donderdag 8 december 2011

Pre birthday outfit post!

DARLINGZ, Imma be eighteen years old tomorrow, december 9th! I still have to finish my birthday cake with my boyfriend (no, he's not inside the cake!) so it's just a quick post! I'm a little tired from sniffing up all the sugary cake aromas. :-D Since two years ago we make a devils food cake for my birthday (and sometimes for my boy too), a super big, heavy chocolatey cake. I once saw it on Martha Stewart (don't judge!) and I immediately told my boyfriend that that was my dream cake. I enjoy it every time we make it but we only make it twice a year (once for me and once for my man) so that's just enough to not get bored with the taste. I already got myself a wide angle lens for my birthday, I have been saving up my money for a while to get a new lens and I couldn't be happier. I have so much more new things to try out now, photography wise. I'm going to have loads of fun, trust me. Tomorrow I'll get presents from my boyfriend and mom, I'm curious to see what they bought me! I got some fake bright green doc martens from my sis and a gorgeous photography book from one of my brothers. My oldest brother is always very smart and just asks me what I want, every year, so I know he'll get me something glorious. He lives in the U.S. so when it comes to buying presents it's a pretty handy deal. Only when it comes to buying presents though, apart from that it's a shitty deal to have part of your family living somewhere halfway across the world. Anyhoo, I'll do a birthday post soon with all my presents and my cake!

It's really stormy here in Belgium right now and my mom always told me that the night I was born was crazy stormy too. I'm hoping for a nice sunny day tomorrow so I can go out and play with my lens! Fingers crossed!

Looking back I'm SO glad I cut my hair again. I loved my little pincurls but my short sharp do is so much more me. Gorgeous haircolors though. I'm still in love with my bright hair. Kids, a word of advice: Don't ever believe your parents when they say you'll grow tired of bright hair. It just doesn't happen. :-D

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  1. Love the movement in the skirt. Happy Birthday.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  2. Happy birthday dear! I can't wait to see all your gifts and the cake you baked with Glenn!
    I'm sorry it's stormy there, I hope it doesn't make damages to houses etc.!
    And I LOVE your bright hair. Makes me wanna try again pink locks ;)
    The first pic is so beautiful, I love it :) this outfit is perfect, I love the skirt and the floral blouse!
    Life is a romantic poem

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!!! I hope its everything you wanted out of the day. :) yay the big 18! now you can buy hard liquor haha! :) have a piece of cake for me too! :)


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!! We are almost birthday twins! Hope you have/had a glorious day (not sure of your timezone lulz) and that you got spoiled, and that your boyfriend DID pop out of a cake :)

  5. i adore those pictures dear!! you are so beautiful!! love the skirt and colors!! amazing!!
    Have a Happy Birthday!! You are a perfect person!!

  6. Aw the photos are so pretty! I love the onwes where you're twriling with your skirt :) That's a gorgeous colour palette in your look here, it totally works in front of this forest backdrop! Cute pops of colour with the blouse and tights! <3

  7. How good is a twirly skirt hey? Your cake sounds like it's going to be glorious! Happy Happy birthday for tomorrow!