vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

The best (pants) I ever had

Hey lovers, I'm not feeling too swell right now. My nose is all clogged up AND runny at the same time (seriously, where does all the snot come from? sorry, that's gross :-D), I'm coughing and have a sore throat. Nothing that won't be gone in a day or two but I freaking hate not being able to breath through my nose. Especially at night! I also hate not waking up and feeling better but waking up and feeling worse. But one of the worst things about having a bad cold is not being able to taste your food. I make good food and I want to be able to taste it!

Whenever me or my boyfriend have colds we just make really spicy food like chili con carne or tomato sauces/soup with lots of chili/pepper in it. I love spicy foods thanks to my boyfriend. He actually doesn't smell anything. He can kind of get a wiff of some things but I think that's more about tasting the smell in your mouth (for instance, make a cup of mint tea and than breath in the smell rather than sniffing it, you get the idea) but he also loves to cook. It took a while before he actually made something that wasn't all salt 'n pepper. He's a really good cook now and he got smarter, before he spices his food he asks me to come taste it before he throws his usual liter of Tabasco in it. :-D I'm hoping he'll cook something tasty for me in the weekend! I'm really craving goulash. My boy makes a MEAN goulash! It's a Hungarian beef stew with lots of bell peppers, chili's, onion and tomato. Ohmnomnom. We eat it with rice or potatoes and it's DAMN good. And now I'm hungry.

About my outfit: I went to a little student party at River Island with my sister and boyfriend two weeks or so ago and we won a gift voucher! I was contemplating whether I would buy these pants or not (they were almost 50 euro! That's expensive for a girl who spends her shopping money in a vintage store that sells gorgeous stuff for 5 euro!) but I thought they were a bit expensive. But we won a gift voucher worth 20 euro AND I got a discount because I'm a 'student' (not yet though, my sister gave me her student I.D. where her head looked a little rounder than it usually does. squish my sisters face together et voila: here I am! :-D) so I actually bought the fifty euro pants for eighteen euro! YAY! Also, I have the hardest time with finding proper fitting pants and this one fits like a glove! And I love crazy ass pants! The print might be a little crazy but the color is gorgeous and it easy to wear with a lot of other colors. Here come the awesome pants!

I've cut my bangs after these pictures. Since I already have pretty deep set eyes I feel that having long bangs only make my eyes disappear more. I was super careful with my bangs but I did a pretty decent job. You'll see my homemade bangs in a couple a days!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. gorgeous outfit!! i adore the colors!! amazing pants!! folloiwng your blog!!

  2. Wow!! Such amazing pants, I love them! They're so crazy and beautiful, they look gorgeous on you. And you're so lucky you paid them only 18 euros instead of 50 euros! I also like how you matched that sweet t-shirt and lovely cardigan (I adore long cardigans like yours!).
    I'm sorry for your cold, I had a cold a week ago but luckily I'm ok now. Hope you get better soon!