vrijdag 30 december 2011

Last post of 2011! Christmas outfit

2011 was an... interesting year but I'm curious to see what 2012 might bring. It looks prettier, no? :-D Time flies so quickly, I have the feeling I'll barely settle in 2012 to only see that 2013 is around the corner already. In 2012 my boy and me will be together for 5 years so I wanna think of something special to surprise him with. And hopefully it'll be the year that The Who will tour with Quadrophenia. My new niece/nephew will be born. My family from the U.S. will hopefully come and visit. New school, more photography, more learning, more loving, more movies, videogames, books and music, more awesome clothing in T2, more drawing and painting... I think I might like 2012. We're gonna celebrate the last night of the year at my sister's house with lots of food and games, that's not a terrible start of the year now, is it? :-) I hope everyone had a lovely year but just in case you didn't: chances are it'll be better next year! And have fun on NYE!

I wore this outfit on christmas day, this gorgeous dress fits me like nothing fits me and the color is just amazing. YES I should've ironed it MOM but I didn't 'cause I'm a lazy mofo. I'll wrinkle it again anyways. We made kilo's of sushi and chocolate mousse which was so good (we ate sushi the day after that too *drools*), watched 'The muppet christmas carol' and exchanged our little gifts. I got 'The Lion king' from my boyfriend which was incredibly sweet. I have been talking about buying some disney movies for a while now and we always sing songs from 'the lion king' and steal quotes from it so it was a lovely start to what will undoubtably be a big collection of my favorite childhood movies. The first movies that come to mind when I think of awesome disney, besides 'the lion king', are definitely 'the rescuers' (both of them), 'Robin Hood', 'Aladdin', 'the fox and the hound', 'The hunchback of the notre dame', 'The little mermaid'... man, I'm probably forgetting loads of them, I totally forgot how much I love all of these movies. I'll probably cry my eyes out when I see them again, it's been at least 8 years or so since I've seen most of them. Simpler times, sniffles. Anyways, I got him a Christopher Hitchens book, he was a brilliant writer and a great thinker. Here lovelies, the last outfit post in 2011 (but not the last outfit from 2011!).

We made sushi with raw tuna, raw salmon, surimi sticks (white fish stick with crab 'aroma' :-D) sweet omelet, cucumber, carrots and spring onions. I made a bit of a mix with wasabi and mayonaise to put on the surimi sushi's and it was HEAVEN. My mouth still waters when I think of it. Oh and I also made a little mixture of canned tuna with cayenne pepper and mayowasabi to create a 'spicy tuna' sushi which was delicious too. I want more. Ohmnomnomnom!

Have a good one and see ya next year! :-D

dinsdag 27 december 2011

The girl with the animal hat

I'm going to introduce you lovely people to my little beastie: the wolf hat.

I got it from my sister last year for my birthday/christmas and I have been loving it deeply ever since. Not only because it's adorable and so strange I can wear it with everything and nothing but also because you get a lot of reactions from random people in the streets when you wear something like this. Some see it and think 'OMG so adorable!' and come up to me to say that I'm wearing the most awesome hat ever to be seen in the universe and some look at me like I'm mentally deranged. I once had this lovely little experience, I went to get something at our local supermarket and I came across a cranky cashier. It was around the holidays last year and he was helping customers with a kind of farmer with a toothache (lovely dutch expression :-D) smile but looked like he was cursing under his breath. Once it was my turn to pay for my groceries he looked at me, looked at my hat and suddenly a big smile appeared on his face. He laughed and said 'cool hat! lovely holidays to you!'. I don't ever care if he was laughing at me or not, it's nice to bring a smile to people's faces sometimes. And young kids are CRAZY about this hat. Once they see my hat I feel like a celebrity with everyone pointing and smiling at me.

I find it so strange that something so simple like a hat with a snout can cause such big reactions relative to the freaking hat. It always makes me think of the princess boy, just a boy who likes to wear dresses and princessy clothing. While to some people it's just kid in a dress, a lot of people go beserk saying that it's unnatural and of course, that his parents are "turning him gay" or what not. That it's "inappropriate" and that he should just "act normal" because he'll get bullied in school anyways. And I get so fucking pissed when I hear that statement. Change your behaviour because other people are too ignorant to deal with something that might be a little out of the ordinary. That's basically saying that, if the kid just wants to be who he/she is, there's gonna be bullying and it's his/her own fault! No, don't talk to the bullies, don't do anything in favor of acceptance. Be normal, that's crazy enough. BAH HUMBUG, to stay in the holiday spirit. I solemnly swear, right now, that if I ever have kids, they will freaking wear whatever the hell they want. I will argue and if necessary, fight for their right to be who they are. Shouldn't we all? Dresses, jeans, as long as it's a little season/age appropriate, go crazy kids! Boys in high heels, girls in combat boots, what's the harm in that? Apart from the feet of the boys, no harm done. And I sincerely hope that, if we want to prevent people being bullied, we talk about bullying, ignorance, insecurities, ... in stead of giving kids, who might look, think, talk a little different, a lesson on how to not BE bullied. We have to start early with this kind of thing, before you know it they grow up to be an adult who thinks that gay couples shouldn't be able to adopt kids because the kid will get bullied.

Now, the infamous animal hat:

It's also delightfully warm, by the way! OH and I hope you guys had a lovely christmas! :-)

vrijdag 23 december 2011

Today? Today it's christmas day!

A little early but it's better to be early than late, I guess? :-D This is one of the jumpers I bought last sale and I felt awesome wearing it. This might be one of the "ugliest" outfits I've ever worn (mixed prints, weird color combinations) but it was fucking awesome to wear this. It was warm, cosy and punk as well as cute and girly. If there's anything that I love doing clothingwise when it's cold outside, it's layering! When it's really cold I wear a tanktop, a shirt and a jumper and maybe even a cardigan over the jumper. Not to mention a thick coat and a big wooly scarf. Legwise I go for a thick legging underneath my fun bright tights. And socks! I need more socks! Thick, fun, wooly socks! I love socks, when it's really cold outside my feet go all icecubey on me so I wear thick socks in bed. My boyfriend's feet also get really cold in wintertimes but he doesn't want to wear socks so it's a win win situation, me wearing socks. I don't get bothered by his cold feet and he doesn't get bothered by mine.

What are you doing these holidays? Coming together with the family? Going out to party with some friends? Or just some cosy winterdays with your lover? Oh and I broke my family's "no presents at christmas" tradition! I bought my boyfriend a thing that he's gonna love and he bought me something too. We made a little agreement that, at christmas, we buy each other a little present and it couldn't cost more than 15 euro. I know he'll be happy with my gift and I'm sure he bought me something I love too, as you could see in my last post, he's one hell of a gift-buyer! :-D Our plans are simple for the holidays. Christmas eve will be full of chocolate mousse and sushi (yes, sushi is my go to meal for any special circumstances!) and our little tradition, watching 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'. It's that or 'Love Actually', my two favorite christmas movies! I love The Muppets and Michael Caine is one of the coolest human beings EVER. And the songs are just magic. The songs always bring tears to my eyes. If I hear Kermit's little voice singing these lovely songs I always get so happy and sad at the same time. I wish we lived in the muppet world. Where Electric Mayhem would paint your car rainbow with bubbles print (and you could make bubble print by blowing bubbles on your car!) and you would have christmas with the nice Ebenezer Scrooge and the whole Muppet clan. And who wouldn't want to socialize with Miss Piggy and listen to Rowlf the dog his magical piano skillz? And listen to Fozzie's horrible jokes? Wacka wacka wacka?! The Muppets just stand for pure goodness. Just sweet jokes, cool songs and awesome characters. Sure they might've made a couple of crappy movies but they'll never lose my love! So let me share this little song with you and my outfit, than I'll get out of your hair!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL5_P8Wn_Pw&feature=related (it feels like christmas)

Now tell me that's not a lovely song! That's right, you can't! Even Ebenezer Scrooge gets happy when he listens to this song! Happy holidays! And in case I don't talk to you anymore, happy new year too! :-)

zaterdag 17 december 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & ode to awesome boyfriend

TO ME! :-D Here I am with my birthday post! I'll show you my presents, cake and outfit! Get ready!

On exactly the first minute of my birthday I got my first present from my boyfriend. A little box black box. Of course the first thing you think when you see a box like that is 'ZOMG it's a ring!' and I was hoping for a little jewellery from my guy! This was the box:

Pretty cute, right? My boyfriend usually sucks at wrapping gifts but he did his best and it looked so adorable! Inside, there was a gorgeous ring and a little note saying 'To the happiness in my life, happy birthday. I love you'. *melts*
Gorgeous, right? I love this kind of jewellery, colorful and feminine but not too girly and petite. When I wear tiny rings it kind of looks like my finger is eating the ring. I have a bit of chubs on my fingers. :-D

I love this ring and it shows that my boyfriend really knows what I like! Perfection! We always kind of use birthdays/anniversaries as little tests to show how well we know each other. Books, movies, jewellery, we know how to make each other happy! I also got these amazing earrings:

Again, LOVE! He knows what I love down to a T.

These are all the presents I got from my man, including the ring, earrings, 'The West Wing' box set (one of my favorite tv shows of all time! C.J. Cregg is my homegirl!), a beautiful shade of lipstick (bright peachy!) and a subscription to my favorite photography magazine for a whole year!!! I'm so incredibly happy with all the presents and I'll be enjoying all of them for a long time! I got some presents from my mom too, who never knows what to buy. :-D:

I was out of bodylotion and face cream so that came in handy, the plaid thingie underneath the bottle are pyjamas and a claire's giftcard. I saw a couple of things in claire's that I wanted so I told my mom to go to there if she didn't know what to buy me. She went to claire's but still didn't know what to buy so she gave me a gift card. Which was the sensible thing to do really, at least now I know I got some stuff I actually like. I just went to claire's yesterday and bought 4 pairs of earrings and a red glittery headband. Gorgeous stuff! She also let me pick out some hairdyes and paid for the dyes so that was pretty cool too! I now have toner, bright yellow, bright pink, violet and neon blue to try out! Looking forward to it! OH and every birthday I get the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my loverboy, for romance and photography! :-D I took some lovely pictures if I can say so myself and I will be posting those pictures on my photography blog so keep your eye out!


CAKE COME BACK! I love you so! Sniffles! That was the best cake ever. All made with love by me and my love! :-D Now the outfit and me featuring my new ring, earrings and lipstick!

Great lipstick! How awesome is my boyfriend? Oh and here's a picture of my doggie, running/flying;

Superdog! My day was simple, I had good food, lots of cake and tea, lovely conversations with my boyfriend and brother over skype, we made pizza and drank kiddie champagne because I hate the taste of alcohol. The only upside of turning eighteen over here is being able to drink liquor and I freaking hate drinking anything with alcohol so THANKS LAW, why not give something cool to newly turned 18 year olds instead of giving them a license to get drunk? PFOO. I don't care though because I already had the best presents ever! As I already mentioned I also got bright green knockoff doc martens from my sister, a photography book from my youngest brother and I'm hoping to receive a Legend of Zelda shirt from my oldest brother in two weeks or so! So excited for that! Thank you everybody for giving awesome presents, wishing me a happy birthday and being awesome! The day after my birthday was great too, by the way. We made sushi, watched a very short lunar eclipse and I made pictures of the lunar eclipse, sunset and flowers I got from my man. It was lovely and I can't believe I have such a wonderful man in my life.

maandag 12 december 2011

2 Old outfits and a Family/Christmas rant

Thank you lovely people so much for your birthday wishes, I even got myself a whole birthday post from Quite Kafkaesque! How sweet is that?! Thank you so much, darling! So much love on the interwebz! I had a wonderful birthday and after this post I'll definitely do a birthday post with my presents, cake and a little summary of the day. I can tell you now: I do have the best boyfriend in the world!

On my birthday I felt a little sad because I had a great conversation with my brother over skype (don't worry, this will make sense in a bit). As I've told you many times before, he lives in the U.S. and we don't see much of each other because well, plane tickets cost money and money's a bitch. We had a lovely talk about his kids, his eldest daughter growing into puberty, his youngest daughter that looks a LOT like me (for real, if I had any pictures with both of us on it you'd be freaked out) and I can't help but tear up a bit when my brother tells me that she sounds like me. She loves to draw, paint and is basically into anything artsy, much like me and my brother. The times we skype she keeps drawing stuff and shows her drawings to me every five seconds while I talk and joke around with my oldest niece. When you live so far away from each other you really start to appreciate those tiny things more. My oldest niece is twelve now and she's very mature, smart and so beautiful. I always knew her as a little girl and chances are that she'll outgrow me in a couple of years! Time, I still don't understand it. I try to skype with my brother and nieces as much as I can but when I look back I know I haven't talked to them nearly as much as I could. We talked about politics, video games, The Muppets, the weird ass republican candidates in the U.S., raising children... while he's sixteen years older than me (or something like that, I'm terrible at remembering ages in my family) we do think alike (and look alike!) and that's so nice. We're both very down to earth, calm and silly.

Because my parents were and are basically crazy hippies, we never really got the feeling of family 'installed' into us in the traditional sense. My dad worked abroad and when he was home I always had the feeling that he kind of saw it as a burden to just go out with his family and have a nice time. Days at the beach were always a hustle and most of the time it just got cancelled. It was only when I started to kind of have a little family of my own (not in the sense of kids but the sense of feeling completely comfortable with someone, my boyfriend in this case) that I started to feel like being together with your family wasn't something to dread. I wanted to be with my family for the holidays, even if it just meant cooking a big meal and watching a muppet christmas carol with my boyfriend. Christmas was always just a little time of the year where we'd put up a christmas tree and maybe listen to some horridly cool christmas opera. But the stuff around christmas like buying a little present for each other, making a big meal, play games and watching cheesy christmas movies was never really part of the deal. Of course it's commercial and it's bullshit but really, everyone just needs an excuse to not work for a couple of days and be with their families. Who wouldn't want that? Have a romantic getaway with your partner, throw a little party for your family, anything that you want. Now that I'm a little older myself I feel the need to come together with my family, especially since we live far away from each other. And now even a little more since my youngest brother David and his wife Marijn are expecting a little one! So family, if you read this: Let's get together for christmas! Or any time really, I don't care. I just want to pat my sister in law's belly, play some terrible boardgames, take ugly-pretty pictures of everyone and eat yummy food. My christmas wish (is that even a thing? :-D) is to one day have a christmas day where my whole family is together, including my brother, sister in law and two nieces who are now living in America.

And world peace of course.

End family and christmas rant, now over to the outfits! First one:

Check out all the floral prints mixed! I really loved this outfit, subtle colors and prints but certainly not boring!
Second outfit, on the day after I got my sister's birthday present; bright green knockoff doc martens! Thanks sis! It was hella misty on that day, look at this!

Pretty freaking misty, right? I really like this picture. Creepy as hell. :-D
Awesome boots, right? And again: so glad I cut my hair again. Thank you for reading my loves, hope you enjoy my rants and pictures and I'll blog you later! (ha! interwebz humor!)