstar. Extra photo-op with my sis:

Perfect christmas card, no?

Now, what we've all been waiting for, THE SUSHI. I still salivate thinking about it. Sushi is the best thing ever. Not even since sliced bread, just the best thing period. I drank jasmine tea with the sushi, I thought it was pretty tasty but my sister made the "baby-tasting-lemon-for-the-first-time-face" when she tried the tea. I really wish I had a picture of that. No strange faces but tasty sushi!

As you can see, it was heaven. The day was perfect and it ended perfectly, with a belly full of sushi. Little did I know that I still had some surprises to come. The day after my birthday I got a big box in the mail with the best shoes ever, a sneak peak of a future outfit post:

Yes. Flatforms with fishscales. I know, it's too much awesomeness. I'm in love. When I wear them I feel like a perfect mix between a Spice Girl and a punk. Life doesn't get much better than a mix of those two, stylewise. Not only did I get these gorgeous shoes, another day after that I got a ridiculously large package in the mail from the bestest friend in the world, my Jules. Including a beautiful letter, lots of tasty candy (I think I've already eaten half of it BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD AAAH) and the coolest presents in the world.

The beautiful packages!

Present number one:

OH YEAH, ZELDA YEAH. Anyone who knows that I cosplayed as Link should also know that I love Zelda with the passion of a thousand suns. Anything Zelda is already a HUGE win in my book. But since I also spend a lot of time at my computer with editing pictures, listening to music, writing and other stuff this is the perfect way to incorporate Zelda in my life. Everytime I look at the mouse I instantely get a shot of Zelda. And man, does that feel good!

Present number two:

The black and white cameo necklace! Jules remembered that, last year around christmas, I posted a wish list on my blog containing a cameo necklace. She remembered something I put on my blog. A year ago. She should basically just win the internetz for being so awesome.

Present number three and a little bit of extra sweetness:

A CD from "Of Monsters and Men", a band she recommended to me. I fell in love with their sound and have been listening to their "My head is an animal" album non-stop since she sent me some songs. Music, jewelry, candy and videogame merchandise. I swear, life doesn't get better than that. She also sent me a christmas present and since I was WAY too impatient to wait until the holidays I opened it today. I've said it once and I'll say it again: JULES YOU'RE CRAZY

Christmas present:

Quite a while ago she showed me this piece of jewelry, saying that it reminded her of me and that it would look amazingly fierce on me. I told her that I loved it to death and that I would definitely try and buy it. But being the lazy bum that I am I never got around to buying it. So she bought it for me. I ALMOST DIED when I opened the package and I saw the asos logo on the box. I'll take a better picture with the piece in a future outfit post. It's pure amazingness. I'm so incredibly fulfilled with happiness about everything. LIFE IS GOOD.

Thank you. If this were a sign of how the upcoming year of my life is going to be, it's going to be fucking fantastic!

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  1. ze is definitely a majorly awesome friend, DIE OORBELLLLLL!!!! <3

    en mam's juwelenboom is echt mooi! ik heb al vaak lelijke gezien maar dit is er niet een van :D ik vond het ook een heel fijne dag!

  2. I love all these happy pictures. All you need is love! You are looking fierce as always and all these presents suit you so well. Sushi, yum! Happy Birthday GORGEOUS!!!

  3. :) seeing you this happy really warms up my heart. You deserve it, girl! And gosh I don't know where to start...the awesome cake and all that sushi made my mouth water SO much, you can't even imagine! And finally I can see a proper pic of you FABULOUS shoes, I can't wait to see how you wore them <3 and your outfit, DEAR MOTHER OF GOD. You look so beautiful! The thing I love most is the hat and those GALAXY if you'll excuse me I'll go directly to my nearest h&m to try them on, hehe
    And of course, I'm really, really glad you liked my presents and the sweets.

  4. Wat een leuke verjaardag, eentje om jaloers op te zijn ;)
    Ik heb dezelfde platforms, zoooo awesome!

  5. Happy birthday!!! It certainly looks like you had a wonderful time, and you so deserve it! I LOVE the pink hair, suits you to a T.

  6. OH. My goodness. I have missed reading your blog. Your pink hair looks freaking amazing on you! And you are just gorgeous. Happy late birthday, beautiful! I'm so glad you had a fun birthday! Fun note: your birthday falls on my husband's and my first date anniversary. So now I will never forget!

  7. Oooh happy belated birthday girl! Wow for the photos! it looks like a perfect day from first to last! I love the decoration and the photo of the cards and gifts and of course I love your outfit - the leggings are rad! :)

  8. I'm so glad you had a nice time, this is how a birthday suppose to be!
    The dress looks swell on you <3

  9. This looks like such a fantastic birthday and this outfit is absolute perfection, this dress is an amazing color and shape for your figure - I literally can't get over your waist. I love those tree jewelry holder thingies (official item description right hur') but when I have them I always knock them over, it's like I am compelled to knock them over and have to pick up 44 pairs of earrings off the floor and from behind my dresser. I adore that cameo necklace and look it's in colors I wear since my color palette is so limited haha.