zaterdag 27 oktober 2012

Who run da world? NERDS pt. 2

Since you lovelies were so enthousiastic about my last post I couldn't keep you waiting too long for some more pictures! Embrace yourselves, there's a lot more awesomeness coming up!

Some of my brothers and sisters from other misters:

How cool is this?! I HAVE A GANG OF LINKS, Y'ALL. Though let's agree on one point: I'm definitely the sexiest. :-D The dude in front of me had a seriously kickass bow, though. And I appreciate a man in leggings.

YAY female Link!

Check out that Hylian Shield. MHM, that's pretty nice. Since I didn't have a mastersword I totally stole his. No I just asked him if I could take a picture with it. A smartypants in the background murmurred "OOOH she wants to play with your MASTERSWORD." so that explains the sexy face I have on here. :-D

And before it was too late I had to do a "DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNN" with the sword.

ZELDA FANS, UNITE. He wanted a picture with me because of the cosplay, I wanted a picture with him because of the awesomeness of that shirt. I want it.

One of my favorite anime characters of all time, Kenshin Himura! It was truly an honor, I watched Rurouni Kenshin when I was younger, every sunday morning. I was crazy about it, together with my sister. I was kind of hoping to come across a sexy Sanosuke too but this did just fine!

Cute picture of me and my friend.

Oooh SNAP another Ash! No steampunk this time but still awesome. I really want a hat like that. You know, so that when things get hardcore I can flip my hat.

Some Half-life peeps who looked pretty hardcore in their cosplays. I asked if I could take a picture with them and the dude in the helmet replied "With Link? ALWAYS." and then showed me his upper arm containing this piece of art:

I probably don't have to tell you that I had a hard time with trying not to jump him screaming that I wanted to bear his children. It took a lot out of me but I managed to keep it together. Barely.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures in the bunch. NINTENDO PARTY OVAH HIYAH. I would've died if I had come back from the convention without a picture of Link with the Mario Brothers. While Link might be my one true love, the Mario Brothers are a steady second. My dad was crazy about Mario and loved to do really bad impressions of him.

Mononoke Hime in the hizzazz! I only saw a couple of Ghibli cosplays. There was one Arrietty, one Noface from Spirited Away and one San, pictured here. I was hoping to see a Howl or something (you know, A HOT HOWL) but alas, no cigar.

The moment I saw the back of his costume I thought "HOLY SHIT THAT'S FRANK". I love love love Donnie Darko and the movement in the picture and my creeped out expression really adds to the atmosphere of the picture.

MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS. Oh yeah. I have their themesong on my Ipod.

Link getting his sexy on with the white power ranger.

Adventure Time! Me and my sis are crazy about adventure time so once I spotted this Finn the human cosplayer I was like "NEED PICTUREZ NAO". He even played his ukelele for us! Too bad Jake wasn't there with him. I swear, one day, I will cosplay as the lumpy space princess.

A cute joker kid with a free hugs sign. As I mentioned in the last post, I can't resist a free hugs sign. My facial expression says "Daaaaw this joker is such a cutie pie!" which might not have been the reaction he was going for. But he was pretty adorable.

I wasn't really familiar with his character but my friends were. He was Gray from Fairy Tail, a pretty popular manga/anime. I just thought "MMM gotta get me some of that nerd man", as you can see in my not so subtle facial expression. My hormones were going crazy. Even if you're not a geek, just go to these conventions to check out some hot dudes. It's WELL WORTH it. :-D

This was a really cute kid who wanted to take a picture with me. Great cosplay and I totally dig the color of the wig.(sniffles)

I didn't buy much, just this Totoro plushie, two Shin Chan keychain thingies and a shirt with Wonder Woman saying "Girls will save the world!". Because, after all, I'm still a feminist, bitchez. The shirt will definitely be featured in a future outfit post!

I hope you liked my pictures and stories! I had a GREAT time and will definitely go again next year. I met really cool people and had a blast with my friends! And I encourage you, my lovelies, to get your nerd on.

donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Who run da world? NERDS

OH my dear readers, this weekend was GOOD. I spent saturday night with some friends, munching on good food and talking nerd, making plans for the convention I told you about on sunday. Sunday morning I put on my costume, did some epic make-up on my friend and myself and before we knew it we were on our way to kick some nerd ass. I have a serious ASS-LOAD of pictures, you gotta let me know how much you love them and if you want more I'll make a second post. I've got more than enough pictures to fill two posts. Walking through my friends hometown was an interesting walk, being in full costume. Some people smiled, some people looked at us like we were infected with the plague, one nice old lady asked us what country we were from. We could've replied "HYRULE MOTHERFUCKER" but that wouldn't have been very nice. Kind of hilarious, but not nice.

On our walk to the trainstation we found some stalls on the market, one of them containing, wait for it, A BOOMERANG. Since I didn't have a weapon yet I bought the boomerang for 40 cents. It's a real pretty one too! It'll be featured in the blogpost, fo sho. While waiting for the train a man with three little kids asked if he could take a picture of us with his kids, super cute. On the train to the convention we already came across a Prince Zuko (I think) who, when we met again at the convention, hugged us very awkwardly, a Joker and a Ramona Flowers! It was just awesome, looking into the train and seeing those characters sitting there. The whole time at the convention I almost felt like we were in an alternate world with videogame, anime and movie characters coming to life. Who wouldn't want to live in a world where Link and Pikachu can be on the same picture? Anyways, I'll start at the beginning.

Buying my boomerang at the market:

"Imma give you FIVE rupees. TOPS."

Link fixing hair.

Adorable elf friend!

Other adorable evil elf friend and my make-up skills. Pretty nice, no?

My band of gorgeous cosplayers.

Our designated photographer, she did a great job <3

Ramona! She was a really cool girl. And I love Scott Pilgrim of course. Now, to get the lady parts of us nerds out there tingling, some hot nerds.

You can probably guess what I was thinking here. Something with "slytherin", if you catch my drift. A really good cosplay, that's all I'm saying.

One of the many Jokers at the convention. His outfit was really nice. And you know I can't resist a man with green hair.

Okay trollface might not be a hot nerd but he COULD be. Under the trollface. His costume is hilarious anyways, bonuspoints!

Chillin' with mah robro R2.

Meeting up with the Darthster. He was a bit intimidating.

But Link is not one to lose his good spirit. :-D

This girl was wearing a pikachu ONESIE. I don't know about you but I want one.

Jabba was there too.

Absolutely gorgeous Corpse Bride cosplay.

A dude with a free hugs sign who was very pleased with himself. I can't resist a free hugs sign, I gave everyone with a sign a hug. There was one cheeky guy who wanted a free hug and then turned his sign around to show a "... and a kiss?" sign. I thought it was pretty adorkable so I kissed him on the cheek. I should've gone ahead given him the kiss of a lifetime RIGHT ON THE LIPS but I'm not that cheeky. :-D

Chillin' with my superhero homies.

Link likes them green abs.

I'll leave you with one of the coolest cosplays I've ever seen. This guy was "Steampunk Ash" and he made his WHOLE costume himself. Including the Pikachu. He even had a steampunk Pokedex and steampunk gymbadges. This was his first cosplay. Really! If that isn't pure awesomeness, I don't know what is.

I still have some really cool pictures for you guys but I'll save them for the next post! I hope you enjoy my geekery!

OH ALRIGHT I just have to share this one last picture with you because this is the single most awesome picture you will ever see. It's Link. On the iron throne from "Game of thrones". You're welcome.

vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Link and Malon lovechild and a little sisterly love

"Link and Malon lovechild" is what I call this outfit, after my sister pointed it out. The golden hair, cowboy boots (formerly owned by my eldest brother!) and the soft colors really made me feel like a modernised Zelda character. This dress is one of the many, MANY things I got out of helping my sister with the cleaning out of her closet. If I did a "shopping haul out of my sister's closet" post, it'd be a hell of a long post, I can tell ya that! Come to think of it, I think that half of my closet consists of clothing formerly owned by my big sis. The perks of having an awesome sister! There are so many. I can't tell you how happy I am with the wonderful relationship I have with my sister. We used to fight like cats and dogs but now that there's no risk of puberty fucking things up anymore, we're like two peas in a pod. If you had told me that four years ago, I would've looked at you like you was a crazy mofo.

I hear people talking about the relationship they have with their siblings and I often hear that they fight a lot. Even if they don't fight, they don't feel a particularly strong connection with their siblings. I can only say that I'm incredibly thankful for the love I feel towards my sister. I greatly enjoy spending time with her, we have SO much in common and I think that we understand each other like no other person can. No one can quite relate to you like someone you grew up and shared those same memories/experiences with. We're two different people so obviously we still have our own opinions and seperate experiences on those same situations but in the end of the day, having a good relationship with my sister is something I wouldn't trade for anything in the world! I won't ever forget the way she supported me through the crappiest summer of my life. I'm so proud of her! She has been my rolmodel and, more importantly, helped me realise that I'm so awesome I can be my own rolmodel. She has always seen potential in me and even though we fought like crazy as youngsters, I can't recall a single moment where she called me ugly. When other people would criticize me for the way I looked, weight or stylewise, she stood up for me. She always makes me feel beautiful. Thank you sis, love ya! And I totally beautified her hair, together with the momster.

How about you? Siblings? Good relationship? Or do you sometimes, just for a moment, want to strangle them in their sleep? :-D

The next three pictures are "happy-dance-take-two". The first happy dance was a lot less photogenic. :-D

dress: sister's
shirt: H&M
tights: Veritas
necklace: mom's
boots: vintage (by now :-D)

To keep the geekery going: I'm going to F.A.C.T.S. this weekend (big nerd convention a la Comic-Con) and YES, I will be cosplaying! To give you a sneak-peek of the geekiest outfitpost ever:

People who have been reading my blog for a while probably didn't even need a hint: OF COURSE I will be cosplaying as Link from The Legend of Zelda. How could I not? :-D Better yet, I will be cosplaying as "badass girl Link". With fake tat sleeves, dramatic make-up and lots of attitude. I wanted to do something a little more personal with the cosplay and I could go for "sexy Link" but I'm a little sick of all the "sexy *insert random character*" costumes, especially now around Halloween times. I'm all for workin' what yo momma gave ya but there should also be options for people who, you know, actually want to dress up in a kind of credible costume. If I want to dress up as Bert or Ernie, I will wear a stripey shirt and ugly jeans. And maybe a unibrow. Not this. Also, sexy Big Bird. Just throwing that out there.

TOODLES and have a great weekend, lovers!