vrijdag 30 december 2011

Last post of 2011! Christmas outfit

2011 was an... interesting year but I'm curious to see what 2012 might bring. It looks prettier, no? :-D Time flies so quickly, I have the feeling I'll barely settle in 2012 to only see that 2013 is around the corner already. In 2012 my boy and me will be together for 5 years so I wanna think of something special to surprise him with. And hopefully it'll be the year that The Who will tour with Quadrophenia. My new niece/nephew will be born. My family from the U.S. will hopefully come and visit. New school, more photography, more learning, more loving, more movies, videogames, books and music, more awesome clothing in T2, more drawing and painting... I think I might like 2012. We're gonna celebrate the last night of the year at my sister's house with lots of food and games, that's not a terrible start of the year now, is it? :-) I hope everyone had a lovely year but just in case you didn't: chances are it'll be better next year! And have fun on NYE!

I wore this outfit on christmas day, this gorgeous dress fits me like nothing fits me and the color is just amazing. YES I should've ironed it MOM but I didn't 'cause I'm a lazy mofo. I'll wrinkle it again anyways. We made kilo's of sushi and chocolate mousse which was so good (we ate sushi the day after that too *drools*), watched 'The muppet christmas carol' and exchanged our little gifts. I got 'The Lion king' from my boyfriend which was incredibly sweet. I have been talking about buying some disney movies for a while now and we always sing songs from 'the lion king' and steal quotes from it so it was a lovely start to what will undoubtably be a big collection of my favorite childhood movies. The first movies that come to mind when I think of awesome disney, besides 'the lion king', are definitely 'the rescuers' (both of them), 'Robin Hood', 'Aladdin', 'the fox and the hound', 'The hunchback of the notre dame', 'The little mermaid'... man, I'm probably forgetting loads of them, I totally forgot how much I love all of these movies. I'll probably cry my eyes out when I see them again, it's been at least 8 years or so since I've seen most of them. Simpler times, sniffles. Anyways, I got him a Christopher Hitchens book, he was a brilliant writer and a great thinker. Here lovelies, the last outfit post in 2011 (but not the last outfit from 2011!).

We made sushi with raw tuna, raw salmon, surimi sticks (white fish stick with crab 'aroma' :-D) sweet omelet, cucumber, carrots and spring onions. I made a bit of a mix with wasabi and mayonaise to put on the surimi sushi's and it was HEAVEN. My mouth still waters when I think of it. Oh and I also made a little mixture of canned tuna with cayenne pepper and mayowasabi to create a 'spicy tuna' sushi which was delicious too. I want more. Ohmnomnomnom!

Have a good one and see ya next year! :-D

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  1. Cute outfit! You look like a little Christmas pixie! Glad you had a nice Christmas :)

  2. Gorgeous!!


  3. YUMMMM SUSHI. I can't handle wasabi though, tooo hot! I love your dress also, it looks a bit medieval-ish if you know what I mean? Really pretty! And you HAIRRRRR!! You are wonderful. :)

  4. Awesome dress, it suits you perfectly! And every time I see your hair I love it even more ;)
    Aww I love The Lion King too and some of my favourite movies ever include Disney films such as Mulan, Pocahontas and of course Robin Hood!
    You make me NEED some sushi NOW!
    Have a wonderful NYE and a happy new year darling!

  5. beautiful dress, it looks so great with the red cardi

  6. Happy New Year! Gorgeous colors in this outfit. So nice to end the year with! ( Oh no, I'm actually starting to already miss the Christmas season...=(

    Also, I never iron clothes unless I have a job interview, haha. And even then I'm like "Mehh."

  7. you look gorgeous, that dress looks so pretty on you! and your hair is amazing as always. the sushi look awesome! hope you had a great new year with the people you love! :)


  8. Lovely outfit, i love the colours (they match your hair too :D), they're very 'elfy'!! Awh, Aladdin and Snow White were my favourites when i was little, i'd probably cry if i watched them again, hah!