maandag 12 december 2011

2 Old outfits and a Family/Christmas rant

Thank you lovely people so much for your birthday wishes, I even got myself a whole birthday post from Quite Kafkaesque! How sweet is that?! Thank you so much, darling! So much love on the interwebz! I had a wonderful birthday and after this post I'll definitely do a birthday post with my presents, cake and a little summary of the day. I can tell you now: I do have the best boyfriend in the world!

On my birthday I felt a little sad because I had a great conversation with my brother over skype (don't worry, this will make sense in a bit). As I've told you many times before, he lives in the U.S. and we don't see much of each other because well, plane tickets cost money and money's a bitch. We had a lovely talk about his kids, his eldest daughter growing into puberty, his youngest daughter that looks a LOT like me (for real, if I had any pictures with both of us on it you'd be freaked out) and I can't help but tear up a bit when my brother tells me that she sounds like me. She loves to draw, paint and is basically into anything artsy, much like me and my brother. The times we skype she keeps drawing stuff and shows her drawings to me every five seconds while I talk and joke around with my oldest niece. When you live so far away from each other you really start to appreciate those tiny things more. My oldest niece is twelve now and she's very mature, smart and so beautiful. I always knew her as a little girl and chances are that she'll outgrow me in a couple of years! Time, I still don't understand it. I try to skype with my brother and nieces as much as I can but when I look back I know I haven't talked to them nearly as much as I could. We talked about politics, video games, The Muppets, the weird ass republican candidates in the U.S., raising children... while he's sixteen years older than me (or something like that, I'm terrible at remembering ages in my family) we do think alike (and look alike!) and that's so nice. We're both very down to earth, calm and silly.

Because my parents were and are basically crazy hippies, we never really got the feeling of family 'installed' into us in the traditional sense. My dad worked abroad and when he was home I always had the feeling that he kind of saw it as a burden to just go out with his family and have a nice time. Days at the beach were always a hustle and most of the time it just got cancelled. It was only when I started to kind of have a little family of my own (not in the sense of kids but the sense of feeling completely comfortable with someone, my boyfriend in this case) that I started to feel like being together with your family wasn't something to dread. I wanted to be with my family for the holidays, even if it just meant cooking a big meal and watching a muppet christmas carol with my boyfriend. Christmas was always just a little time of the year where we'd put up a christmas tree and maybe listen to some horridly cool christmas opera. But the stuff around christmas like buying a little present for each other, making a big meal, play games and watching cheesy christmas movies was never really part of the deal. Of course it's commercial and it's bullshit but really, everyone just needs an excuse to not work for a couple of days and be with their families. Who wouldn't want that? Have a romantic getaway with your partner, throw a little party for your family, anything that you want. Now that I'm a little older myself I feel the need to come together with my family, especially since we live far away from each other. And now even a little more since my youngest brother David and his wife Marijn are expecting a little one! So family, if you read this: Let's get together for christmas! Or any time really, I don't care. I just want to pat my sister in law's belly, play some terrible boardgames, take ugly-pretty pictures of everyone and eat yummy food. My christmas wish (is that even a thing? :-D) is to one day have a christmas day where my whole family is together, including my brother, sister in law and two nieces who are now living in America.

And world peace of course.

End family and christmas rant, now over to the outfits! First one:

Check out all the floral prints mixed! I really loved this outfit, subtle colors and prints but certainly not boring!
Second outfit, on the day after I got my sister's birthday present; bright green knockoff doc martens! Thanks sis! It was hella misty on that day, look at this!

Pretty freaking misty, right? I really like this picture. Creepy as hell. :-D
Awesome boots, right? And again: so glad I cut my hair again. Thank you for reading my loves, hope you enjoy my rants and pictures and I'll blog you later! (ha! interwebz humor!)

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  1. HOLY SHIT GREEN BOOTS. They are the coolest things I have ever seen. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! It must suck having your brother live so far away so I hope you get your Christmas wish!

  2. Love the misty pic! Beautiful. And hanging out with my family is the best thing about Christmas for me, just lazing around in our pyjamas and eating. You need to get your family on board with this :D

  3. aw so sweet that u skype with your brother and his kids. i know what thats like, i lived away from my sister for a couple of years ( we are very close to eachother) andthat was really hard, i eventually moved to europe because she moved away to europe and i moved in with her and her husband, but now i live away from my parents and its hard so i know what you mean, but i skype with my dad allthe time too so it does help. I hope your christmas wish comes true and that your whole family will be together for christmas! :)

    I love the outfits! the first one is so warm and cute! love it, the second one is so great i love the green boots with it! :)


  4. Oooo i love misty days :D that belt is so pretty by the way!
    Hope your Christmas turns out to be great!

  5. I know what you mean...while my family's all here in Italy, two of my best friends live abroad now; thank god they invented skype! ^^ Christmas is also a great excuse to see each other...but yes, a plane ticket costs so, so much, and I understand that sometimes you have to content yourself only with e-mails or skype. It's so sad though...
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful relationship with your brother, even if he's older than you. And your niece sounds aborable :)
    I love these two outfits, the first because I like the floral combo and the second because...well, those boots are killer! Also, the first photo of the second outfit is BEAUTIFUL (yes, also a little creepy, haha). I love mist.
    Oh and thanks a lot for your comments about my legs haha ^^ it's still a little strange for me to receive so many praises (about my looks but most of all about my figure, my body), but it really makes me happy :) so, thank you.
    Life is a romantic poem