zondag 16 oktober 2011

I've become comfortably numb

Yesss, my gorgeous Pink Floyd shirt and my awesome piano print belt, both bought in Canterbury! There were a couple of awesome little punkshops right next to each other and the one where I bought these was awesome. They had buckles, belts, wallets, shirts, bags… and all of my favorite rockbands. If I would’ve had a lot of money I would’ve freaking bought the store! :-D I couldn’t make up my mind but since the store was closing I quickly picked this gorgeous shirt and this awesome belt. All the belts were awesome and don’t even get me started on the shirts. If anyone knows a good store/website for bandshirts, let me know! I love a good band T!
I wanted to go out and take some pictures since the weather was so great that day. So I just took something comfy and slipped into it, not noticing that I actually really loved that outfit! It was perfect for rolling around in the grass, looking for beautiful little leaves and bugs to take pictures of (check out my pictures of a sweet little snail at The Canon Girl , my photography blog! :-)). Hope you enjoy my outfit! :-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Such a great and quirky look! I love it, especially the green cardigan and the t-shirt :)
    I love Pink Floyd too (I was sooooo jealous when my dad told me he went to their concert in Venice in 1989!!Such a lucky bastard haha, I was only one year old at that time!), and Comfortably Numb is one of my favourite songs ever.
    Your nails are amazing too! You're so skilled as nail artist :)

  2. yeah!!! pink floys!!! soooooo awesome :) amazing shirt and i love that you paired it up with that green cardigan! looks so awesome love the belt aswell! I dont know any band shirt sites sadly...i usually just buy the shirts at the shows I got to or at festivals..love this outfit though and the pictures look great! :)