woensdag 25 januari 2012

A passion for videogame fashion

I will do a bra-for-major-boobage- post soon since most of my lovely readers have expressed interest in that topic but I'm hella busy right now, studying for some stuff. So right now, Imma give you an awesome outfit with a 'The Legend of Zelda' shirt, including a photoshopped picture of me with the mastersword and the hylian shield because that's what awesomeness looks like. Also, pokeball nails! A while ago, Kirsten, one of my dear readers, told me she'd like me to do a pokeball nail sometime. Sooooo, I did! My nails were clean and I was out of inspiration after mucking about trying to do water marble nailart so I went ahead and did the pokeball nails.

All you need is:
some red, black and white nailpolish
a thin paintbrush to do the middle, "closing" part of the pokeball

There's not much to it, I started with the upper half of the ball, painting half a circle red.
After that, the other half of the circle white.
Let that dry for a moment and than start with the middle, pulling a line to about a quarter of the ball, leaving a bit of space open, and continue to the other quarter of the ball.
You'll need a little black circle for the "button" of the pokeball so try to do a little black circle.
After you're done with that, just dot a little white nailpolish in the middle of the black circle, add a topcoat if you like et voila! You've got nails Misty would be proud of!

I'm still a huge Pokemon fan, going from knowing the Pokerap by heart, all the other 'Poke jukebox' songs like 'Viridian City', '2 B a master', 'What kind of pokemon are you', 'together forever', 'team rocket's rocking', ... and my favorite pokemon song ever... 'Jenny oh Jenny, Joy oh Joy' :-D hahaha, yep, I still know them. Brock was such a creepo. Misty (and Jessie for that matter! THE HAIR!) is probably one of my favorite fictional characters ever. She was kickass and she is one of the reasons why me and my sister turned out to be who we are. :-D Anime girls rule. Now, for the outfit with the Zelda shirt! (thanks to my big bro Maarten who got it for my birthday!)

*insert Legend of Zelda themesong*

I think I can leave you with this awesome shot, now I'm off to save Hyrule! See you later! Or... sooner. You never know with the mastersword, muhahahaha!

woensdag 18 januari 2012

Blues and greens

A little good news! Remember my last post? I stated that, here in Belgium, you can't give your kid the mother's last name unless you're completely single or divorced for at least 300 days. Well, apparently someone in our government reads my blog (hahaha not really but MAYBE THEY DO....) and today my sister linked me a newsarticle, with one of our female politicians in the government stating that she wants to change that law! We're not quite there yet because she wants to give the kid double last names instead of just LETTING THE PARENTS CHOOSE the freaking last name but still, it's getting there! That same politician is all about gender equality so YAY! If I could vote for her I would! Thank you guys so much for your awesome feedback on my last blogpost, I love talking to people about the stuff that I think is important and I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Not much to say apart from the former. I just bought some new boots in the sales here, BEST BOOTS EVER, exactly what I was looking for and only 55 euro thanks to the 50% off! Bought some other things too, I'll do a sale post in a couple of days with all the stuff I bought! I bought a skirt, a sweaterdress, a cardi, a denim shirt and a black sweater with some multicolored details. And KNICKERS, hihihihi. :-D I'm afraid the knickers aren't very sexy. I'm more about cute, lacy, colorful underwear than black, red and sexy stuff I guess. It's the stuff that's in the underwear that counts, though! Maybe I'll do a bra post? I have an egg to peal (hahaha that's a dutch saying, meaning that you have something you really want to talk about/are about to confront someone) with underwear stores/companies, involving making good, supporting, pretty bras for big boobehs, so I have some stuff for an underwear-related post. Let me know if you'd like that! For now, a colorful outfit! I still have some old outfits lying around and I really liked this one! So enjoy! :-)

Now I want to cut my bangs. I think I will, tomorrow! How do you feel about bright pink lippy? OH I also want to share zebra nails with you!

Easy and awesome! All you need is a white base, black nailpolish, a thin brush and that's it! Just paint some black stripes over the white, try to make them a little shapely and maybe make them lead into a split stripe. Super easy and it's such a cool look, I totally recommend it! Hope you lovelies had a lovely day and I'll catch ya later!

dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Walk in the woods and the unisex child

Last saturday we had a little family gathering, since we didn't have one in the actual holidays, with the yummiest vegetable soup made by moi and my monsieur, the best bread in the world, great talks and a lovely walk in the woods! I got to pat my sister in law's pregnant tummy and yesterday I found out I'm going to be auntie of a little dude! Of course I'm happy but come to think of it, I don't think I really care whether it's a girl or a boy. It might be a little bit of a new experience since I already have 2 nieces so a little nephew is exciting. It doesn't really matter though, does it?

I mean, when you think about it, the only difference between a boy and a girl when they're born, it's the thing between their legs. No predisposed love for playing with cars or dolls, no particular love for blue or pink and no eagerness to either become a supermodel or a starathlete. The only difference: penis or vagina. It's the nurture and not the nature that takes care of all the gender related issues. Since becoming more aware of all the gender/sex discrimination in our society I have promised my future, optional child(ren) not to bother them with gender-related prejudices. Having a boy doesn't mean he'll love soccer and having a girl doesn't mean she won't. I have great love and passion for art/painting, photography, animation movies, martial arts/action movies, classical music, rock music, feminism, skepticism, videogames and the occasional fire for the Dutch soccer team lights up during championships (during that time I also love mucking around in the garden with a soccerball with the boyfriend). When I was a little girl, I loved playing with barbiedolls. But also with lego. I loved looking for big enough sticks in the garden that could be a sword, playing I was 'The Hero of Time' and I had to go and save Princess Zelda. And the love for pretend-sword fighting never died, I still do it occasionally with the boyfriend. :-D

I'm not bashing on people who buy little blue hats for the little boys or little princess dresses for the little girls. I very well know that people only do that because "that's what you do". But I don't think it causes any harm to raise awareness about how early these "gender defining" things start. If I ever have any biological children I probably won't tell anyone the sex and will specifically ask them to just give them what they'd want to share with the child, not what they want to share particularly with a girl or a boy. For example: my brothers are crazy about Dutch soccer, in particular the Amsterdam team, Ajax. I would just as well want them to share that love with my daughter as with my son. They did with me and my sister and we still occasionally burst out into Dutch soccer love at the championships. My sister & me are hardcore feminists, we try to promote a positive body image, big anime fans and I would share that just as much with a boy as with a girl (as everyone should! I can't believe there are people who say that they aren't feminist while being feminist solely means that you are in favor of complete equal rights, no matter what sex/gender. You're basically evil to me if you say you don't want that).

I'm nearly done with this rant, I promise, but I want to give you something to think about. If you have a child, you can only give it your own last name (the mother's last name) if a) you're not married or b) you've been divorced for over 300 days here in Belgium. So if me and my guy get married and have a kid, we can't choose for it to get my last name. In the Netherlands we can but not in Belgium. Even giving the kid joined last names like "... philips-evans" isn't legal yet. This kind of shocked me when I read it, I mean, SEXIST MUCH?! My man's last name is HELLA long and mine is simple as hell so we'd choose the last name on that practical note but hey, that's not even freaking legal in Belgium.

Now the outfit pictures!

see the little lights reflecting on my face? It's awesome having discoboobs!
one of my little fun atheist buttons. it says 'I think, therefore I am.... atheist'. I have some other fun ones like 'real men don't need imaginary friends' and 'no one's watching' in bright colors. I love buttons, I need more with feminist slogans, band logo's and much more! Such a fun and easy way to punk up your outfit.
Thanks to my sis, Annebeth, for taking these lovely pictures! And a picture of me & my terribly handsome siblings, oldest brother Maarten not included! Not because he's not handsome but because he lives somewhere far, far away. :-D
It might be a tad strange, combinating a thick wooly skirt with a sequined top, but I loved it and I felt so sparkly and awesome with this top. I don't have anything with sequins besides this but I always thoroughly enjoy wearing it! Catch ya later!

donderdag 5 januari 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Great end, great beginning.

Hey babies, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had lovely holidays, including a wonderful new years eve and a lazy new years day! Mine were! For the last evening of 2011 we went to my sister to have an evening/night full of food, music, dancing, games and talking. We made an apple crumble and a normal apple pie as dessert, a friend made lovely, creamy asparagus soup, there was sushi ordered (my sister is a sushi addict just like me), scallops in a creamy veggie sauce, roast beef with veggies and potatoe croquettes and last but not least a cuppa tea with apple pie! I might be forgetting something foodwise because we had A LOT of freaking food but I think that was all. My sister had a dresscode: 'SEXY GLAMOUR'. Yes, all caps. :-D So we all looked awesomely fancy. Here come the pictures!!:

I wish I had some better pictures of my eye make up. It was glorious. I had champagne colored eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes, bright yellow in the middle, peach/orange in the outer corner, bright pink in the crease and above the eyelid, a little line of pink underneath my eye and a thin line of black eyeliner on my waterline and my eyelid. It's exactly what I love and the colors looked great on me. OH and I used a little palette of bright colors I bought at claire's and it stayed on the entire night! It wasn't even expensive too, I was pleasantly surprised! I might go for a make up artist career somewhere in my life, painting on people would be totally awesome. :-D For dramatic photoshoots and fashionshows!
The little mermaid bra!
haha this might not be a terribly flattering picture but you can slightly see how awesome my eye make up was!
my only picture of the fireworks that doesn't look halfbad. And the last picture, a stupid-unflattering-cute picture of me and the boy:
So, as you can see, we had a great evening! I wore a sparkly black tight dress with spaghetti straps, a cropped cardigan with crotcheted (?)  sleeves, mustard tights, black boots with studded straps, a wide black leather belt and a headband with peacock like colors.  And a ring I got from my boyfriend and long, stringy silver earrings. I braided my hair the night before and that's a bout it! It was a good look on me. :-D Again, hope you babes had lovely holidays! See y'all on the flip side!