maandag 3 oktober 2011

One day in Canterbury

Hey loves, not much to tell about this outfit! We had a 20 minute drive from our hotel in Dover to the parkingplace just outside of Canterbury where we parked our car for 2 pounds 50 and got on the bus to the highstreets of Canterbury. Which is a very good way to travel for tourists! Cheap, you don't have to deal with traffic (though to be honest, my love did an amazing job at driving on the left side of the road!) and you don't have to worry about finding a place to park in the city. Which is always a pain in the butt, whether it's in Canterbury or Ghent. Because we did have lots of walking to do in the city and we had to catch the ferry at ten in the evening I just went for the most comfortable outfit I could think of, which is my stretchy jeans and my favorite Band T! The weather was absolutely amazing and it was a joy to walk around in Canterbury. The streets are cute with beautiful buildings, the people on the streets were colorful and stylish and the sun was shining, what more could you ask for? We went to the Cathedral straight away, you can check out the pictures I took right here: , after that we went to some awesome little punk shops where I bought a piano print belt and a gorgeous Pink Floyd shirt. Seriously, when it comes to prints on the shirts and the merchandise, Pink Floyd is the master. All their shirts are perfection, like pieces of art. I also saw this great 'Wicked Uncle Ernie' shirt from The Who but I already have a couple of shirts of them. I originally wanted a David Bowie shirt but ALL the stores we went were sold out of Bowie shirts :-(. NO FAIR. I'm very content with my Pink Floyd shirt though. I also bought a little box of neon eyeshadows, little studs for in my top earpiercings and a make up mirror. YAY for claires! :-D And we had the best cupcakes EVER. I start drooling when I think about them so I'll stop now. And that, my friends, was my day in Canterbury!

On a less happy note: Turns out my twisted ankle isn't all that good, when I went to a little party with my sister last wednesday at the River Island store in Antwerp (where I bought THE most awesome pants ever to be created by human hands, they'll soon be featured!) my ankle started hurting like hell. The next day I went to the doctor and I taped my foot in so that I can't move it all that much. I have been walking with crutches since that thursday morning and while it was fun at first, it's getting a little frustrating. But my boyfriend and my mom have been helping me so all is okay! Because my boyfriend feels bad for me he watched a couple of movies with me. So I'm thinking that I might have a little booboo from time to time so that I get my boyfriend to watch movies with me. I don't know what it is with him, because he enjoys watching movies and the last two movies he saw with me were a lot of fun, but he almost never wants to watch movies with me. And I love watching movies with him.  He was no problems with tv shows though. Weirdo! :-D

We saw 'how to train your dragon' and 'scott pilgrim vs. the world', I loved them both! 'HTTYD' spoke to my animal loving side, Toothless reminded me of my cats. I also thought the ending was very good. Not too depressing but a little more realistic. 'Scott Pilgrim' was just lots of fun, I love video games and rock music so nothing could go wrong with that movie. Also, Ramona Flowers has my hair. Zelda references FTW.

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