zondag 30 oktober 2011

We Will Rock You! + my own version of pincurls

Yes! I actually went to the "We Will Rock You" musical two times, it played for two months and me and my boy went to the premiere and the last show. The last show was definitely more awesome, the actors got really comfortable in their roles (the jokes were a lot more spontaneous) and they were just amazing singers. The story is a bit lame (Ben Elton wrote it, Blackadder is one of my favorite series ever but you can't say the storylines are mindblowing) but you know, Queen songs and good actors/singers and that's all you need to make a killer show to be honest. This is actually more of a rockshow than a musical thanks to Queen of course and I loved it. Queen has some of the most epic (rock)songs out there and I never get enough of them. Freddie Mercury was just an amazing musician, writer, performer and much more. Queen made way for other bands, they weren't afraid to be different or weird. I feel that a lot of people don't appreciate Queen and they're often just depicted as 'that band with the faggot singer' and apart from the fact that I Extremely dislike it when people use a word like that AND using the word 'gay' as if it's something bad I also just really find it sad that people can't appreciate their music for what it was: Kick Ass. Some songs were a bit cheesy and 'I'm in love with my car' is probably one of the worst titles for a song in the history of music but in the end of the day... they're just epic. I went to a concert of their 'The cosmos rocks' tour with Paul Rodgers and while I'm not fond of Paul Rodgers I loved it. And I cried, of course, when they did Bohemian Rhapsody with Freddie on the big screens, playing the intro. Sniffles. Such an amazing musician. His piano skills were just crazy too, listen to 'Death on two legs' or 'Seven seas of rhye' and you'll know what I mean. And of course, they collaborated with one of my favorite people EVER, David Bowie! I love 'under pressure'

ANYWAYZ, Check out this video of my favorite couple of the musical, Britney and Ozzy singing 'I want it all', the sound quality isn't great but they're fantastic singers.

And I loved the costumes of course!
Sorry, google doesn't provide the greatest pictures and these aren't actual pictures from the show in Antwerp but the costumes are 99% the same. Very punk/goth and than some random elements in there. Also: THE WHO shirts! YAY!

I'll tell you a little bit of the story. I think the year is 2343 or something and "real" music is forbidden. Everything is computermade and everyone looks exactly the same, it's illegal to be an individual. It's called 'The Gaga era' after Radio gaga of course. Radio gaga is now Internet Gaga.(radio gaga plays) The world is ruled by The Killer Queen and her righthand Kashoggi and of course lots of henchmen. She sees everything you do and if she's not satisfied with you, your soul will be destroyed and go to the Seven Seas of Rhye. Nice girl, right?(Killer queen and Play the game play) Of course there are always some rebel rebels on the loose and that's how we find our two main characters: Galileo Figaro(the dude, he sings 'I want to break free') and Scaramouche(the gal, she sings 'Somebody to Love'). They're captured by The Killer Queen for not wanting to conform to 'the herd' and eventually escape when they realise that they have to run in order to survive.(Under pressure plays) There's a group of rebels, The Bohemians, and they're looking for 'The Dreamer', a person, who they believe, hears ancient rock music inside his or her head. He or she could lead them to the only existing instrument which was sealed away long ago, by a curlyhaired dude called Brian May. (:-D). And when they find that instrument, they can break free from The Killer Queen and feed the world Real Music again. The prophecy they live by is "to Find the place of Living Rock, A bright star will show you the way"(something like that) Of course, 'The Dreamer' is Galileo Figaro. The story is a bit flat when it comes to his 'baby', Scaramouche, but in the end she gets the facemelting guitarsolo so all is well.

There's a couple in the rebel group, Britney and Ozzy, who dream of the prophecy and of real rock (I want it all plays) and they find Galileo and Scaramouche (headlong plays) and bring them back to their secret lair where the group hides out, The Heartbreak Hotel, to protect them from The Killer Queen. They're told about rockstars, about Elvis and Freddie (and I just think John Lennon and Keith Moon with them, No One but you plays) What they don't know is... when Galileo and Scaramouche were captured, the Killer Queen henchmen put a little transmitter in their neck, so they could find them wherever they'd go. So Kashoggi and his henchmen find Heartbreak Hotel and take The Bohemians to torture their souls and their souls go to the Seven Seas of Rhye.(seven seas of rhye plays) Of course, Scaramouche and Galileo escape, Scaramouche realises that they have a transmitter in their necks and cuts them out. Then they realise that they have no one but each other,(Who wants to live forever plays) They realise that they love each other and sleep together. (yeah, that's awfully quick but I ain't judging!) The morning after they have a big fight (Hammer to fall plays) but still decide that they need to go to the Seven Seas of Rhye to find out why all the souls go there. When they get to the Seven Seas of Rhye, they find an old dude, The Librarian, who works there as a bartender.(These are the days of our lives plays) Apperantly, the Seven Seas of Rhye is also a bar. He tells them that the tortured souls of The Bohemians always come there after they've been destroyed by The Killer Queen because the vibe of Rock still lingers here. The Librarian shows them a videotape of Queen singing the intro Bohemian Rhapsody and WOOSH, out of the water comes a statue, Freddie Mercury, who points north. Scaramouche figures out that this it the bright star from the prophecy (Freddie of course) and the Librarian knows that up north, Wembley Stadium lies. They hop on the motorbike (Take a long ride on my motorbike 'til I'm ready!) and ride to Wembley Stadium (headlong plays again).

But when they get there, no instrument is found. Galileo and Scaramouche reconcile (love of my life plays), finding that they can't live without each other, and they make music together. The intro of We will rock you is sung and it reveals the red special, Brian Mays ancient guitar (my boy has a guitar like that by the way, he can rock out like no other! he's the biggest Queen fan you can imagine). Galileo tries to play a facemelting guitarsolo but he sucks so he wants to smash it. Scaramouche tries and instantely squeezes out 'Brighton rock' (I was very pleased with that, at least the female protagonist is a LITTLE important). The Librarian hacks into the interwebz so that everyone on the planet can hear Galileo and Scaramouche making some real music and The Killer Queen is defeated. We will rock you, we are the champions and as an encore, Bohemian rhapsody is performed.

I thought the musical was loads of fun, I got to headbang and scream all I want and the music was great. I wore this:

Freddie Mercury shirt and Elvis belt!
The best earrings ever!
My make up was matching yellow-orang with my shirt and I loved it!
The pincurls are the easiest way EVER to obtain these wild ass curls. Of course, I did them messily because I wanted a more rock/punk like hairstyle instead of cutesy retro. I used my sister's tutorial: the styling dutchman does pincurls , and it was the easiest thing ever. The rolling up the hair, I did it in less than ten minutes. I slept on it and kept it in until an hour or so before we had to leave to catch the musical. I sprayed a hell of a lot of hairspray on it and the next day my hair was still curly! I love the way it bounces. I tried them a different way too, brushing them out a little gives a great volume to the hair and some pretty wavyness. I'm incredibly happy with them!
(Freddie stance)
Hope you like my outfit/hair and I hope you enjoyed the story! :-D

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  1. Wow, the musical looks so good! I have always wanted to see it, and this definitely makes me want to go. You look amazing, I am completely in love with your trousers! Vertical stripes for the win! Also, I still can't get over your hair. The colours are soooo beautiful! xx

  2. Those pants and that eye makeup are amaze-balls. you look so cool!

  3. zomg! i love this outfit! can i just say how fucking awesome you look? you look like you should be onstage! haha so awesome that u got to go to the show! i bet you looked the best!!! :D


  4. That musical sounds amazing 8D Queen<3 Plus all those costumes! Oooh you've inspired me to try out pin curls :3 I got Curlformers a while back but they can be a pain to sleep in