dinsdag 27 december 2011

The girl with the animal hat

I'm going to introduce you lovely people to my little beastie: the wolf hat.

I got it from my sister last year for my birthday/christmas and I have been loving it deeply ever since. Not only because it's adorable and so strange I can wear it with everything and nothing but also because you get a lot of reactions from random people in the streets when you wear something like this. Some see it and think 'OMG so adorable!' and come up to me to say that I'm wearing the most awesome hat ever to be seen in the universe and some look at me like I'm mentally deranged. I once had this lovely little experience, I went to get something at our local supermarket and I came across a cranky cashier. It was around the holidays last year and he was helping customers with a kind of farmer with a toothache (lovely dutch expression :-D) smile but looked like he was cursing under his breath. Once it was my turn to pay for my groceries he looked at me, looked at my hat and suddenly a big smile appeared on his face. He laughed and said 'cool hat! lovely holidays to you!'. I don't ever care if he was laughing at me or not, it's nice to bring a smile to people's faces sometimes. And young kids are CRAZY about this hat. Once they see my hat I feel like a celebrity with everyone pointing and smiling at me.

I find it so strange that something so simple like a hat with a snout can cause such big reactions relative to the freaking hat. It always makes me think of the princess boy, just a boy who likes to wear dresses and princessy clothing. While to some people it's just kid in a dress, a lot of people go beserk saying that it's unnatural and of course, that his parents are "turning him gay" or what not. That it's "inappropriate" and that he should just "act normal" because he'll get bullied in school anyways. And I get so fucking pissed when I hear that statement. Change your behaviour because other people are too ignorant to deal with something that might be a little out of the ordinary. That's basically saying that, if the kid just wants to be who he/she is, there's gonna be bullying and it's his/her own fault! No, don't talk to the bullies, don't do anything in favor of acceptance. Be normal, that's crazy enough. BAH HUMBUG, to stay in the holiday spirit. I solemnly swear, right now, that if I ever have kids, they will freaking wear whatever the hell they want. I will argue and if necessary, fight for their right to be who they are. Shouldn't we all? Dresses, jeans, as long as it's a little season/age appropriate, go crazy kids! Boys in high heels, girls in combat boots, what's the harm in that? Apart from the feet of the boys, no harm done. And I sincerely hope that, if we want to prevent people being bullied, we talk about bullying, ignorance, insecurities, ... in stead of giving kids, who might look, think, talk a little different, a lesson on how to not BE bullied. We have to start early with this kind of thing, before you know it they grow up to be an adult who thinks that gay couples shouldn't be able to adopt kids because the kid will get bullied.

Now, the infamous animal hat:

It's also delightfully warm, by the way! OH and I hope you guys had a lovely christmas! :-)

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  1. je weet al dat ik em super vind! en ik ga volledig akkoord. Soms zeg ik voor de grap tegen filip dat als we ooit een kind krijgen, ik het geslacht voor iedereen ga verzwijgen tot het kind zelf kiest hoe het zich wil profileren zodat anderen hun verwachtingen niet op het kind projecteren. Half voor de grap.

  2. Big WOOHOO to this post! Totally agree with what you say and animal hats are the best :D my cat hat is one of the best things i own haha!

  3. This hat is so cute!! I can't believe this, Moreno just gave me a monkey hat as a gift :)
    Yours looks great and I love how you wore it here!
    And I can't agree more with you on the importance of letting kids wear what they want and be what they want, as long as it's age appropriate (10 years old girls wearing a mini-mini skirt and high heels?? hell no).
    Life is a romantic poem

  4. love the pretty colors here and the hat is just adorable

  5. Ahhh such a great story! I LOVE the hat personally! And I think you make it look awesome!xx

  6. Hey! Thanks for following! I will now proceed to follow you ;] And it's an ear cuff, not that I wouldn't love getting my ear pierced all the way up and down, but I liked the option of the ear cuff! Etsy has a million of them. =]

  7. nice hat dear... chk the giveaway on ma blog http://lets-doll-up.blogspot.com/2012/02/house-of-antoinette-1950-giveaway.html

  8. Hi all,

    There's the monkey of course in all its variations, the regular monkey in different colors all the way to red and everything else from frogs to bears to lobsters, penguins, giraffes, moose, baby seals, puppies galore and even an elephant to name a few. Thanks!

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