dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

The perks of having a shopaholic sister

Just kidding sis! You can shop all you want if that means I get a dress or two from time to time, for free! Especially if they're as gorgeous is this one! This color would've probably washed me out a little if my haircolor wasn't warmed up, the turquoise looks fantastic with my reddish hair! And it  looks great with my pale skin. I notice that everytime I go for really bright colors I feel so happy when I look in a mirror. People tend to stare more, too.

Sometimes I get some sweet comments but most of the time people just stare (not really in a negative way). Kids point. Some old people look at me like I'm scum (I just think "dude, really?" Even when I'm wearing my fake tattoo sleeves I look cute as a button! I just smile when old ladies look at me like that, they're always shocked and just smile back quickly. I didn't know that being a punk or goth would still trigger those kinds of reactions really.) When I was in Canterbury I saw people of all kinds of different backgrounds with all different kinds of styles. Punks, goths, hippies, hipsters, emo's, jersey shore like tanorexics, retro sixties girls, cleancut mods (!! mods!!) and many more. It was so interesting, colorful and inspiring! Here in tiny ol' Belgium it's not all that colorful yet. Though, when you go to Antwerp you see some pretty awesome people! I try to make it a habit that I tell people who look awesome that they look awesome. The other day I went to the grocery store and saw the super colorful nails of a cashier and I complimented her on her nails, she immediately smiled from ear to ear and thanked me two times. I always feel so happy when I made a person smile.

I love my colorful hair a little extra because of that, while there are people who look at me like I'm a weirdo, there are also a lot of people who love my hair and tell me so. Especially little girls and young women. I feel so special and colorful with my hair! It actually is totally who I am. Ever since I can remember I always loved punks and goths and hippies, I never thought they were weird or scary. Mohawks, piercings, dreadlocks, tattoo's, colors, plaid, leather, shirts of awesome rockbands, make up done in a unique way, all things I love. While I'm not all punk, goth or hippie I do try to incorporate some of those elements in my style. This outfit might not showcase that but the next one will! :-D Trust me. There are red striped skinny jeans involved. First: My princessy turquoise look!

Enjoy, my loves!

(by the way, the ring I'm wearing was my mom's engagement ring!)

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  1. fijn dat ie je zo goed past! ik vind het heel leuk met die blazer, superleuke combinatie.

  2. You look great, I love this color on you! And I can uderstand you about weird looks...even if they look at me for my clothing, not for my hair (haha I'm not as bold as you).
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