vrijdag 18 november 2011

Spice up your life!

I've just found this old ass necklace, it's probably fifteen or 14 years old or something. We had the Spice Girls back in the 90's but since I'm from '93 I was a little young to enjoy the culture that was and is the Spice Girls. But of course, having an older sister who's six years older than me, I grew up with the Spice Girls. Songs like Stop right now, spice up your life, who do you think you are, viva forever, say you'll be there, 2 become 1... lots of awesome songs that I probably still know by heart. Also, I can remember my sister having the most awesome lollipops in the world with Spice Girl wrappers and I think chewing gum inside or something? It's amazing how you can still remember these silly little things. My favorite Spice Girl was baby spice, Emma. She was and is such a cutie, maybe it was an early girl crush I had. :-D Now that I think about it, the nineties were full of awesome girl bands. Spice Girls, TLC, Destiny's child and I'm thinking that the Sugababes also came in the late 90's (I'll throw No Doubt in there too because of the strong female vocalist). Just from the top of my head, some of their songs were of course about being in love and digging on dudes but a lot of songs were also about female independence and growing up with that music was pretty cool. I kind of miss cool girl bands. :-(

Awesome necklace, right? As proof of it old assness... the string broke after one day of wearing it. I might go find a different band to tie the pendant on. What's your favorite Spice Girl song or even better, who's your favorite girl band?

'bout the outfit! I still had some aftercurls from my pincurling so I wanted to go seventies. I'm thinking this was a pretty cool outfit and I love this shirt :-D. Only 1 more outfit to go and after that Imma show you guys my new haircolors! OH and I got Zelda: Skyward Sword yesterday, from my boyfriend! I got a textmessage from the store where I pre-ordered Skyward Sword yesterday and I was freaking out inside knowing that I probably wouldn't have it before saturday so I mailed my boyfriend who was at college at the time. Between classes he mostly checks his facebook and hotmail and his cellphone is broken (as a final warning! I WILL give him a cellphone for his birthday if he doesn't buy one himself! I hate not being able to contact him at all times, what if his bus is delayed or he was in an accident or... well, you get the picture. :-D)  so I couldn't text him either. He said something random like 'I'm not sure whether I will be home in time to go get the game with you (he also had the car), we'll see.'

So I waited and waited and 15 minutes after the store closed... my boyfriend comes home. The first thing I think when I see him all happy and sneaky is "AHH HE GOT IT FOR ME!" but he kept telling me he didn't. So I went cranky pants on him, especially after he told me that he probably wouldn't be home soon enough today either. After fifteen minutes of crankypantsing around he probably thought he'd broken my heart into tiny pieces enough so he got his schoolbag out of the car and showed the Skyward Sword box to me. I went crazy happy and I showered him with kisses and for fifteen minutes. So now, my friends... IMMA PLAY SOME ZELDA! Love you!

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  1. i absolutely adore your outfit!! so hippie!! amazing colors and jeans!! great necklace!!
    if you want, fave my post here so my charity can win:) http://mychoicesaremystyle.blogspot.com/2011/11/week-of-giving-help-children.html

  2. VETTE outfit, prachtige kleuren en loooove de schoenen, super!

  3. I used to listen at Spice Girls all the time when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure I know by heart all the songs you mentioned ;) they bring me back to scout memories (yep, I was a girl scout as a kid, haha), for some reason.
    This outfit is so '70s, you did a great job styling it!
    And of course I'm so envious...hope you have fun playing Zelda!
    Life is a romantic poem