dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

Flux Capacitor

My hair was sooo greasy that day but I forgot to wash my hair in the shower so I took a risk (it's a risk in my book because it might have been at least five years since I've worn my hair out of my face, I stopped doing it because I had quite some acne in my early teens and I was extremely selfconscious about it) and slicked my hair back with some gel. I actually really liked it and I will be wearing it like this more often! Someone mistook me for my sister when I was out groceryshopping, I thought it was pretty funny. Though I have to agree that I do look a lot like her, especially with my hair like this. My brothers look a lot like each other too and we just really look a lot like each other in general, me and my siblings. I used to hate it when people would say "ZOMG you look so much like your brother/sister" but now I just smile and say "Yeah, I agree, thanks!" because to be honest, we're a handsome family! One of my nieces actually looks a lot like me too and I love it. She sounds just like me and she also loves to draw like me! Though both of my nieces are super creative, my oldest niece is a great singer! She's playing Mulan in the musical that her school is having this year and I wish I could be there to support her and sing with her. 

One of my biggest 'wishes' is that my family would live closer together so that we could spend at least some christmases, holidays and birthdays together. Of course family can be a pain in the ass but in the end of the day, if we're all sensible people, we always come back together in one way or another. ANYHOO!

My mother found this jacket up in our attic a year or so ago but I didn't have the balls to wear it yet. I really felt like wearing it now because it really clashes with the rest of my outfit. The outfit is more sweet girly while the jacket is badboy eighties (M.J. Fox like! I love love love him and Back to the future! ROADS?! WHERE WE'RE GOING WE DON'T NEED "ROADS".) so I wanted to mix them together and I really liked the outcome! Those tights are new by the way, I have my usual store where I go every change of the season to buy new tights and they were having a sale with a 'buy one, get half off the second pair' offer so I found a pack of two tights (red and pink) and this gorgeous mustardy yellow one so I got 3 pairs of tights for 13 euro! I'm a total sensible shopper, people. Tights and belts are those kinds of things that I can never have enough of. Than again, I can also never have enough Zelda videogames (SKYWARD SWORD IN LESS THAN A MONTH Y'ALL!! Sorry Giulia! :-D), watercolors, lenses, nailpolishes, Ghibli and Kitano movies, hugs and kisses from my boyfriend, good music and CATS. Haha, no that's not true. I have plenty of nailpolish. KIDDING! I actually have plenty of cats. :-D Sorry, I'm feeling a little silly! Now for the outfit!

See there's a little pattern in my tights? It's like a fishnet pattern, really pretty and simple but it stands out just enough! Also, I just noticed that I can totally wear this jacket as a raincoat. Which is freaking awesome and cheap because I don't have a raincoat yet! Imagine someone living in Belgium not owning a raincoat.
Purple and yellow = so lovely!
Girl. that's some greasy ass hair!
i'm thinking of getting another piercing too. Maybe another one in my ear but I'm also kind of liking the idea of having a stud on both sides of my nose. I'm not sure about that though, getting another piercing in my nose is a little more of a big decision than just another one in my ear. I'm just gonna keep thinking until I'm sure. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a lovely day! And if you have any tips or opinions regarding the piercings (or my hair), please let me know!

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  1. you look so good with the hair pulld back like that! almost didnt recognize you! :D love this oufit. purple is my favorite color and anyone who rocks it is good in my book. and yeahhh back to the future reffrences are awesome! you rock lovely :)


  2. wie dacht dat je mij was? Wie kent mij eigenlijk nog? :-D SUPER mooie kleuren, heel vet jasje en je kan dit haar perfect hebben!

  3. veyr very beautiful necklace!! :D I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like :)



  4. Get the piercing!! You can always take it out again if you want to..
    I'm very pro-piercing :D

  5. Haha, don't be afraid, go on talking about Zelda! :D
    I love how you did your hair today, you look great :) and I love your outfit, so '80s! (yay for back to the future, that movie rocks!)
    About family, yes, I can understand you wish you all lived close...I think it would be so hard for me if part of my family lived in another country!
    Life is a romantic poem

  6. Oh, and I forgot, I think you should try another piercing in your ear :)and then decide if you want or not another piercing in your nose.