woensdag 2 november 2011


This was what I wore the day after we went to WWRY. See my hacked up Queen shirt? :-D My hair was still pincurly (I'm curly right now actually!) so I wanted to take full advantage of it and take some pictures. They're more flat and messy than the day before but I still loved it. I also love the way the curls bring out my haircolors. The day before I took these pictures (the day we went to WWRY) the weather was absolutely lovely and almost warm. The day I took these pictures it was pretty cold. Also, the bottomlid of my left eye was a little swollen and red because I accidentally scratched myself in the eye :-(. Seriously, I'm the clumsiest person I know. Who the hell scratches themselves in the eye?! I AM ASHAMED. No not really, I laughed about it with my boyfriend afterwards but still, it hurt! I do stuff like this quite often. I once or even twice woke up with my nosepiercing missing because I accidentally pulled it out of my nose in my sleep. After it happened two times, I bought the piercings with the twisty end so I can't just pull it out. I used to bite my tongue and my lower lip a lot too but once I started eating more slowly I rarely do that anymore. I don't think I will ever wear stiletto's out of fear of breaking my foot or something because really, if anyone can, it's me.

A little sidenote: I'm very happy that, while we had a crappy ass summer here in Belgium, we're having an amazing indian summer. I've hardly had to wear a scarf or a thick winter coat and I love it. Still, I'm not liking the fact that it gets dark SO freaking early. Why can't it just get a little colder, a bit rainier if you must, but not more dark! I don't like darkness. :-(  Anyhoo, I hope your fall is as gorgeous as ours and I hope you like my outfit! LATERZ!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. supermooi vestje. En grappig dat je zo onhandig bent, dat wist ik niet! :-D ik laat vaak dingen vallen :(

  2. I really like this outfit! And your curls! Hope your eye is ok though.

  3. Lovely outfit, I love all those bright colours, the skirt is amazing ;)I also like your curls, and I agree, they look great with your multi coloured hair!
    I had the same problem with nose piercings too!! I lost a lot of them because they constantly slipped out of my nose, and that was a problem, because my nose pierce closes very quickly (in a few hours!). Then Moreno gave me as a gift a piercing with a twisted end and my problems stopped...actually I take that piercing off very rarely and I often forget I have a piercing at all!
    Life is a romantic poem

  4. sooooooooo ahhmaaahhhzing! love the colors and the outfit! duh i scratch my eye on accident all the time! lol so dont worry you are not alone! go us! your hair looks fabulous curly! you gotta do it more often :)


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