zaterdag 17 december 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & ode to awesome boyfriend

TO ME! :-D Here I am with my birthday post! I'll show you my presents, cake and outfit! Get ready!

On exactly the first minute of my birthday I got my first present from my boyfriend. A little box black box. Of course the first thing you think when you see a box like that is 'ZOMG it's a ring!' and I was hoping for a little jewellery from my guy! This was the box:

Pretty cute, right? My boyfriend usually sucks at wrapping gifts but he did his best and it looked so adorable! Inside, there was a gorgeous ring and a little note saying 'To the happiness in my life, happy birthday. I love you'. *melts*
Gorgeous, right? I love this kind of jewellery, colorful and feminine but not too girly and petite. When I wear tiny rings it kind of looks like my finger is eating the ring. I have a bit of chubs on my fingers. :-D

I love this ring and it shows that my boyfriend really knows what I like! Perfection! We always kind of use birthdays/anniversaries as little tests to show how well we know each other. Books, movies, jewellery, we know how to make each other happy! I also got these amazing earrings:

Again, LOVE! He knows what I love down to a T.

These are all the presents I got from my man, including the ring, earrings, 'The West Wing' box set (one of my favorite tv shows of all time! C.J. Cregg is my homegirl!), a beautiful shade of lipstick (bright peachy!) and a subscription to my favorite photography magazine for a whole year!!! I'm so incredibly happy with all the presents and I'll be enjoying all of them for a long time! I got some presents from my mom too, who never knows what to buy. :-D:

I was out of bodylotion and face cream so that came in handy, the plaid thingie underneath the bottle are pyjamas and a claire's giftcard. I saw a couple of things in claire's that I wanted so I told my mom to go to there if she didn't know what to buy me. She went to claire's but still didn't know what to buy so she gave me a gift card. Which was the sensible thing to do really, at least now I know I got some stuff I actually like. I just went to claire's yesterday and bought 4 pairs of earrings and a red glittery headband. Gorgeous stuff! She also let me pick out some hairdyes and paid for the dyes so that was pretty cool too! I now have toner, bright yellow, bright pink, violet and neon blue to try out! Looking forward to it! OH and every birthday I get the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my loverboy, for romance and photography! :-D I took some lovely pictures if I can say so myself and I will be posting those pictures on my photography blog so keep your eye out!


CAKE COME BACK! I love you so! Sniffles! That was the best cake ever. All made with love by me and my love! :-D Now the outfit and me featuring my new ring, earrings and lipstick!

Great lipstick! How awesome is my boyfriend? Oh and here's a picture of my doggie, running/flying;

Superdog! My day was simple, I had good food, lots of cake and tea, lovely conversations with my boyfriend and brother over skype, we made pizza and drank kiddie champagne because I hate the taste of alcohol. The only upside of turning eighteen over here is being able to drink liquor and I freaking hate drinking anything with alcohol so THANKS LAW, why not give something cool to newly turned 18 year olds instead of giving them a license to get drunk? PFOO. I don't care though because I already had the best presents ever! As I already mentioned I also got bright green knockoff doc martens from my sister, a photography book from my youngest brother and I'm hoping to receive a Legend of Zelda shirt from my oldest brother in two weeks or so! So excited for that! Thank you everybody for giving awesome presents, wishing me a happy birthday and being awesome! The day after my birthday was great too, by the way. We made sushi, watched a very short lunar eclipse and I made pictures of the lunar eclipse, sunset and flowers I got from my man. It was lovely and I can't believe I have such a wonderful man in my life.

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  1. oooooooooooooooh je nagellak, make up en jurk!! hoe heb je je nagels gedaan duuuuuuuude i want

    also, dat stuk over je vinger die de ring op eet en mam's cadeaus, hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaahahha

  2. oh en die taart ziet er echt heerlijk uit

  3. beautiful pieces and you look wonderful

  4. Lucky you, your boyfriend buys great presents! And that cake looks delicious, YUM. Happy birthday <3

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! First of all, your piano belt is so friggin awesome! And you sure got some excellent presents, I especially love those earrings. AND THE CAKE. I want some cake. Hope you had an excellent day!

  6. Happy Birthday - such wonderful gifts :) And loving your manicure!

  7. Haha, Moreno too sucks at gift wrapping!
    I'm so happy you spent such a great birthday :) the cake looks amazing and very yummy and the ring and earrings are so you! I love how you styled them...and your manicure is amazing as always.
    The last picture is just too cute :)
    Life is a romantic poem

  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! that is SO SO sweet of your boyfriend! what a cutie! the ring is BEAUTIFUL! and the earrings are gorgeous! such a delicious looking cake and your outfit looked amazing love it! so glad you had a happy birthday with the people you love! :)


  9. Sushi! ^__^
    And your boyfriend is so sweet ;)
    Congrats, you seem to have found the perfect boyfriend ^_-
    I love your make-up in this post. And the ring... So awesome! Oh and the cake really was EPIC. So colourful :D Like your hair and outfits ^^

  10. This is one of the sweetest and thoughtful birthday I've seen. Such a beautiful and romantic happy birthday messages wishes and celebration from your boyfriend. Nice one!

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