zaterdag 12 november 2011

Let the sunshine in

The day I wore this outfit... the weather was inredible. I didn't need a jacket, the sun was shining and there was a nice crisp breeze that I love in spring and fall. Most of the time I love mixing up my colors and prints but sometimes I just love to be comfy and feminine and twirly. And when I want to be all those things, I go for sneakers, dresses and a cool belt. And tights of course, when it's a little chilly. I don't know how often I've said it but MAN this indian summer is well, good and very long! It has hardly rained and the cloudiness was very minimal, especially for Belgium! And it's already november. It's crazy man, just crazy. I don't mind it! But I remember it was already snowing around this time last year. So weird. My hair is dyed differently by the way but in the coming posts they'll still be old and muddy :-D. I'll try to work through these outfits a little quicker because I'm curious about what you guys will think of mah new do. Also, my hair is getting really long. I don't mind it but once in a while I dream about all the cute short hairdo's I used to have. I really love the feeling of the wind in my neck and ears, is that weird? :-D I just remember that, when coming from the hairdresser. jumping on my bike, I always loved the feeling of the wind. Oh well, I might go to the hairdresser one of these weeks. Not to get a super short do but I might get my hair a little tweaked here and there. Shorter at the back, perhaps.
Hope you're having a wonderful day and have fun in the weekend!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. What a pretty outfit! Cream looks lovely on you! And jealous of your Indian summer. Here we have cold, rain, flooding, wind and rain.

  2. heel mooi! en ik vind dat je weer zo kort moet gaan want dat was supermooi :D

  3. i love the dress, you look so pretty!

    oh, and the belt is so cute!!

  4. You look beautiful in this dress, it really suits you wonderfully :) and of course I'm a fan of coloured tights, so I love yours!
    About hair, well, I disagree :) I like to feel my neck "covered", especially in these colder months! But I think that a shorter haircut would be perfect for you!
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. I already wrote it on chictopia! i gotta do it again here. you look so stunning! and you totally make me addicted to mustard yellow things. you pull it off so well! :)