vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Funky geek

I'll do another super EMO post soon but for now I'm just gonna give you an outfit I was very pleased with myself. The legging was a great H&M buy, as was the pants in my last post by the way, and one of the things I bought in the sales in july. I bought this legging, an ombre green leopardprint skinnyjeans, the paisley printed harem pants from last post, bright pink capri's, a super sexy black and white dress that I will be saving for a first date and spikey earrings. All H&M! And I have muchos troubles with finding nicely fitting pants. All the pants I bought (two of them being jeans!) fit like gloves. Super lucky and sexy! I love wearing pants nowadays. I've had a year or a year and a half of wearing just dresses and midiskirts but now I really feel like pants. LIKE WEARING THE PANTS IN MY LIFE, YO. Also, I like looking at my ass in pants. I really do. To quote my big sis, when I look at my ass in tight pants I always feel like going KEPOW!:

I seriously don't care what people say about wearing leggings as pants. I have an ass, I know it and I ain't afraid to show it! As long as there's no cameltoe involved, I'm good. I'm also just really a sucker for legwear with prints.
Orange lipstick! I love it.

leggings: H&M
shirt: hottopic
boots: H&M
earrings: fleamarket
shrug: 3suisses
bag: amazon

So many "fashion faux pas" in one post, it's disgusting. The leggings as pants, non slimming legwear, a shirt with a high neckline for someone with big boobs, blue eyeshadow and orange lipstick. And of course, not being a twelve year old boy while wearing a Legend of Zelda T. LUCKY WE DON'T CARE, right my peeps? :-D

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Sexy and I know it! add the annoying tune to it*
    Work that color, gurl!

  2. Omg you look friggin HOT! I am loving this crazy bright ass yeah look at me outfit! You are so sexy mama!

    and this outfit is great!

  4. These leggings look AWESOME on you, my darling! And if you didn't tell us that they are leggings I wouldn't have noticed (I would just have thought that they were skinny pants). Also, love how the Zelda t-shirt and boots refer to your hair <3 (and who says that you can't wear a Zelda t-shirt if you're not a twenty something boy?!)

  5. I'm heading to THE Hot Topic website RIGHT NOW in search of that shirt. Also you look super hot and who cares about fashion 'rules' anyways?

  6. I never thought about wearing orange lipstick, but now I may have to consider buying one because you look absolutely awesome wearing it! :)

  7. Awesome post. I simply love your photos because you are looking very beautiful in this pair. I like the entire collections especially the print pant and shoes because both are looking quite unique and beautiful and very inspired me. Thanks for the post..:)
    Australian Designer

  8. well you do have some junk in your budankadunk and it is fa-bu-lous! i love what you did with this outfit, i love love love it! the green with the flowers, the zelda shirt , the boots, its perfect. you look great! :)


  9. I'm one of them whosuper like your leggings, seriously i love how floral-y it gets! And that boots, so perfect for a feminine-punk style.

  10. Hi, I saw you and I thought you were an interesting girl. I wonder if my intuition does not fail me.