maandag 13 augustus 2012

Shine on you crazy diamond

As I told you in my last post, me and my sis went to the Lokerse Feesten past tuesday to see The Beach Boys and The Australian Pink Floyd Show. When I bought the tickets I bought them especially for The Beach Boys, not even being aware of the fact that Aussie Floyd would be there. Little did I know that Aussie Floyd would be the highlight of the evening! The Beach Boys were fun, the first half of the set was kind of boring with all the songs having the exact same rhythm/sound. Of course there were fun parts when they played "Good Vibrations", "Barbara Ann" and some other hits, it was just a bit disappointing that they didn't play more hits. Also, we stood next to a really irritating lady who tried to get her boyfriend excited for the music by singing loudly into his face. I don't think he was very pleased. :-D

After The Beach Boys we were able to go all the way to the front of the stage, strangely a lot of people went away after TBB. Two super sweet, tall Dutch girls asked us if we wanted to stand in front of them because they were aware of the fact that they could look over our heads while we would be looking at their backs. Which would also be good if I rolled that way but I'd rather look at the musicians, being heterosexual. :-D Aussie Floyd opened with "Shine on you crazy diamond" and I got instantly teary eyed. I just love Pink Floyd music so much and they did an absolutely amazing job with preserving the atmosphere and quality of the original music. They even got me to appreciate the music more! If I closed my eyes it was almost like listening to the real deal. With a big laser show and blow up dolls, it was a wonderfully entertaining show. "Wish you were here" got me crying, of course, because it's one of my favorite songs in the history of all music and hearing your favorite songs live is always magical. I cried when Roger Daltrey did "See me, feel me" last year, too. It touched my heart. I'm also still a bit of an emotional wreck these days so I don't need much to get the ol' waterworks running. As one of the many highlights of the show, hearing "Another brick in the wall" live was awesome. Hearing everyone around you yell "HEY! TEACHERS! Leave them kids alone!", pure epicness. As you can read, I was overwhelmed by the greatness of the band. Coverbands will always get a lot of shit because they will never be the real deal but Jebus Rice, I will never be able to see the real deal so I gladly "settle" for the Australian Pink Floyd Show! If they ever come to Belgium again I won't hesitate to go once more and I can recommend them to anyone. It was perfection!

I have extra love for Pink Floyd because my big brothers and sister were always crazy about them too. Listening to their music always makes me think of my family. Most classic rock does, my dad gave every one of us his love for music and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Music is one of the best things in life and I hope that, if I ever have a kid of my own, I will be able to instill that same passion for music. To me, there's almost no feeling as good as standing in a crowd, screaming your lungs out, forgetting everything you were and will be, for that moment just being part of the music.

Now for my outfit:

Make up:
earrings and pants: H&M
cardigan: 3 suisses
band T: punk shop in Canterbury, forgot the name :-D you can probably find it online too!
shoes: converse
belt: thrifted

nailpolishes: all catrice, the first orange color a brandless stripertool I got secondhand. 
glitterpolish: essence

Thanks to the momster for taking my outfit pictures! I'll leave you with two pictures of me and my big sis and her badass legging, I had a wonderful time as I always do with her and she's been a great support to me! LOVE YA SIS

P.S.: If you're feeling in the mood to listen to some good music, this is my current favorite!
Pink Floyd - Time

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  1. Hah, I already told you how much I hate you for going to that show haha :D
    Your make up and nails are just awesome <3 and those pants look great on you! Love the colour.
    Pink Floyd music remind me of my family too (of my father, I remember that he made me listen to their music when driving me to elementary school). So it's not only gorgeous music, it's also bound to some sweet memories <3 (and by the way, I love Time)

  2. that sounds so awesome, I'd love to hear some pink floyd live, i know its not the real thing but if it's done with the same emotion and atmosphere then it would probably be awesome. I think I'd cry too, their music is so real and touching, i love it. i'm glad you got to go to something so awesome, it probably felt so good to sing along and let loose. My dad was the same with music and he listened to all the good oldies like pink floyd, zeppelin, deep purple, sabbath, ya know all that stuff and i am forever grateful!

    Your outfit is freaking adorable, that color looks so cute on you and the pink floyd shirt matches it perfectly, you're such an inspiration! love your eye make up aswell, you look like a shining diamond ;)


  3. So much awesome love going on in this post. I too was too young to see PF but I did grow up with their music and have really fond crazy memories of tripping big time to them in high school. You and your sister look so cute and nothing beats sister LOVE!!! You look super sweet in pink my dear!

  4. Gorgeous girl! You really shine in such beautiful colours! Live music is the best, I'm glad you had such a great time!