zondag 6 mei 2012

Make over

I'm sorry I haven't made blogpost in a while (again!) but I've just been dealing with me and my emotions and it's hella tiring. I haven't been able to concentrate or go to school and I have moments when I just feel like I could fall through the earth because of some big ass brick I feel in my stomach. Some days are better than others but the feeling never goes away. I'm hoping it will. If it was only a little bit of a sad feeling that you could get rid of by crying and getting a hug from your boyfriend. But it's not. This is a different kind of sadness, something I've never felt before. On the really bad moments it's almost immobilizing. And I worry. I worry about not being able to do my exams in June because I can't concentrate for the life of me. I worry that I'll keep feeling this feeling for ever. I worry that my boyfriend will dump/cheat on me because I have massive fear of abandonement issues right now. Most of the time I just feel one of those worries but when they all come together it SUCKS BALLS. Luckily I think my boyfriend loves me so that's one thing. But the rest is still scary. Now I will awkwardly change this depressing post into a hair post. Life is awkward sometimes. I can't give my poor readers depressing posts and no eyecandy!

After having my awesome and eternally flattering bob-haircut for two years in a row (which is a long time for me, I've been switching haircuts and lengths a lot since I turned twelve or something) I started lusting after short hair again. I'm always lusting after short hair. There's something about it, if it's the right short cut that frames a face the right way... I find it incredibly attractive. Haircuts like these always make me want to chop my hair immediately:

I want to marry the Michelle Williams picture. How adorable is she?! Anyhoo, I don't keep lusting very long. I'm a do-er! So peoples, here is my new 'do!

I'm so happy with it, I found an awesome new hairdresser thanks to my sister and he did an amazing job. It's exactly what I asked for and I feel awesome with it. And I still have enough hair to play around with my signature bright hairdyes! How do you feel about short hair? Padapapapa, are you lovin' it? :-D Also, check out my awesome eye make-up!:
My 100 shadow palette is one of the best things ever. And a little tip for girls who want to chop their hair but are afraid of what their boys are going to say: they'll nag before you go to the hairdresser but when you come back they'll just love the fact that they can see your face even better. :-D