vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Preppy hippy and honking rant

I was very happy with this outfit, I rarely wear the shirt and sweater I'm wearing in these pictures while they're perfectly good clothes. To wear bright red I really have to be in the mood. I also just found a couple of shirts that my boyfriend bought a year or so ago, which he bought when he first lost weight. Now he lost even more weight and has to buy everything extra small (he's a naturally skinny dude, he just ate incredibly unhealthy for a long time and probably lost some babyfat too) I can wear the tops that he bought when he was still a small. When it comes to men's fashion I am always a bit shocked to see what they consider a size 'small'. I can basically drown in the men's small in the C&A (H&M has better fitted stuff, who would've thought?) and I have a large in most women's clothes. I also just realised why it is that I very often see skinny dudes on the street wearing their pants halfway/below their ass. They just don't have the right sizes! My boy finally got some good fitting pants in vintage shops (of all places! Vintage is just made for me and my loved ones :-D) and is now the proud owner of many well fitting levi's jeans... which he bought for 2 euro each... I ain't kidding folks, that stuff costs a hundred euro a piece and we have 6-7 pairs of them jeans for not even twenty euro altogether. Seriously, it's amazing. My boy and me have a lot of difficulty finding stuff that fits us nicely, for a normal/cheap budget especially, and we find it all in vintage shops. Clothing wise I'm totally set for colder days. When there are sales again, in my lovely T2, I might buy a nice jumper/sweater/cardigan but other than that I'm totally okay!

I also want to express my frustration with dickheads (excuse my language) who find it HIlARIOUS to honk at me while I'm taking pictures. I'm not sure WHY they honk, maybe because I'm a woman, maybe because they want to startle me and see if I drop my equipment worth something between one and two thousand euro and I had to save up all the money I ever had since I've been thirteen and a half to even make those things happen, maybe because they accidentally pushed the horn when they drove by me while driving 600 miles per hour (okay not that fast but you know what I mean, fucking cowards.). Seriously, if one of those douchebags will ever make me drop my camera (which is pretty impossible since I make a very very big deal of it to wear it around my neck at all times) I will find them and honk at them until they become deaf and than steal their money to buy my equipment back. WHY DO YOU HONK AT ME, ASSHOLE?! I'm trying to make my own fucking art, minding my own fucking business, you don't need to go MEEP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP everytime you drive by. PISS OFF. It's NOT fucking funny. Do you have any idea how irritating and startling it is to be completely 'in the zone', thinking of how you can make the lighting hit the leaf you're about to take a picture of more perfectly, slightly tilting the leaf a bit so it looks better with the other leaf that's gently swinging to the soft wind, thinking of how gorgeous the golden evening light is and how it reminds you of Zelda: Ocarina of time and how you'd like a gorgeous red horse with white manes like Epona to ride into the sunset and go find Kokiri forest to go live there forever when suddenly MEEP MEEP and your whole mindset and composition is completely fucked up! Okay. now my rant is done. I hope you can relate to my frustration. HAVE PEOPLE NO RESPECT FOR THE ARTS?! (I take most of my outfit pictures in my garden so I don't have to deal with those dickheads)

Now the outfit:

And thank you guys so much for the feedback on my last post, I think I'll be going for another earpiercing and after that I'll decide to go for another nosepiercing. I'm still liking the idea of one little stud in both of my nostrils but I'm not sure yet. Anyways, thank you!! Have a lovely day and may no one honk at you!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. steek gewoon je middelvinger op ofzo, ik vind dat ook echt ZO fucking onbeleefd he. het gekke is dat veel mannen het zien als een vorm van compliment als ze toeteren of roepen naar een vrouw, I mean, seriously?? Ik loop niet op straat for your viewing pleasure, dickhead

  2. Wow this outfit really rocks and popps and what not! It's really awesome!

  3. Nice outfit! I love the long skirt and your hair :)
    If someone honked at me when I was taking a photo I think I'd cry! I would be so embarrassed, that's insanely rude!

  4. So... people honking at you is definitely highly irritating, but I have to admit I'm pleased to hear other people have random Zelda daydreams, I thought I was the only one!!