dinsdag 29 november 2011

Romantic Punk

I'm a little tired and very content! My sister, my mom, my boy and me went to the monthly sales at our favorite vintage shop in Antwerp, Think Twice. Everything for 2 euro. I think I got 12 items or something. :-D One coat, one leather coat, 3 skirts, 3 dresses, one cardi, 3 jumpers.. yep that seems about right. Now I don't have to go shopping for the upcoming winter anymore. Maybe some boots at the sales but other than that I'm completely good! Everything fits like a dream and I got everything I needed! Warm jumpers, wool skirts, a very thick, slightly oversized coat (so that I can wear a jumper underneath the coat too!), 3 gorgeous dresses (two of them very holiday spirited!), I'm so happy. After we came back from Antwerp I went to the post office to send a little package to my niece in the U.S. who turned twelve this November (shame on me for not sending her a gift earlier!). Now I'm gonna watch some stupid TV program and drink a big cup of mint tea with honey! And maybe some potato salad. See ya laters, alligators! OH and I will be posting pics of my new clothes soon!

a little cameo of my man and my old little doggie, wagging her tail at us! I'm crazy about both of them! :-D

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Super pretty, I really like your eye make up. That shop sounds amazing!!

  2. im absolutely in love with that dress! could you look any more gorgeous in it!?! lovely :) your dog is sooooooooooooo cute! there is a picture in my last post where u can see my dog totally taking a dumb behind me hahhaha but gotta love them, dogs rule! :)

    glad you got so many awesome things! im excited to see them all!

  3. donkerrood staat je echt heel mooi! maar ik vind je pony zo langer TOCH mooier hoor! :D

  4. I'm SO envious! Here all that's "vintage" is overpriced...I mean, 30 euros for a skirt? 120 euros for a cape? I hate it. I wish we had some shops like that one in Antwerp -_- stupid vintage fashion, being popular and all (haha ^^)
    Anyway, you look amazing! The dress looks great on you and I love the necklace, very bold :)
    The photo with Glenn and your doggie is so darling!
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. Hello lovely-haired Chictopia girl! For some reason I always thought you were from New Zealand. I don't know why, but silly me! Awesome outfit as always :)

  6. Nice outfit, this dark red compliments your skin and hair so much, you look wonderful! And I'm still jealous that vintage is so cheap. But I guess this shop in Antwerp is an exception, or are vintage clothes in general quite cheap in Belgium? Need to do a little trip to Antwerp, never been there, can you give me a few insider-tips? ^^
    And how's your dog called? Such a cutie :D