donderdag 20 oktober 2011

The start of layering

Yes, it's getting colder and colder. I'm glad the weather is still pretty nice though, everyday there's at least a bit of sunshine so it's not all that depressing (yet). I'm not looking forward to the cloudy rainy days but I am kind of looking forward to the photography opportunities that cold mornings hold for me! Fog, frozen dew, snow and ice! Sure it's cold as hell but it's all so beautiful and magical. If you ever get the chance, go take a walk in a forest  in the morning when it has been freezing that night and you'll see the most beautiful things ever. One of my favorite things is a spiderweb with frozen dew, it's just pure magic if you ask me. But I'm getting ahead of myself, fall holds beautiful things too. I especially love the soft lighting you have just an hour before sunset. And of course the lovely colors of the leaves, the plants getting ready for winter and the fact that you can still sort of dress the way you want without entirely revolving your outfit around trying to avoid your (imaginary) cohones freezing off.

To be honest though, while I will probably bitch and moan about the cold weather ahead, I do enjoy winter. My dog, Mojo, of course named after the Power Puff Girls villain :-D, is freaking in love with winter, she eats snow and tries to fetch the snowballs you throw, it's adorable. I used to have another dog, Tigri, she was an Alaskan Malamut and she probably just wanted everyday to be snowy white. She rolled around in the snow, ran around for no reason at all, ate the snow, played in the snow and she'd just take naps in the snow too. It was just gorgeous to see such a happy dog. She's been gone for two years or so now and I can't believe she's been gone for that long. It seems like it was only yesterday that she would steal apples from the fruitbowl (yes, weirdest dog ever!) and just start snacking on them. You'd find half eaten apples in the house or garden, I always thought it was hilarious that she'd walk around with apples in her mouth. Incredibly random! :-D

Here she is, my lovely doggie:
She was already pretty old here but man, she was one of the most gorgeous dogs I've ever seen. I'll never forget her. *sniffles* Now, the outfit!
I really like the cold, slightly washed out colors in this outfit. The sweater is incredibly comfy and I love the dress I'm wearing underneath it as a skirt!
I thought this picture was pretty funny and pretty. :-D
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Really lovely photos =) I love the ones of you in the grass, so pretty! And that dress worn as a skirt looks really good =D Oh and your dog is amazingly cute!!

  2. that is such a cute story about your dog! he was so beautiful! we had a black lab for a while he would eat apples too, we had a apple tree in the yard and he would eat all the ones that fell on the floor. He passed away about 3 years ago too its such a sad thing when you loose a pet you loved for so long.

    I love the outfit by the way. love that top with the skirt you look super cool :)


  3. Tigri looks so lovely...and I can understand you when you talk about dogs and snow...I used to have a dog, Holly (she left us during this year), and whenever we had a snowy day she used to run in the garden like crazy. It was so funny looking at her!
    I love your outfit today, the sweater looks very comfy and the dress is amazing :)
    Life is a romantic poem

  4. deze had ik nog niet gezien, ik herken dat truitje! ziet er veel beter uit nu het echt iemand past ipv te hangen als een zak zoals bij mij :-D en je haar is mooooi!