zaterdag 5 november 2011

Print on print on Pink

I used to love Pink. Not the color but the singer. Well actually also the color. But I still love the color and not so much the singer. I haven't been loving the songs she brought out the last couple of years. But back when she was all the rage with 'Don't let me get me', 'Let's get this party started', 'Family portrait' and 'Just like a Pill' I loved her. Pink and No Doubt were of course total girl power. And I really liked her 'I'm not dead' album! I actually went to see her on that tour with my sister and some of her friends and that was my first concert. So she'll always have a special place in my heart! I still really like her voice, it has this raspy quality that can totally pull off softer acoustic stuff but also some fun poprock. Of course, as a multicolor/bright hair lover I always dug her bright pink hair at the beginning of her career.

My outfit is very bright and colorful and I felt so good wearing it. When I think back a year and a half/two years I remember being so inscure about wearing skirts above the knee because of course, apart from the fact that I was already a self conscious teenage girl, the fashion gurus wiggle their little fingers at wearing stuff above the knee unless you have a certain shape or skinny legs or whatever kind of weird ass rules they apply. They have this strange idea that it's empowering for women of all shapes and sizes to be told that they are NOT the same, CANNOT wear the same things because hey, nobody wants to see the cellulite on your thighs and nobody wants to see a short girl on flats. Only show people your best assets! Do not let people know that we're not perfect! To appear skinnier and taller at all times! Even if you're already tall and skinny you still need photoshop! The things that irritate me the most are probably that almost all well known stylists and fashion gurus look exactly the same. Most of the time, long straight hair, wear dark colors, fabrics that look very expensive and a pencilskirt and some stiletto's. When it's a guy, always a suit and short hair. And of course dressy shoes. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone do make-overs and actually have a style of their own? I've seen it so many times: in comes fashionista ready to make someone over, enter the 'victim': maybe a bikerchick, maybe a hippie. At the end of the make over, they all look like 'proper ladies' but not an inch of uniqueness is preserved in their styles. Maybe the hippie woman got some large earrings and the bikerchick got a smart leather jacket. I'm pretty sure that my style would not be tolerated by most of the fashiongurus. Too much color, might look childish! Too much floral, you look like an untrimmed flowergarden! Too many sneakers, oh honey you don't need to look like you can run off and shoot hoops! Midiskirts, SO unflattering for a girl with chunky calves! Shouldn't people dress however they want to dress? Sure, if people ask for help because they seem to be stuck in a rut and can't get out of it themselves, by all means go help! But I almost never hear the 'helpers' ask "What do YOU like?" and than maybe tweak it to make it a little more stylish if that is what pleases him/her. I wish fashion/clothing would just be something to have fun with, no rules and prejudice attached. So here! My colorful, sneakerful style!

I'm loving this bright lipstick, this bright pink really makes me lust after some bright warm orangy color. I love to mix my lipstickcolors together and I'd really like to mix a little orange with my bright red! Warm red colors always look so classy to me. And a little sidenote: I'm hoping that my boy will help me dye my hair again tomorrow! I have some unused turquoise in my cabinet and I'm dying (sniffles) to use it! Hope you guys have a lovely day and see you all on the flip side!

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  1. DUDE dit is mijn favoriete outfit en post van je ever, ik ga zo akkoord. Ik kan niet meer kijken naar al die make over bullshit, hoe kunnen die mensen zo kortzichtig zijn en zo beside the point? Hoe kan je mensen nu verplichten om ineens suffe flatterendheidsklonen te worden van wat je wel en niet mag doen? Is het niet veel leuker om bijv te zien dat iemand gek is op de eighties en daarom nog steeds een mullet heeft?

    enige manier om make over programma's te verantwoorden is als iemand zichzelf inschrijft omdat ze tips willen, anders is het NOT DONE

    je outfit en haar zijn prachtig, je lijkt op tavi gevinson in de tweede foto en i wub her

  2. how gorgeous!! i adore the prints and colors!! so beautiful!! awesome skirt and top!!

  3. I love,love,love your outfit. You inspired me to wear bright colors today <3

  4. I LOVE the galaxy print!! Where did you get that top??!

  5. Cool prints! And cool nails!

  6. You look GREAT! You always manage to surprise me :) the top is so cool and I love all the pink in this outfit.
    I also agree with you, we shouldn't listen to all those "advices". Who cares if a midi skirt makes my legs look wider? Who cares if I actually don't "need" high heels 'cause I'm tall? (and let's face the truth: why should a woman "need" to wear high heels??)
    Once a shoe shop assistant frowned at me because I wanted to try on these amazing high heels and she told me that I was too tall to wear them (I'm 1,75 m tall). Jeez! Such an idiot. If I like it, I wear it: that's my fashion philosophy!
    Life is a romantic poem

  7. Amazing outfit! Love the print clash - it works so well! And your hair's awesome :) x